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diddlebug :: e

Struggling and cursing, I am driven mad by green and purple diddlebugs.

    TAGS:  weird, diddlebugs

“Eak’s solo act displays his many tattoos, includes a lecture on diversity and stands three audience members on his chest as he lies sandwiched between two beds of nails.”

    TAGS:  weird, tattoos

Lunch :: Keith

Is it against the law to eat nuclear waste, or only to sell it from a window, cut into the side of a delivery van, and depending on your answer to either of my questions, will the use of ketchup or hot sauce counteract any or all of the negative side effects, or should I stop and buy Tums, or life insurance, or both?

    TAGS:  weird, lunch, nuclear waste

“I haue seene your head with it full many a tyme, Couered as safe as it had bene with a skrine.”

    TAGS:  weird

nocturnal bafflement :: other keith

I just woke up from a dream where I posted the following to Scrine: “I really like cardboard”

    TAGS:  dreams, weird, cardboard

In a dream I had last night, aliens were turning people into animals, and even though I’d been turned into a cat, I remember these things happening - when I ran, it was in great big strides like I still had two long legs, I was walking through a downtown and came across an art gallery whose sidewalk out front was made entirely of headstones, laid on their backs, and that I went inside the gallery after being lured in by a woman who seemed to be the owner and was offering me a slice of cake, and that once inside, I kept looking out a side window, insisting to people who passed between the buildings that I had not been turned into a cat, but was, in fact, a duck.

    TAGS:  dreams, cats, ducks, aliens, duck - the bird, quack, weird

One time I died and went to Heaven, my soul reborn as a perfectly round, beautiful piece of glass; unfortunately, a man who’d once ran with scissors as a kid found me, picked me up, and said, “So, you think you’re the right eye for the job?”

    TAGS:  eyes, weird

What’s the weirdest thing you can think of right now?

    TAGS:  eating, weird, chairs

This may look like water coming from the sky, but really, it’s rennet.

    TAGS:  weird, rennet, Napoleon

So, is it just me or do you too have people walk up to you holding a crystal ball and say, “The crystal ball says whatever you find today will bring luck.”, nope - it’s just me isn’t it?

    TAGS:  weird

weirder :: boot

It’s weird that that last sentence was the first time we had a sentence titled ‘weird’.

    TAGS:  scrine, weird, sentences

people I know :: grudknows

Most of the people I know are weird - well, at least according to other people but I think they are all quite normal in their own unique way (it’s just not always obvious) and if you took them by the shoulder and said, ‘are you ok’ you’d get some fabulous and somewhat different answers but may walk away none the wiser about the answer to your intended question.

    TAGS:  people, weird

more on weird :: grudknows

When you first meet someone and they allow you a glimpse of the them that they keep for the selected few, you may think ‘weird’ when first exposed to some of their unique idiosyncracies, but mostly, if you stick around, and know them for long enough - these will probably be the quirks you come to adore or accept without question.

    TAGS:  people, friends, weird

There are some snippets of conversation with friends that are so freakishly weird you would just like to pretend that you never, ever heard them.

    TAGS:  friends, weird, context

“I remember it tasting really really sweet… better than anything in the world—better than a mango even; I’d rather have lots of breastmilk than a million melons.”

    TAGS:  mangoes, weird, breastmilk

the world :: boot

It’s far, far weirder than I ever imagined.

    TAGS:  weird, imagination, worlds

an inside job :: boot

Of course, none of us enjoy the visitation of nose snot, but woe to the poor nose elves whose job it is to ship it in, pack it up and let it all loose.

    TAGS:  weird, elves, snot

skin :: boot

How the hell does it hold it all in?

    TAGS:  weird, skin, humans

off coarse :: boot

Cheese graters should not be used as any sort of hygiene device.

    TAGS:  weird, graters

Aliens among us :: boot

If not, how do you explain the existence of people who openly and enjoyably eat molluscs?

    TAGS:  aliens, aliens among us, weird, molluscs

There are people out there that don’t like cake.

    TAGS:  aliens among us, cake, weird

Deep down we’re all somebody’s alien.

    TAGS:  aliens among us, weird

Becky filled the skies with daisies, petals fluttering all over the world, happiness of every type falling on the unsuspecting joyously and at random.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, happy, weird, yellow, daisies, petals, joyous

Every time I think about how “weird” I am, I notice how weird you look.

    TAGS:  weird

I can’t help but wonder if snakes feel they drew the short straw somehow, with no legs, no wings, and no fins.

    TAGS:  wondering, weird, snakes, fangs

Charlie Browning :: OhNo789

I often wonder when my speech will be replaced with a squawky muted trombone, I get worried every time I start to lose my voice, but I suppose that I’ll know it when the day finally gets here.

    TAGS:  weird, worrying, squawking

Upside Down :: 'mouse

"If I were an Australian this wouldn't be weird," muttered Juan to himself as he cranked up the air conditioning in the middle of February.

    TAGS:  Australians, weird, global warming


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