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n’est pas?—which difficulty (along with the one of folks actually remembering it) I avoid frequently by signing myself “e,” but which does sometimes come up in unusual circmstances and so, to alleviate any reluctance fellow scriners may have should the occasion arise to actually greet me, please allow me to introduce myself: My name is EE-lee-thee-ah (but you can call me e.)

    TAGS:  e, names

fortune :: e

You will be forced forever to explicate your own name to those you wish to know you and nothing ever will be simple.

    TAGS:  fortune, names

I’m seriously tempted to find me a baby names forum and post this list of star’s names under a heading great ideas for baby names!!!!!.

    TAGS:  baby, names, monikers

“Sure Truth got picked last for all those pick-up games,” answered the old geezer, “but don’t go blamin’ us for anything; it couldn’t hit worth shit.”

    TAGS:  childhood, childhood games, names, Truth

On the way to the subway, I passed by a Dr. Quackenbush’s office only to hope he wasn’t a gynecologist; Once safely on the train I was confronted with ads for a Dr Creflo Dollar leading me to wonder if I was bleeding out in an emergency room, who would I pin my survival on-Quackenbush or Dollar?

    TAGS:  word play, names, doctors

Alter-ego :: pam

Nursing a beer between sets, the bass player known as Slim Laptop briefly considered offering his Radio Shack business card to Candida, who was loudly lamenting to any who would listen that they didn’t make answering machines like they used to; however, he felt sure neither she nor the other patrons could be trusted not to laugh at his real name.

    TAGS:  alter ego, answering machines, names, Candida, Radio Shack, Slim Laptop

fang :: boot

I suspect all cats and dogs consider their true name to be ‘Fang’, even (especially) the pink-ribboned ones named Tiddles.

    TAGS:  cats, dogs, pink, truth, names, Fang, Tiddles

In two days my kid starts middle school, which she persists on calling Junior High School; which one of us is right?

    TAGS:  names, junior high school, middle school, potato potahto

I’ve seen people threatened with forks over such things.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, names, threats, forks

Penny had always wanted to run her own evil army, with a side cache of mischievous minions, but she knew that the first thing to go would have to be her name.

    TAGS:  names, minions, overlords

Chad always felt that a person’s name often told the real story, and for example he had never met a man name Dick who wasn’t just that, or a Larry that wasn’t a total Larry but when it came to guys named Wally…well it was best not to ask.

    TAGS:  names, dick, Larry and Wally

What is a name? :: littledevilworks

Tammy chuckled quietly to herself as she worked in the HR database and noted with satisfaction that her company did indeed employ Barry White (but which one?)

    TAGS:  Barry White, names

short story 17 :: boot

Hope died.

    TAGS:  short story, names, loss

Hope and Joy were always sallying forth with their latest purchases, but her eye was on the new girl in the room.

    TAGS:  word play, desire, Chastity - name, Chastity, names, chastity - state of, old names for new games, Hope - the name

In 2030, according to our correspondent, Felix, the four cheerleaders, Charlotte, Seraphina, Amelia and Violet are refusing to speak with those stoners, Isla, Imogen and Adelaide; meanwhile, Alice and Scarlett who are “normals” scoff at Lila who has reputedly slept with half the football team—Asher, Finn, Milo, Jasper, Atticus and Oliver—while Jude feels left out.

    TAGS:  names

You might think I’d be horrified by Roger Ailes’s referring to Soledad O’Brien as “that girl that’s named after a prison,” but actually, I’m thrilled: this means that I can now refer to Roger Ailes as “that guy that’s named after a verb for sexual intercourse.”

    TAGS:  names

I’m not sure I’d do it to my kid, but I’m kind of glad that Jessica Simpson had the balls to name her daughter “Maxwell Drew Johnson.”

    TAGS:  gender, names


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