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diddly squat :: Jo

I’m renaming my novel Jack Shit because, as I’ve said before, that’s what I’m getting done.

    TAGS:  writing, diddly squat

Whew, that was close. :: mercuryfern

I nearly made a scriney shrine here to the best sentence from today’s post, but then I remembered that I’m the sort of girl who listens to albums not songs, and really, if one good phrase wrenched from a mediocre rant isn’t a misleadingly good single off an otherwise unlistenable record, I don’t know what is.

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, writing

fortune :: mercuryfern

You will win but one online writing contest.

    TAGS:  writing

There’s nothing so frustrating as a necessary sentence that refuses to commit to any paragraph.

    TAGS:  writing, business

I’ve decided to hook up my cats to small treadmills, and decode their little steps (long, short, long long short short) to write sentences.

    TAGS:  books, cats, writing, decoding

”...and at some some point you will become consumed by this passion,” the professor told the class, “and then, and only then, will you understand why the words “writing” and “writhing” are spelled nearly identical.”

    TAGS:  writing, writhing

Last week, the Universe commanded me to buy a journal - I mean a real, bound, paper journal - but to date, there’s been no word on what I’m supposed to do with it.

    TAGS:  writing, journals

it’s good to be back :: admiral dewy wilkins

i was away on the island of cuba writing the great american novel, when it occured to me, i should write the great cuban novel

    TAGS:  writing

apparently. :: goliard

you can feel better about your writing anytime, by reading a dean r. koontz paperback.

    TAGS:  writing, perspective, koontz

“Goddammit, you cannot justify any damn fool thing you want to do by calling it ‘surrealism’!”

    TAGS:  writing

Raison d’entre :: VanEck

“I don’t know, I thought, maybe… Maybe if I wrote something really good… Someone might turn it into a novel”, he mumbled, staring at his feet.

    TAGS:  writing, wishful

Is it someone who writes, perhaps for many years, but only, in the main, for themselves, is it somone who is published on paper or who is known as an author, is it someone who shares everything in their heart in aching detail through the minute-by-minute amazement that is the internet; can it be any number of these things and others, and could it even actually be me?

    TAGS:  writing, self-doubt

I’d like to write about something I know nothing about, but alas! I am trapped inside this particular set of memories and experience to pull from.

    TAGS:  writing, memory

Muse :: Keith

Talk to her, be her friend, share some secrets, write her a letter, hell, I don’t care if you even fantasize about her if you have to, but for God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t indulge her.

    TAGS:  writing, muses

“The tattoo on my leg says, “Each night Tansy would practice drowning”...the first line of my novel, in my handwriting…my way of making a commitment to the book before I sent it out into the world: (n)o matter what happens with it now, good or bad, it’s part of me.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, writing, tattoos, commitment

“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of—but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, writing, Heinlein, Robert Heinlein

In class, philosophy discussions always leave me staring vacantly into the middle distance, drool from my open mouth dropping gently onto my shirt; later, however, when it comes time to write the paper, I am inevitably at a loss, and wishing that the professor would relax his unrealistic 5-page minimum requirement out of sympathy for me.

    TAGS:  writing, philosophy, vacant

“The idea, Keith, is that you and I will travel around the country together eating pot roast, writing about the places we see and the people we meet along the way, as well as any thoughts or insights we might have about the pot roast, which we’ll then publish as a coffee table book.”

    TAGS:  books, adventure, travel, writing, roadtrip, pot roast, wacky ideas

Surfing blogs the other day, I came across a scary post where someone (who regularly delights me with their words) stated that they were honored and humbled to have their lack of creativity featured on, well, a website where lots of creative types post their words (I paraphrase) - which means, that unless I can successfully work on repressing the memory, I’m gonna have to pack up my bags and leave Scrine (a place where creative types share their words) because I’m just here for fun and because I like you all - and because I can’t even delude myself (and I can delude myself about lots of stuff, sometimes with minimal effort) that I write to the level of the humbled one.

    TAGS:  writing, humbled, self delusion, memory repression

block :: pam

All right, then you perky little blinking cursor - if you’re so smart, why don’t you write this sentence?

    TAGS:  writing, sentences, writer's block

Every season the stores require a brand-new bunch of books, so new books must be written, right?

    TAGS:  books, writing, publication

Similes :: pam

Similes are like a literary pond; metaphors, by contrast, are deep waters in which an author need never touch bottom.

    TAGS:  writing, metaphors, similes

Sometimes I write it down, sometimes I leave it there, stewing sullenly in the corner.

    TAGS:  writing, sullen, stewing, tigglemup

Birdbrain :: Keith

Although the bird pecked at the typewriter for more than a year, he was never able to produce a believable screenplay.

    TAGS:  birds, writing, typewriters, screenplays

Theology :: Bird Bones

Writing about his soul, the religious author entered the “save” command.

    TAGS:  writing, soul, religion

unattainable :: boot

I sometimes marvel at my own words and wonder how I ever could have written them.

    TAGS:  writing, incredulity

Wherever you go, you take Scrine with you.

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, writing

I just three-hole punched my script, charged the battery on my kindle so that I can research on the go, and picked out my most comfortable pen - oh, the joys of preproduction.

    TAGS:  writing, script

Some books come from so rich and beautiful a place, they not only reach you, but reside within you forever.

    TAGS:  books, words, writing, book lust

Sometimes if you want a new Scrine the only thing to do is to write one for yourself.

    TAGS:  writing

It was a secret life, requiring painstaking ritual and hundreds of thousands of intricate, highly complicated rules which changed daily and required constant thought and attention.

    TAGS:  writing

broken boot :: boot

I knew I broke something earlier in the year, but I didn’t think it was my brain.

    TAGS:  blog guilt, writing, dusty, energy, cobwebs

Every word you write could well last hundreds of years and tell your story far beyond your own imagining.

    TAGS:  writing

sing :: boot

Whatever you say, make it sing.

    TAGS:  writing, expression

Reason to Write :: 'mouse

I’m beginning to identify with the author who said she decided to write ner novel because she couldn’t find a book she wanted to read.

    TAGS:  writing, authors, reading

As the sentence is laid out before you, realise that you are building a bridge to the other person, and one that should stand the test of time.

    TAGS:  writing, memory, bridges, metaphors

Jacket Photo :: Keith

Sometimes I pretend I don’t write my first book because I know I wouldn’t be happy with my jacket photo.

    TAGS:  writing, excuses

Storyline :: Keith

He found writing to be a lot like masturbation: easy to do as long as he didn’t over think the storyline.

    TAGS:  writing, masturbation, storyline

interference :: boot

It’s damnably hard to write and listen to (oh, luck, be a) music at the same (a lady, tonight) time.

    TAGS:  music, writing, interference, luck be a lady

Oh My, Oh My :: OhNo789

I don’t remember how to write good.

    TAGS:  writing

out there :: boot

Her words had been out there for so long, floating free and unattached to her, that it was brutal and raw to find them clinging to her and claiming her as their own.

    TAGS:  words, writing

torment :: boot

She wrote hour after hour, page after page, and carefully hid every last word in the corners of her home, tucked safely away in the depths of her heart.

    TAGS:  writing, hiding, corner

You need to be careful writing on the toilet as everything that comes out may just be shit.

    TAGS:  writing, shit

But I really, really like him.

    TAGS:  writing, character-wrangling

This year I started a book. It has a beginning, a middle, an end. It is not done, but a first draft has begun to smoulder and fire. It's true beginning - it's heart and soul - belongs here.

    TAGS:  books, Bent Rule Club, writing, absence, thanks to Keith, thank you, books that don't exist

Inspired by Boot, 'mouse gathered up his research materials on hydrology, bought a one-way ticket to Helsinki, and resolved to write the definitive Finnish dam book.

    TAGS:  writing, resolutions, finish damn book

There will be flashbacks, dream sequences and adverbage galore, and the not-yet-existent editor can make honey with it.

    TAGS:  writing, unwritten laws, unwritten, books that don't exist

the well :: boot

The fuel long gone, Emma pumped and pumped and tried her best to ignore the horrid, dry burning smell.

    TAGS:  writing, inspiration, exhaustion


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