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This morning I was wondering if people still called people hayseeds, which made me think that this Industrial Revolution thingamajig might just be working out, which led me to a thesaurus, which revealed quite a long list of various words (in case thingamajig didn’t work out for me):

accoutrment, appliance, black box, bugger, contraption, device, dingbat, dohickey, dojiggy, doodad, fandangle, furnishings, gaff, gear, gimcrack, gizmo, grabber, habilments, idiot box, implement, jigger, machine, machinery, means, mechanism, outfit, paraphernalia, provisions, set-up, stuff, sucker, supplies, tackle, thingamajigger (of course), tools, utensils, whatchamacallit, whatsis, whosis, widget.

    TAGS:  words

I sure hope my daughter meant “dye,” we were talking about my grey hair, after all.

    TAGS:  words, aging, die, dye

kill :: 'mouse

Sometimes a simple Scriner like myself finds that only the words of a true master will do:  I went up there, I said, “Shrink, I want to kill, I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill, kill, I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth, eat dead burnt bodies, I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL,” and I started jumpin up and down yelling, “KILL, KILL,” and he started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down yelling, “KILL, KILL,” and the sergeant came over, pinned a medal on me, sent me down the hall, said, “You’re our boy.”

    TAGS:  words, armies, kill

To the search engine user who visited my blog to look for words that rhyme with “muscle”: tusslerustleRussellbustle, and if you’re feeling poetically courageous, wrestle.

    TAGS:  words, irony, rhyme

Once upon a time, in a land, far far away, there was a peaceful kingdom nestled between a nourishing river and high, protective mountains.

    TAGS:  words, kingdom

my monkey phase :: 'mouse

Wouldn’t it be cool if ontogeny really did recapitulate phylogeny?

    TAGS:  words, monkeys

Steve was in the middle of composing a truly magnificent sentence, when all of a sudden

    TAGS:  words, interruptions, magnificence

Analogy shouts “look at me” like a petulant 2-year-old while the powerful eagle of metaphor soars gracefully through the skies of Lex.

    TAGS:  words, analogy, metaphors

In her diagnostic exam, one of my students described her boyfriend as being “strategically built.”

    TAGS:  words, built

Hiding :: Keith

Our lives hide here behind words, our shadows reaching out from around the corner of some building we’ve hidden behind, where we hang on tightly to our armload of emotion and secrets, thinking no one will ever find us.

    TAGS:  words, secrets, hiding, lives

Frankly, subject/verb agreement is fascism.

    TAGS:  words, English, teaching

Gumption, infamy, alas, arise, smatterings, milieu, rambling, hark, buccaneer, widdershins; these words are amongst the detritus from the brain of a linguaphile, and they have found their home.

    TAGS:  words

the words… :: goliard

came to me in a lightning strike, almost forcing me to write them down in seizure, and I carried them with me for the better part of a day, glancing at them here and there (when memory failed to recalled them accurately); and I judged them not half bad, and immediately felt a pressing need to put them somewhere safe. But where?

    TAGS:  words

Sprachgefuhl :: boot

A feeling for language or a sensitivity for what is correct language (from word of the day).

    TAGS:  words, language, sprachgefuhl

the word detective has solved at last an ongoing colloquial phrase mystery for me, and is using it in next week’s issue, and all because boot (i think it was) linked to it here in a scrine comment and I thought, “self? I bet that would be a place to figure it out”: apparently my grandfather read bierce, twain, and london in their original editions, which in a million years i never would have guessed.

    TAGS:  words

spasm :: Elisson

The words poured out of her as her brain twisted, cramped, and knotted with the spasms of her latest attack of logorrhea.

    TAGS:  words, brain, spasm, logorrhea

What a night :: Chade

When I woke this morning it was the sentence that awoke me.

    TAGS:  words, morning

What Came First? :: microkat

Does the sentence make the story or the story make the sentence?

    TAGS:  words, sentences

“She looked at the sky full of wheedling birds…” she stopped sudenly, almost swallowing a lungful of water “wait on, is wheedling even a word?”

    TAGS:  words, birds, swimming

Yech :: Jo

Among the words I hate the most is the word “gluten.”

    TAGS:  words, gluten

dictionary :: hysterium

If you look up the word “dejection” in the dictionary, you will find that depression is crap.

    TAGS:  words, depression, dejection

duck minions :: boot

Is it because duckling sounds a bit like underling that the word seems so ominous, or is there something else going on?

    TAGS:  words, ducks, ducklings, minions, ominous

one :: boot


    TAGS:  words, bananas, games, one

Boot glanced guardedly beneath her solicitous Scrine at the befuddling, bemusing and abstruse admixture of alphabetical articluates and was stunned speechless.

    TAGS:  words, befuddling, letters

And sometimes it seems to be nothing more than a random gathering of words.

    TAGS:  words, dance, confusion

Given that, in my book, a word is not a word until it finds itself properly placed in the pages of a good, papery dictionary, what do you call a pre-dictionary word?

    TAGS:  words, primordial

for those I miss :: grudknows

Instead of flowers, I bring you words.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie

abnormality :: boot

It’s an outrageous thought, but I strongly believe that certain words should be deleted from the dictionary.

    TAGS:  words, outrageous

There’s nothing better (well, ok - there are *a few* things - but not a lot) than a big beautiful cloud of words, higgledy piggledy in topic and thrown together on a page.

    TAGS:  words, bookmarks, tagging, word cloud

only words :: boot

Sometimes you’ll watch a play and it’s moving or funny, but every now and then it’s as if the script-writer, the director, the actors have all been living in your head, examining your soul, dissecting the secrets, and have brought some of the pieces out for display.

    TAGS:  words, writers

Order, Order! :: boot

“I say again your honour, that this woman can not, nay must not be held responsible for the actions of her own words.”

    TAGS:  words, worry, libel

Why do you need to look up the word ‘dictionary’ in a dictionary?

    TAGS:  words, inexplicable

word chess :: boot

Enigmatic. Your move.

    TAGS:  words, games

A balanced diet :: 'mouse

Man cannot live by words alone—he also needs punctuation and a medium.

    TAGS:  words

callipygian :: boot

I’m really going to have trouble working this lovely sounding word into a sentence (in a scenario that doesn’t involve me getting slapped).

    TAGS:  words, callipygian

moot :: boot

It really shouldn’t be a word.

    TAGS:  words, moot

Moot (n), orig. misspelling of the past tense of moo (mooed/mood), probably refers to a boviform tale, e.g., “The cow moot at the farmer’s cold hands.”

    TAGS:  words, cows, moo, moot

goober brain :: boot

I’d always presumed that the word goober originated from something green and gooey, but apparently it’s just a peanut.

    TAGS:  words, green, peanuts, gooey, goober

A week after the soliloquy ended, Hamlet’s words were still echoing inside her skull.

    TAGS:  words, Hamlet, soliloquy

no :: boot

It’s a nifty little word and no language kit would be complete without it.

    TAGS:  words, language, no

The primordial puddle of words lurked at the pond’s edge awaiting its chance to transform.

    TAGS:  words, scrine, puddles, primordial

woebegone :: boot

I hadn’t realised I was feeling “worn and broken down by hard use” until I looked up this word.

    TAGS:  words, woebegone, fitting

two words :: boot

Next move?

    TAGS:  words, games

The little collections of letters wandered in and out of the full stops, contentedly pecking and clucking at the inks and papers.

    TAGS:  words, letters, pecking

Ghastly, gaunt, emaciated and haggard, the cadaverous and skeletal entity was wasted, starved, and pitiful.

    TAGS:  words, cadaverous, gaunt, emaciated, wretched, pitiful

The protesters marched in circles, wielding confusing placards such as “water-skiing, it’s just a sport” and “snowball, hell no, we don’t want to know”.

    TAGS:  words, protests

I think it’s time to have a bit of fun with synonyms.

    TAGS:  words, games, twisty

epurile :: boot

adjective: displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity via email.

    TAGS:  words, epurile

oddity :: boot

Why does ‘the obligatory cake’ sound better than ‘the required cake’?

    TAGS:  words, cake

agog :: boot

... another beaut from the Big Book of Inherently Funny Words.

    TAGS:  words, agog, inherent

yuk :: boot

Incredibly, yuk is not a sub-species of yak, but merely a slightly weirder way of spelling ‘yuck’.

    TAGS:  words, yuck

A is for ... :: boot

A is for articulated.

    TAGS:  words, articulated, games

You’d think there’d be a nice, big, long and luxurious word for someone who is a lover of big words, wouldn’t you.

    TAGS:  words, linguaphile

critter :: boot

An evocative little word, wouldn’t you say?

    TAGS:  words, evocative, critter

Lackadaisical :: boot

Another word that’s hard to stop spelling, just like bananananana. Nana.

    TAGS:  words, bananas

full :: boot

It’s just a little freaky how many words are rattling around inside my head.

    TAGS:  words, heads, full, rattling

slavering :: boot

Certain words are, unsurprisingly, quite difficult to use in a totally positive manner.

    TAGS:  words, slavering

Each time I attempt to post what I hope will be a truly memorable sentence I am confronted with such exquisite emptiness that I find myself wondering if I have used all of the words alloted to me in this lifetime therefore, if this is true, then perhaps my time would be better spent in seeking silence putting aside my dictionary and thesaurus for good.

    TAGS:  words, Br. Ezra, silence, emptiness

All the best books hurt just a little

    TAGS:  books, words, mouse-favorites

Nothing lurks quite so well as midnight words of menace.

    TAGS:  words, lurking, menace

Words doubtless have their own life, occasionally twisting out of the control of those in charge, often long outliving their original author, and some have existed so long that perhaps they come close to immortality, so that we are no more than a moment in their endless lives.

    TAGS:  words, immortality, surreality

There should be a word that means “that beautiful sound that happens when rain comes rushing down and thrashes against the awnings and fairly well beats the roof into submission.”

    TAGS:  words, rain, weather, sounds, whoosh

The student wrote so poorly that he actually tripped, fell down the stairs and wound up in a bloody pool of his own words.

    TAGS:  words, bloody, language, expression

“Fire in the bosom” - though, that might have been some obscure reference to LED lights.

    TAGS:  words, fire, bosom, overheard

“socks spun from the words of someone like Boot”

    TAGS:  words, socks, Keith

at last :: boot

My own web of words, woolly though they be.

    TAGS:  words, wooly

pithy :: boot

It’s one of those words that always reminds me of fruit.

    TAGS:  words, fruit, pithy

speechless :: boot

I wonder if words dream.

    TAGS:  dreams, words

bromeliad :: boot

Some words just beckon for a sentence to call their own.

    TAGS:  words, beauty, bromeliad

word adventures :: boot

You may well be able to have fun with words, but eventually someone will get hurt (falling off their chair with laughter).

    TAGS:  words, adventure, camaraderie

A Small List :: Jo

One of my favorite words is “moron,” followed closely by “dipshit” and “asshat.”

    TAGS:  words

Get thee to a Phrontistery! [link removed]

    TAGS:  words, offsite link

Words :: boot

It might be an unusual name for a pub, but Cassandra was sure it would attract her sort of customer.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie, pubs

That’s what I love about the English language — every word bears the fingerprints of our ancestors, many of whom were seriously strange.

    TAGS:  words, guest scriner, language, English, strange

I was just admiring the word paucity and how fitting a little word it is when put to appropriate use, so I thought I’d leave it here where it could be admired by an appreciative crowd.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie, paucity

underpants :: boot

Ah, the joys of yet more inherently funny words.

    TAGS:  words, frivolous, underpants

fugue me, baby :: boot

One of the words I managed to work into a sentence today: fugue (and then petrichor).

    TAGS:  words, fugue, petrichor

Possibly this is one of the few places I can come and share weird words I have discovered, purely from the joy of looking through old dictionaries.

    TAGS:  words, archaic, dictionary

summer breeze :: boot

There are probably no lyrics left to be written about a warm sunny day, with a cool, gentle breeze, but I hope someone gives it a try.

    TAGS:  words, Summer, cool, breeze - the thing, fine

“So, ma’am,” said the officious PLA detective “you say this fiend just absconded with your license for no apparent reason?”

    TAGS:  words, abscond, sayings, poetice license

Intrigue… :: boot

...waited at every corner, while Boredom stood at every bus-stop.

    TAGS:  words, boredom, sayings, intrigue

uninitiated :: boot

Now there’s a word that’s gotten carried away with itself.

    TAGS:  words, letters

The walls were made of what first appeared to be the flimsy words of her mind, but, of course, were damn near indestructible.

    TAGS:  words, fortress, power

Some books come from so rich and beautiful a place, they not only reach you, but reside within you forever.

    TAGS:  books, words, writing, book lust

They may be gone, but their words will come to you from the past and send you bodily to the floor.

    TAGS:  words, memory

Jemma’s brain came with two working switches, visual or wordy, and trying to hard wire them to work with each other just caused her to have weird dreams.

    TAGS:  words, photography, cockroaches, formalism, Kafka

rattle :: boot

She tipped her head sideways and listened to the gentle fall of all those empty words.

    TAGS:  words, imagery, rattle

Love me and leave me be, enveloped in my world of words.

    TAGS:  books, words, scrine love

pickles :: boot

They always sound more fun than they’re going to be.

    TAGS:  words, pickles, vinegar

It might have been a hovel, but it was hers and it was full of the detritus of words unloved.

    TAGS:  words, home, beauty, hovel

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, an aging man found himself walking through a quiet woods, thinking that one day this would be the home of a new kingdom.​

    TAGS:  words, kingdom, scrine-moving

deracinated :: 'mouse

40-odd years learning this damn language and yet there always seem to be new words to learn.

    TAGS:  words, language, deracinate

Rump Bump :: Keith

Only silly words seem to rhyme with rump.​

    TAGS:  words, rhyme, silly, rump

High Value Items :: Keith

Placing a high value on comfort, Henry carefully chose friends, words, coffee mugs, and underwear.

    TAGS:  words, Henry, friends, underwear, favorite things

As much as Oscar loved words, he found it very frustrating that he could not remember the present.

    TAGS:  words, frustration, etymology

Reading a book written by a smart word-snob I've enjoyed learning several words I've never heard before, but my favorite so far is definitely "mingy" which I strongly suspected he'd made up but with the dictionary swears is a real word meaning "mean and stingy." 

    TAGS:  words, mingy, stingy

My pillow, she is made of words.

    TAGS:  words, pillows

out there :: boot

Her words had been out there for so long, floating free and unattached to her, that it was brutal and raw to find them clinging to her and claiming her as their own.

    TAGS:  words, writing

When I stopped loving her there was a dull ache in the back of my throat where the words came from.

    TAGS:  words, love, leftovers, stop

I'm writing a book.

    TAGS:  words, absence, primordial, missing in action, presence, books that don't exist

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