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Don’t worry if, before trying to retrieve your keyring from inside a mailbox, it doesn’t occur to you that you might become stuck, because you’ll have plenty of time to consider it after the fact.

    TAGS:  time, confessions, worry, consideration, regret, keys, mailbox

mc^2 :: other keith

Time is an illusion…understanding time moreso.

    TAGS:  time, understanding

time matters :: 'mouse

There are those who say time is a vexing illusion, others will tell you it’ll take you on the wildest ride of your life, once there was even a brilliant philosopher who claimed the true passage of time could only be measured by the burnt, curled edge of his plastic spatula, but when it comes down to it, there is only one reason for the existence of time and one thing you need to know about it:  Friday afternoon Happy Hour begins down at the local tavern at 5:00 p.m. sharp.

    TAGS:  time, alcohol, philosophy

not that time :: Imaginary Keith

Perhaps the most ambiguous question posed to complete strangers on a regular basis would be: do you have the time?

    TAGS:  time, ambiguity

ime tay :: Jo

Time is one of the more vexing of the inventions, second only to grammar and its famous cousin, fascism.

    TAGS:  time, inventions, cousins, grammar, fascism

e= :: Keith

Understanding time is really just a matter of finding the right saddle for such a wild ride.

    TAGS:  time, understanding, saddle

rolls :: Keith

The week rolls around much too fast, affirming my belief that calendars are a bad invention.

    TAGS:  time, inventions, calendars

How is it that Bob Mould can plumb the depths of my soul from a vantage point ten years ago and a continent away?

    TAGS:  time, Bob Mould, continent, soul, narcissism, vantage

friday :: 'mouse

Time may be artificial and arbitrary and a generally bad idea, but once a week it nearly redeems itself by declaring Friday.

    TAGS:  time, bad ideas, Friday, redemption

How the hell did that happen?

    TAGS:  time, relativity

TOIK! :: Jo

Time takes on a completely different guise on weekends, more like the bubbles in fizzy water than the weekday bubbles, which are embedded in cement.

    TAGS:  time, relativity

When did my little shelf of 30 books turn into the “room lined with bookshelves”?

    TAGS:  books, time, surprising

Time :: Keith

“No, this here’s just a regular ‘ol watch,” the man said, staring down at his wrist through watery eyes while he tapped at the glass with an old, yellowed finger, “but I had me one of those there love watches once, always lookin’ down at it, those hands spinnin’ every which way ‘til you didn’t know if you was comin’ or goin’, waitin’ on that girl thinkin’ you was goin’ bust, but not carin’ one way or the other you’re so happy; yeah, I had me one, back in my day, just like you kid, but it’s broke now, just plain broke and that’s all there is to it.”

    TAGS:  time, love, aging, watch - the timepiece, reminisce

Amber Lizard :: boot

After sitting patiently for aeons, his eyes resting on the same subtly changing piece of earth, he was picked up and suddenly, just for a moment or two, there was movement and colour and boggling eyes, until finally there was nothing.

    TAGS:  time, aeons, amber, boggling, lizards

#979071YX1 :: grudknows

It’s surprising how much pleasure can be derived from catching up with people you haven’t seen since before ‘a long time ago’ even came to be - and - other than the fact that they’ve grown up, had a family and “stuff”, it’s warming to find that the things you loved about them ‘way back when’ are the things you find yourself loving about them now.

    TAGS:  time, camaraderie, friendship

There is nothing so far away as that which involves the tedious passing of time.

    TAGS:  time, distance, waiting

“It’s Time who’s the culprit,” I told the barista who insisted on apologizing for my luke-warm drink, “not you; Time’s so ruthless it even has to screw with our coffee.”

    TAGS:  coffee, time, baristas

The last time Uncle Herbert had an extended stay in hospital there were no multitudes of mobile phones, no ubiquity of unplugged laptops, no iPods, no Gameboys, no nothing, just white walls and a book he was too sick to concentrate on reading.

    TAGS:  time, technology, hospitals

Around here we mark the passage of time by the size of the lint ball trapped in the chicken wire around our neighbor’s dryer vent; we’ll know time is up when it burns the house down.

    TAGS:  time, lint, chicken wire

Clean Enough :: Keith

Many mistakenly believe in two types of men’s blue jeans—clean and dirty—which completely ignores one of the most overlooked kinds of all—clean enough.

    TAGS:  time, laundry, wash board

The world was changed for the good with the invention of the banana clock, though the time between ripe to brown wasn’t always entirely the same.

    TAGS:  time, bananas, clocks

Fruit Jars :: Keith

Fruit jars remind me of my simplicity, although there was a time when our relationship was much more complicated.

    TAGS:  time, relationships, complications, simplicity, fruit jars

Once he realized that resting on his laurels was no longer an option, that everyone in the nursery home either didn’t care or simply couldn’t remember what he’d made of his life, Martin knew he’d wasted his time, and that if there was any hope left of squeezing in just a little bit of fun before the end, it somehow involved the patting and pinching of the new nurse’s butt.

    TAGS:  time, aging, butt, dirty old men

jar of time :: boot

Opening the jar and running her fingers through the buttons was like running her fingers through time.

    TAGS:  time, memory, buttons, jars

Days, weeks and even years go by, yet some friends always leave you with the feeling that you saw them but yesterday.

    TAGS:  time, friendship

Indentured servitude :: ecklektik

Nothing makes the passage of time more painful than the notion of billable hours.

    TAGS:  time, work, billable

“Damn it,” the chief yelled,” someone has filled my watch with molasses!”

    TAGS:  time, The Chief, Sunday, watch - the timepiece, molasses

Watches & Clocks :: Keith

The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming never once dreamed of watches or clocks, which made him very happy.

    TAGS:  dreams, time, clocks, dreaming

Sure he had time on his hands, Bob thought, but it was a cold night and he would have preferred gloves.

    TAGS:  time, Bob, gloves

Lingering :: Jo

It’s a well-documented fact that time moves faster as the deadline approaches; this is also true of mornings when work approaches.

    TAGS:  time, deadlines

time :: 'mouse

A sage once told me he measured the passage of time by the melted curl at the end of his spatula; sometimes I only know it’s a new week because the cards at PostSecret have changed.

    TAGS:  time, spatula, PostSecret

Like Billy, Jonathan also came unstuck in time, only for him it happen while checking his bare watch face, gleaming with a sort of knowledgeable malice, or while catching the eye of the dark, broody oven digital, leading him to inexplicably (inexplicable to his friends at least) show up sometimes hours before or after something started in a grand rush, but, luckily, never more than twelve.

    TAGS:  time, inexplicable

Science Questions :: 'mouse

Juanita the Third (age 11) is in a science class this summer where the teacher hands out candy for “good questions,” so this week she stuck up her hand and asked, “Why does time slow down when you approach the speed of light?” and the teacher just sighed and responded, “I wish I knew,” which only challenges us to harass this lady further, perhaps with, “Why does that butterfly flapping its wings in Beijing cause a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico?” and then the clincher, “What happens if, as Ohno’ pointed out, someone steps on the butterfly?”

    TAGS:  science, time, teachers, speed of light

emit :: boot

When you’re constantly looking backwards, it’s not that you’re looking back through time, it’s more like you’re looking at the residue of your life.

    TAGS:  time, backwards, emit

A wise man once told me that he was only able to mark the passage of time by the ever-more melted down edge of his plastic spatula; I mark the passage of years by the accumulation of public-radio-sponsorship tote bags.

    TAGS:  time, age, years, tote bag, public radio

temporally adrift :: 'mouse

Today it is taking all my concentration and energy just to keep time moving foward instead of taking a drunkard's walk; proper ordering of minutes and hours completely escapes me.

    TAGS:  time, lost, confused

Time Out :: 'mouse

I hate daylight savings time; I hate standard time.

    TAGS:  time, Daylight Saving Time

Proving myself out of touch with time is as easy as realizing I'm at the edge of my seat, anxious about the outcome of the 23 year old college basketball game I'm watching for the first time on youtube.

    TAGS:  time, basketball

the time :: 'mouse


    TAGS:  time, zen, now

Henry's only regret about time was that he hadn't removed the minute and second hands from his watch when he was a young man, and even though they now moved so fast that they were only a faint blur that barely registered when he looked down at his wrist, he knew they were still there, taunting him like...

    TAGS:  Henry, time, aging


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