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Ever since that perfect Spring afternoon in 1977, coming home after school and watching “I Dream of Jeannie” and “Gilligan’s Island” with his best friend and then going out and throwing rocks in the creek, well, it’s been all downhill since then.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

If your sixth grade teacher successfully informs the school district that he is going to have his kids meet the district-mandated five hours of PE per week by taking his half-dozen 4th-6th graders skiing every Friday afternoon during ski season, then you too will have the right to refer to that time as The Good Old Days for the rest of your life.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

1979 - the shame :: 'mouse

Let’s just say that if you’re a seventh grader who’s being badly treated by an eighth grade girl, you probably shouldn’t pretend you like her fifth grade sister to get back at her because the shame then and guilt later may haunt you for decades to come.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

It really doesn’t matter how many daisies you pick and pluck, “I’ll lose my virginity this year; I won’t lose my virginity this year” between the ages of 12 and whenever, you won’t lose your virginity until “Daisy” picks and plucks you.

    TAGS:  love, sex, virginity, daisy plucking, sentence-a-year

The year before you get a car may be the longest year of your life, but if you’ve got a pair of roller skates (roller blades to you young’uns) you can sing along with Melanie, “don’t go too fast, but I go pretty far.”

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

They say you can’t put a price on freedom, but I can, $500, and further, I can tell you how freedom smells, looks and sounds: Exactly like a 1967 VW bug.

    TAGS:  freedom, sentence-a-year, VW, Volkswagen

The first time I ever met some Unitarians, they invited me to their youth group meeting, and I must admit, I was pretty skeptical about getting involved since I was still deeply scarred from Grandma pawning me off on summer bible study when I was eight, but then they told me they met at the local hot-tub rental place and that they didn’t wear clothes.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year, Unitarian

Okay, in retrospect, the cheap apartment located - I kid you not - in the alley behind the No-Tell Motel, was the perfect way to teach a young person that important life lesson, “you get what you pay for.”

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

As long as the owner’s not a murderer, the benefits of a gig housesitting a multi-million-dollar mansion cannot be overstated.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year, housesitting

The old man in the park in Tsingtao came up to me, grasped my hand warmly and said, “You are the first Caucasian I’ve seen in 40 years… since WWII,” to which I responded, “How about I buy you a beer over there at the brewery?”

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

The guidebook said, “The Thais are a friendly, happy people,” to which I thought rather jadedly, “Gee, you think that might be just a tad of an overbroad stereotype?” and then I went to Thailand and discovered that the Thais are a friendly, happy people.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

She left home in another country with a single suitcase, semi-disowned by her parents who hated me, and I had a low-paying job, student loans, a Toyota Tercel and 90 days before her visa expired to decide if we should spend a lifetime together.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

1989 - the big one :: 'mouse

At 5:04pm the big earthquake hit; at 5:05pm the power went down, taking the fancy digital phone system and all the local cell towers with it; at 5:07pm I took the old phone I used for line-testing and plugged it into the modem line in the tech support computer; at 5:08pm I got off the phone with my wife; at 5:09pm I found my distraught boss and took him to the phone so he could call his family; by 5:10pm my raise and bonus was a lock.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

It’s amazing how many people apply to a press-relations writing job and when you give them a list of facts and a computer and tell them to take 20 minutes and write the opening paragraphs of a press release they can’t do it.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

One day you’re on a nice, boring career path in computer marketing and the next day you may find that your mind has jumped the tracks and somehow gone and signed you up for the next sitting of the law school admissions exam, which is in 16 days, and the strange thing is, you’ve never for one second in your life wanted to be a lawyer.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

It’s one thing to love to read and to love to think about complicated things and to write, but it’s a whole ‘nuther thing entirely to read 1000+ pages of incredibly complicated legal cases each week, comb them for minutiae and retain the important parts for long enough to pass the exams… right Bake?

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year, doomydoomydoomydoom

1993 - dog days :: 'mouse

Upon meeting my recently acquired St. Bernard, a friend shared with me a piece of undeniably true-in-my-experience folk wisdom: If a young married couple gets a dog, they will have a baby just about exactly two years later.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

If you wake up, ask your wife, “are you in labor?” and she responds, “no” and you go pick up your 8-hour-limit, check-out take-home final exam, about four hours into the exam it will become clear that those false-labor contractions are consistent and increasing in frequency.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

It is a fact that a baby taken to law school classes or hanging out in front of the library will attact 3.7 times more women than a golden retreiver puppy.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

An old lawyer once told me that it was important not to change anything as you studied for finals or, most importantly, took the 3-day-long California bar exam, and so I studied hard with a bottle of scotch at hand each night, shook off a hangover each morning and sailed through the exam with a residual BAC perfectly suited to the practice of law. (Edit: Technically this is a 1995 sentence, but I refuse to give up either this one or my other ‘95 sentence; file me as a rule breaker of a rule which doesn’t exist.)

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

There are some negatives to self-employment, but they are more than offset by two factors: 1) That if you work overtime you’re doing it for yourself and, 2) most important, your word is god regarding the office music selection and volume control.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

1998 - Hey Baby :: 'mouse

Somehow it doesn’t seem fair that teenagers seem to get pregnant just by looking at each other, but when you’re in your mid- or late-30s it can be downright hard work, if it works at all.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year

I’m sure I’m not the only person who woke up the next morning and was disappointed to find my computer worked fine, no nuclear reactors had melted down and Anarchy had gone home and gone to bed with a nasty hangover about 4am just like every other New Years Eve.

    TAGS:  sentence-a-year


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