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roadtrip :: Keith

I don’t understand why everything about religion has to be so complicated; for instance, the guys and I are thinking about driving up for the Pope’s funeral, but if we call it a roadtrip, will it sound like goofing off; and can we drink beer on the way?

    TAGS:  death, alcohol, funerals, roadtrip, complications, pope, religion

idle threat? :: 'mouse

One day, I’m going to get up in the morning, go to the bank, withdraw $5,000 in cash, climb into my little red car and hit the road.

    TAGS:  travel, red, auto, bank, roadtrip, escape, morning, road

i am here :: e

i have have arriv, it is 40-odd degrees in New Oreleans (with WWOZ on the actual radio instead of streaming, albeit from Baton Rouge) the quarter is deserted, i need to go find food, i got wireless in the room for a mere $5 extra and i will go out and scuff around now after i drink this cuppa coffee.

    TAGS:  roadtrip

it’s a good thing i bought my trip weeks ago or i would chicken out now, but here i am almost ready to drive down for Art Basel Miami this weekend, having promised myself that after New Orleans i would spend NOTHING when, calling just now to check my reservations, i find it will cost me an additional $24 a day merely to PAUSE the car.

    TAGS:  roadtrip

how long before we get quasi-universal wifi access like we have for cel phones now, because i can run this thing in my car, but i can’t take it very far (and i wanted scrinecast on my last roadtrip, but to no avail.)

    TAGS:  roadtrip

check yer blogrolls: i have it on good authority that two (2) scriners—one with a much coveted camera complete with the associated skills and the other with a small rabbit—are, this very weekend and probably even as i type, evacuating southward into the bay area to escape le deluge for awhile: 1)search mission, 2)meetup and reconnoiter, 3)post pictures (i’ve always wanted to observe reconnoitering.)

    TAGS:  roadtrip

As her traveling companion stared blissfully at his reflection in the side mirror, she relaxed her grip on the wheel, thought to herself, I will hurt him badly unless he navigates me to some goddamn pie and coffee already, and cranked up the volume on the extended dance mix of “Master and Servant.”

    TAGS:  coffee, pie, roadtrip

Leaving Las Vegas :: 'mouse

The driver of the Ford Explorer (the one with the tricked out stereo) took to the cowboy the minute she realized he’d ditched the scary contraband in exchange for what appeared to be an unlimited supply of hundred dollar bills which he seemed more than happy to spend stocking up on CDs for the long trip east – it also didn’t hurt when Janis gave her a copy of “American Pie,” wished them luck on their road trip, and announced she was going to stay behind for the “American Idol” Las Vegas auditions.

    TAGS:  roadtrip, urban fairy tales, Las Vegas

They kept driving for a few hours in a companionable silence: The Plan would reveal itself with the rising sun, The Motive was apparent in his hands that never stopped moving for a moment, flipping through The Driver’s cd collection, the glove box, the consul; she asked him what he was looking for and heard just a slight murmur before he turned up the stereo, reclined the seat and squeezed his eyes shut against the oncoming light.

    TAGS:  roadtrip

Roads :: Keith

There aren’t enough roads for all the endless driving I feel like doing - not even close.

    TAGS:  roadtrip, driving, roads

Why? :: Snow

“Because it’s time for a road trip,” she declared, gunning the engine.

    TAGS:  roadtrip

He turned south just outside of Sacramento, set the cruise control at 83 (mph), leaned back against the comfortable sheepskin seat cover, and settled in to watch California’s beautiful Central Valley scroll by hour after hour as he headed for the City of Angels.

    TAGS:  California, roadtrip, Sacramento

“The idea, Keith, is that you and I will travel around the country together eating pot roast, writing about the places we see and the people we meet along the way, as well as any thoughts or insights we might have about the pot roast, which we’ll then publish as a coffee table book.”

    TAGS:  books, adventure, travel, writing, roadtrip, pot roast, wacky ideas

The van pulls out of Boston early with the three of us - me, Steve, and Steve’s wife, who we’d both thought would be staying home, but surprises us with her enthusiasm for the pot roast tour when she quietly slips into the van this morning, slides into one of the back seats and says only, “My bags are on the porch,” which I’ll admit I first thought meant bags of potatoes, but of course ended up meaning her clothes and things, which luckily, ended up wedging between the leftover coolers just fine.

    TAGS:  adventure, roadtrip, pot roast, potatoes

To think that until just the other night I’d never even been east of the Mississippi River, who would have been able to guess that I would suddenly find myself pulling away from one of the countries most historically rich cities with two nearly complete strangers, my hands gripped tightly to the oversized steering wheel of a used Snap-on delivery van, in search of America’s pot roast?

    TAGS:  adventure, roadtrip, pot roast, wacky ideas, Mississippi River

on the occasion of my return :: littledevilworks

‘Tis a strange thing this life where one can drive over 800 miles in one 3-day span to spend an evening playing Skee Ball and call it a baby shower.

    TAGS:  travel, baby, roadtrip

An empty road, a clear horizon, land stretching as far as the eye can see…

    TAGS:  roadtrip, horizons

Nothing does your heart good like hundreds of kilometres of absolutely nothing.

    TAGS:  roadtrip, broken hill, Pooh, true story, tinsel tree

Having nothing better to do on her road-trip, Lily calculated that she would probably use about 30,000 gallons of gasoline in her cars in her lifetime—about three tanker trucks full—at a cost of around $100,000.

    TAGS:  roadtrip, gasoline

With noble purpose, and a greasy grimy diner breakfast of highly questionable origins.

    TAGS:  beginnings, roadtrip


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