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Word Play
mouse makes a vow :: 'mouse

I am going to stop procrastinating tomorrow.

    TAGS:  procrastination, word play

Necessity :: Keith

Also the step-mother of intention.

    TAGS:  word play, necessity

fortune :: Keith

You will soon have your faith tested and score a 72.

    TAGS:  word play, fortune, faith, testing

Riding :: Keith

So far in this life, I’ve ridden a horse, a cow, a pig, a donkey, a giant tortoise, an elephant, and of course, several people.

    TAGS:  animals, people, word play

confusion :: steve

Confusion colludes to ascend me.

    TAGS:  word play, confusion

illusion :: other keith

Illusion continues to transcend me.

    TAGS:  word play

Grindstone :: 'mouse

It’s one thing to keep your nose pressed to the grindstone when you’re a person, but when you’re a ‘mouse you do it and you’re likely to lose your whiskers.

    TAGS:  mouse, word play

misunderstood :: grudknows

If you’re a mis-fit you don’t fit in and if you are misinformed, you’re not informed so when a friend in an email calls me ‘Miss Social’ is he saying I’m not social?

    TAGS:  word play

Prose Love :: Keith

“Not tonight, honey, I have a parsing headache.”

    TAGS:  word play

Bah! :: grudknows

My day started out fine but then it all went surgleyfonk.

    TAGS:  word play, surgleyfonk

Plea Bargain :: 'mouse

I’ve been accused of killing time, but I swear it was in self defense.

    TAGS:  word play

All Choked Up :: Keith

I’ve heard the old saying “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has been officially updated to “The best way to a man’s heart is through fast food and triple bypass surgery.”

    TAGS:  word play

helping paul :: other keith

Peradvenure this word will actually catch on.

    TAGS:  word play

A typo? :: 'mouse

Looking at the word “orgasmn” he’d just typed, ‘mouse wondered, is it a strange plural for orgasm, or is it the special type of orgasm generated by oral sex?

    TAGS:  word play, orgasms

“My mother warned me you’d be bullheaded, but did I listen?”

    TAGS:  word play, minotaur

Grammarma :: Keith

Bob prided himself on his untainted grammarma.

    TAGS:  Bob, word play

Bakers :: Keith

If you’ve hurt your baker’s feelings, you might consider bringing her a nice bouquet of flours.

    TAGS:  word play, bakers, flowers, flour

Joe’s Heart :: Keith

Joe had the heart of a unheard karaoke star; no, literally, Joe’s heart had come from the chest of a young South Carolina woman who had actually died from embarrassment after having a microphone shoved into her hand at the company Christmas pa

    TAGS:  word play

Speaking Of :: Keith

I tried to build a sub-division once which included a street called Sex Dr., and was surprisingly given approval by the city, but only if Sex Dr. be built as a dead-end and renamed Fading Ct.; needless to say, I reluctantly gave in.

    TAGS:  word play, sex drive

Spanglementarigasm :: 'mouse

[n] The (rare but oh, so pleasurable) sense of relief and release one feels when a project is actually finished; see also “multiple-spanglementarigasm” when an entire list of projects is completed and “spangarousal” when fully engaged in an art or writing project that is going well.

    TAGS:  word play, deadlines, relief, spanglemonkey

I’m afraid :: goliard

That if I keep speaking in metaphors, someone is going to force me to shampoo their crotch.

    TAGS:  word play, metaphors

Ducks And Run :: Keith

Richard ran for the house, ducks crashing to the ground all around him.

    TAGS:  ducks, word play, duck - the bird

If eyes are the window to the soul, is it also true that that ears are the tent flaps to the id?

    TAGS:  word play, eyes, ears

Detective Seamus Wong stepped into the Irish pub, nodded curtly to the barkeep, and surveyed the crowd with his slaintè eyes.

    TAGS:  word play, detectives

TPA & MOTL :: pam

Acronyms flew around the conference room like startled bats, but Josie had finally learned not to pause or flinch - even when a few got caught in her hair.

    TAGS:  word play, acronyms, caught

Unchain My Heart :: Keith

“You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip,” I said into the phone, “and yes, I know it’s supposed to be blood from a stone, but we’re well past that stage, don’t you think; besides, I’ve never been any good with either the legalities or the metaphors surrounding the crushing of the individual spirit, although I kind of like the song Money For Nothing by Dire Straits, if that’s any help - but it’s not, is it?”

    TAGS:  word play, blood, sayings, debt, turnips

“Shame, really, those folded sheets being gunned down like that,” the bartender told the policeman, “two sheets to the wind, I guess you might say.”

    TAGS:  word play, sheets

sometimes :: Elisson

Sometimes a steaming, quivering, twelve-inch sausage dripping with juices is just a steaming, quivering, twelve-inch sausage dripping with juices.

    TAGS:  word play, innuendo, double entendre, sausages, juices

rude :: Elisson

O, please do not think me rude if I point out that the past tense of “scrine” is “screwed.”

    TAGS:  word play, rude

Bipolar Bears :: Keith

I keep thinking that I’ve written a sentence about bipolar bears, and that the sentence involves some sort of witty wordplay, like I’ve written about a new kind of bear that no one has ever heard of that’s not a polar bear, but a bipolar bear, and because of this play on words, the sentence ends up being very interesting and even a little funny; this, of course, is not that sentence.

    TAGS:  bears, word play, bipolar

Blah :: microkat

Bob blundered blindlessly besides Beth.

    TAGS:  word play

My Newest Word :: Keith

Now that I know the word “higgler”, I hope to use it as often as possible.

    TAGS:  word play, higgler

c-d-b? :: 'mouse

D b, e-s 1 b-z b.

    TAGS:  word play

dorange :: pam

“I know one word that rhymes with orange,” my daughter’s 10 year old friend piped up, “it’s ‘doorhinge’.”

    TAGS:  word play, dorange, orange - the colour, rhyming

The homophone violently, and for no reason, attacked the antonym.

    TAGS:  word play, antonym, homophone

Maaaatttttttttte! :: grudknows

In Australia we’ve [almost] eliminated all words, that are commonly used to refer to one or more persons (including names), with the term “mate” (we still traditional words for expressive phrases such as, “WHO the &*@# are you?!” and such) - which, I’m sure to you foreigners sounds like the answer to any number of social-gaffs but in reality the effective use of the word ‘mate’ requires you to master a set of unwritten and complex rules relating to how the word is sounded (tone and ‘length’ of word (ie. ‘mate’, ‘maaate’, ‘maaattttteeee’)) - for example, you don’t want to infer that someone is a dickhead just because you’ve forgotten their name.

    TAGS:  word play, Australians, Australian slang, mate

Errr…. thank… you? :: grudknows

You’re such a bruxism lass, Keith commented to Jeannie - and she preened and squiggled in delight, comparing herself mentally to the buxom screen sirens of yesteryear.

    TAGS:  word play, bruxism, buxom, word tricks

Or is it me? :: pam

Speak to me only with thine eyes, and I - I will get my ears checked, ‘cause damn, it’s suddenly very quiet around here.

    TAGS:  word play, eyes, ears

On the way to the subway, I passed by a Dr. Quackenbush’s office only to hope he wasn’t a gynecologist; Once safely on the train I was confronted with ads for a Dr Creflo Dollar leading me to wonder if I was bleeding out in an emergency room, who would I pin my survival on-Quackenbush or Dollar?

    TAGS:  word play, names, doctors

If reincarnation is real, I want to come back as the word “lugubrious”.

    TAGS:  word play, spelling, lugubrious

Small change :: pam

Rejecting in one move both the controversial monetary system of the European Union and the stifling conventions of her hometown, young Penny demanded that her family and friends immediately start calling her Pfennig.

    TAGS:  word play, small change, Penny

Moot (n), orig. misspelling of mute, e.g. “The fact that Brian lost his voice at the mime convention rendered him moot.”

    TAGS:  word play, etymology, moot, mute

decay :: boot

The more the merr er I s y.

    TAGS:  word play, decay

“If ‘High School Musical 2’ had been the first High School Musical, there would never have been a ‘High School Musical 2’,” said the 10 year old, with all the authority of her demographic.

    TAGS:  word play

garlic feat :: boot

When Dr Zimmel had finally successfully genetically modified his own feet, he wasn’t as pleased as he had hoped he would be, although it was probably because of the smell.

    TAGS:  word play, feet, garlic, feat

Sure, it sounded good, but getting the hang of the remote control for the ANO-3000 was trickier than you would like to think.

    TAGS:  word play

Some words are just B-Movies waiting to be made.

    TAGS:  word play, B-movies, vixens, vortex

boots :: boot

You know, they aren’t all made for walking.

    TAGS:  word play, boots - the footwear, uncomfortable

Joy was always such a brief visitor, more so this time due to her blistered feet.

    TAGS:  joy, word play, shoes, old names for new games, Joy - name, joy - state of

Hope and Joy were always sallying forth with their latest purchases, but her eye was on the new girl in the room.

    TAGS:  word play, desire, Chastity - name, Chastity, names, chastity - state of, old names for new games, Hope - the name

Once you have trained yourself to see it, you will never be able to rest easy again.

    TAGS:  word play, visions, disturbing, nirvana, nervous

There is winning, which is lovely, but then there is the engineering of a magnificently creative two point finish, which is, I can assure you, pure distilled joy.

    TAGS:  word play, Keith, creativity, cheaters, engineering, scrabble

of course… :: boot

...but then again.

    TAGS:  word play

deretla :: boot

Once Yram had finished fixing her life entirely backwards, she never looked back.

    TAGS:  word play, backwards, sdrawkcab

excavations :: boot

Another word to add to the Big Long List of words not to use in combination with ‘nose’.

    TAGS:  word play, noses

pants lust :: boot

I wish I were British so I could more often decry things as ‘totally pants’.

    TAGS:  word play, pants, British, totally pants, word envy

twangs :: boot

Some words sound far ruder than they ever could be.

    TAGS:  word play, twangs

to-do :: boot

2. Walk along a long, winding cat.

    TAGS:  word play, to do

To be honest, it all got a bit heated and the blisters were particularly painful.

    TAGS:  word play, blistered, heartburn, heartache

Some days I am absolutely incoherent with apathy.

    TAGS:  word play, apathetic, incoherent

Keith got in line to see the new baby eloquent.

    TAGS:  word play, eloquent, semantics

Hector was good at his job and realised early on that these hedges were not never going to agree to get along.

    TAGS:  word play, arbiter, hedges, harbiter, harvester

Vampish Eyes :: boot

She turned and batted her eyelids at him.

    TAGS:  word play, sentences, vampires

Valour is a dying heart flaw.

    TAGS:  Alphabetti Spaghetti, word play, sayings almost


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