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idle threat? :: 'mouse

One day, I’m going to get up in the morning, go to the bank, withdraw $5,000 in cash, climb into my little red car and hit the road.

    TAGS:  travel, red, auto, bank, roadtrip, escape, morning, road

For his sins our hero suffered through several lifetimes trapped in a steel tube, hurtling through the air at 35,000 feet listening to the 20-year-old girls (these were not women) in the seats in front chattering about, “Like, you know, I’m not dating now, because, like, guys are all the same, like, ‘I’m gonna cheat on you,” like, y’know, ohmygod, it’s like so not worth it,” all the while thinking that when he got home he was going to speak with his daughters and if the word “like” came up in any sentence more than once he would have no choice but to kill them to save others from the misery he had been through.

    TAGS:  travel, airplanes, babies

Ms. Like-Men-Are-Such-Sluts disembarks, one-third of a large tattoo protruding from the low-rise jeans which nicely highlight the last jiggly bits of her babyfat.

    TAGS:  travel, tattoos

penance :: 'mouse

In the year 2005, this modern God had foresaken hair shirts and mortification of the flesh, instead assigning ever more creatively torturous tasks to his followers, the latest of which was a 7:10pm airline flight on the Friday before Memorial Day.

    TAGS:  travel, flight, Memorial Day, hair shirts, mortification, torturous

aspiring to multitask :: mercuryfern

There’s got to be some way to type while driving; I’ve always done my best thinking on New England highways, curling and cresting through scenes so picturesque you’d be forgiven for assuming them fake.

    TAGS:  travel, driving, typing

panicked :: grudknows

grudknows… looking around frantically in a panicked state, yelled, “Where’s Boot? Who’s seen Boot?” but there was no answer as boot had disappeared off to ‘merica to investigate why they use ‘ize’ to end words instead of ‘ise’.

    TAGS:  travel, boot - the person, panic, mysteries

Surrounded by everything, everything awash with colour and dizzy with life; the city gently but firmly reached out , took my heart in its hands and removed a small piece forever.

    TAGS:  travel, New York

Reckoning :: 'mouse

If I ever meet the person who invented time zones, jet travel or children, I’m going to sit him/her down for a serious talking-to.

    TAGS:  travel, time zones

I consider my self a pretty good houseguest, but I draw the line at drinking my morning coffee from 6oz teacups.

    TAGS:  coffee, travel, mugs

“The idea, Keith, is that you and I will travel around the country together eating pot roast, writing about the places we see and the people we meet along the way, as well as any thoughts or insights we might have about the pot roast, which we’ll then publish as a coffee table book.”

    TAGS:  books, adventure, travel, writing, roadtrip, pot roast, wacky ideas

poetic justice :: hameno

On the same day that I became a premier member of the frequent flier club, I was stranded at the airport for the first time by bad weather and was forced to stay in the last $200 jacuzzi suite in upstate New York.

    TAGS:  travel, stranded, upgrade

on the occasion of my return :: littledevilworks

‘Tis a strange thing this life where one can drive over 800 miles in one 3-day span to spend an evening playing Skee Ball and call it a baby shower.

    TAGS:  travel, baby, roadtrip

Dr. Leo couldn’t believe he’d miscalculated the spin rate of his newly developed, personal bullet rocket, but Big Billy’s chaffed nipples clearly disproved the math.

    TAGS:  travel, Big Billy, inventions, chaffed, Dr. Leo, math, nipples, rockets

all the world :: boot

Where, with the limit of one destination, would you go?

    TAGS:  dreams, travel, desire, destinations

holidays :: boot

They are sublime, but the days and hours leading up to them drag like treacle covered tortoises.

    TAGS:  travel, slow, treacle, sublime

holidays :: boot

The feeling of adventure and revelling in history is indescribably good and tastes, surprisingly, like snow.

    TAGS:  adventure, travel, snow, surprising, revelling

My eyes are full of the images of history; the chaos, the beauty, the blood, and the grace.

    TAGS:  travel, chaos, beauty, astonishing, trip

unsettled :: boot

Rosa thought by now that everything would feel ‘normal’ again, but it was all still a world away.

    TAGS:  travel, home, away, lost, unsettled

tangible :: boot

When the mysteries of the past and the beauty of the greats lay right beneath your feet, there is a small part of your mind that clings desperately to the feeling, knowing soon memory will do her best to erase them.

    TAGS:  travel, memory, desperation, tangible

Short Story 15 :: 'mouse

I travel in reverse.

    TAGS:  travel, short story, reverse

missing :: boot

Travelling in your own country you miss out on that sweat-inducing fear of not quite understanding anything that is said to you.

    TAGS:  fear, travel, comfortable


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