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People :: Keith

While on vacation recently, I almost had the opportunity to meet a lactose intolerant dairy farmer.

    TAGS:  people, dairy, lactose intolerant

Riding :: Keith

So far in this life, I’ve ridden a horse, a cow, a pig, a donkey, a giant tortoise, an elephant, and of course, several people.

    TAGS:  animals, people, word play

Have you ever had a day so full of good things, caring people and beauty that you wish you could preserve it somehow; press it like dried rose petals, so that you could open the book and look it again and remember exactly how amazing it was…

    TAGS:  people, beauty, memories

Oh! Sorry… :: boot

There are several different variants on the bump ‘n’ shuffle (you know the one, you’re walking along a busy street and someone gets in your way; you step sideways, they step sideways in the same direction, you both look up and, depending on the mood, you may go “hrumph” and grumble away or you might both laugh briefly and move on), anyway, today I had a new variant on the same theme: there was a man with a white cane, who I presume was blind, he was standing on a corner and seemed to be having a little trouble navigating his way to the road (it was raining, so maybe that made the surface more difficult to read), so I stood back trying to keep out of his way, very slowly edging my way around the corner, then when I hit the corner I nearly bumped into someone who, quite clearly, had been doing the same manoeuvring around the corner (we looked up, smiled warmly at each other and moved carefully on our way).

    TAGS:  people

People :: Keith

I am convinced that people are nothing more than living, breathing, fully functional storybooks who roam the Earth like modern-day dinosaurs!

    TAGS:  people, dinosaurs

People who avidly read the tabloids and trash mags for hours on end either don’t have an interesting and varied social circle or else they haven’t realised exactly *how* interesting and varied the people in their lives really are - personal observations bring me to the conclusion it’s often the latter.

    TAGS:  people, celebrities, interesting, tabloids

pencils :: hysterium

People are like pencils - some are sharp, some are blunt, some are well chewed on, some are virginal, some are lost, and some are just cracked.

    TAGS:  people

If people had a head on each end, I bet they’d stack together just like Lincoln Logs.

    TAGS:  people, stacking, nonsense, Lincoln Logs

Reincarnation :: Keith

Henry was surprised to learn that Heaven had no recycling program, at least not in the traditional sense, and that everyone just threw their trash over the edge, where it would fall down to Earth and turn into people.

    TAGS:  people, Heaven - the place, reincarnation, recycling, trash

People juice :: 'mouse

Take two or more avowed existentialists, pound relentlessly with a figurative meat tenderizer, discard the lumpy parts and strain out and discard all remaining pulp, and then, lastly, discard the bitter juices that are all that remain.

    TAGS:  people, bitterness, existentialism

People are dumb.

    TAGS:  people, baby names, thoughts, dumb

People are nice.

    TAGS:  people, nice, thoughts

People are mediocre.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, mediocre

People are perfunctory.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, perfunctory

People are furry.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, furry

midair thought :: boot

Peoople are heavy.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, heavy

People are nasty.

    TAGS:  people, nasty, thoughts

midday thought :: boot

People are hungry.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, hungry

People are wet.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts, wet

midlife thought :: boot

People are people.

    TAGS:  people, thoughts

Becky huddled quietly in the corner of the ceiling, giggling behind her sinuous fingers, and as the various ‘people’ walked by they found themselves suddenly and brilliantly transformed into all manner of creatures, especially mouses, coyotes, ducks, drop bears, scrinebirds and elephants.

    TAGS:  mouse, Becky the Harlequin, ducks, harlequin, people, duck - the bird, coyotes, elephants, giggling, The Rusty Metal Bird

thanks jim :: pam

People are strange when you’re a stranger; by the same token, people are odd when you’re an otter.

    TAGS:  people, odd, strangers, strange, otters

I wonder what it might be like to not be a person.

    TAGS:  animals, people, simplicity

people I know :: grudknows

Most of the people I know are weird - well, at least according to other people but I think they are all quite normal in their own unique way (it’s just not always obvious) and if you took them by the shoulder and said, ‘are you ok’ you’d get some fabulous and somewhat different answers but may walk away none the wiser about the answer to your intended question.

    TAGS:  people, weird

more on weird :: grudknows

When you first meet someone and they allow you a glimpse of the them that they keep for the selected few, you may think ‘weird’ when first exposed to some of their unique idiosyncracies, but mostly, if you stick around, and know them for long enough - these will probably be the quirks you come to adore or accept without question.

    TAGS:  people, friends, weird

realist :: boot

Everyone in the world is more interesting up close, even if they happen to be smelly.

    TAGS:  people, smelly, realism

goddammit :: boot

People are just so damned beautiful.

    TAGS:  people, beauty

It seems to me that being a kind and generous person is not cool (and saying ‘cool’ is probably not cool either), but to that I say “raspberries”.

    TAGS:  people, generous, kind, uncool, raspberries

I don’t know what I did to deserve such beautiful people in my life, but it must have been something amazing.

    TAGS:  people, beautiful, incomprehensible

for my friends :: boot

The world is unquestionably vile, but some of the people living on it are unfailingly beautiful.

    TAGS:  people, beautiful, vile

I do hope one day that my life will make as interesting a read as some of the living books on offer, but, more so, I look forward to seeing how I explain the big rusty Scrine-bird.

    TAGS:  books, people, life, inexplicable

brittle :: boot

Emotions can be like icicles, sometimes.

    TAGS:  people, brittle, emotions

meh :: JadedBeauty

some people are no more useful than a bucket full of beetles.

    TAGS:  useful, people, beetles, buckets

unreasonable :: boot

Some days I wish I was a far more angry person than I am.

    TAGS:  unreasonable, people, anger

With so many different nationalities represented, living in the apartments seemed so worldly to the chief; for example, apartment 203 was just like China, but not because the tenants were Chinese, but because they’d somehow managed to sneak 1.4 billion people into the 2-bedroom while he wasn’t looking.

    TAGS:  people, The Chief, china, sneaky, worldly

Inflation :: 'mouse

When exactly did asking for a “dime bag” come to mean I’m going to drop a C-note?

    TAGS:  fiction, people, relax

coffee epiphany :: boot

Bakerina’s right - people are awesome.

    TAGS:  coffee, people, humanity


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