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Listen to Pink Floyd a lot, and whenever it gets to the part where it goes Did you exchange a walk-on part in the war/ for a lead role in a cage/, say to the radio, ‘Roger, you didn’t have a fucking clue how a lifetime of compromise can suck the soul dry - but it’s for damn sure you know now.’

    TAGS:  music, war, clues, soul, compromise

The orchestral composition, a memorial to 9/11, started quite tempestuously, but ended with a musical prayer for mercy and salvation; puzzled by her own ambivalance over the piece, she realized she was not yet ready to forgive God for that day.

    TAGS:  music, god, prayer, forgiveness, mercy, orchestra, salvation

breakfast :: 'mouse

Honky-tonk music at loud volume and four cups of coffee may not meet the government’s nutritional guidelines, but it sure hit the spot today.

    TAGS:  coffee, music, government, honky tonks, guidelines, nutrition

geek cred :: 'mouse

Back in the day, I qualified for provisional geek status, but these last ten years, I’ve been slipping… until today when I received the tools (toys) to properly connect my stereo to my wireless network— ooooooohhhhhh, that’s the sound of my inner geek glorying in 14,768 songs cued up on random play—look, Ma, no wires!

    TAGS:  music, technology, geeks

theater critic :: steve

Sometimes I fail to notice that the morning folk show on the radio has given way to the musical theater program at 10:00, until I realize that “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” is playing and I’m getting a headache.

    TAGS:  music

If all works according to plan, this process will have placed a copy of Taj Mahal’s version of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” from the album Blue Light Boogie where Keith can link to it in Scrine or in perhaps in Wordshadows—look for it. [Third update - a lot changes in a year. Now we’ve got Scrinecast and you can ask Keith to put it up there if you have any special requests.]

    TAGS:  music, scrine idiosyncrasies

one wish :: 'mouse

If ‘Mouse could be granted just one wish, just one, it would be to be able to share the music in his head with y’all.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, mouse, music

Keith did not get the Alice’s Restaurant “I wanna kill, Kill, KILL” reference, which I must assume means he does not hear the song at least once a year, every Thanksgiving (as all people must), which means he must have been raised by (and may still be held hostage by) musically deprived wolves—what shall we do, Scriners?

    TAGS:  music, depraved

you shake your head at Good Charlotte complaining about “that noise kids listen to nowadays” and then you crank up AC/DC to clear your head.

    TAGS:  aging, music

Musical ouch :: 'mouse

Every beautiful random-play segue on the computer jukebox will be punished by an equal and opposite mind-wrenching transition like the Laurie Anderson-to-Dwight Yoakam catastrophe that has ‘mouse lying on the floor quivering in pain.

    TAGS:  music, pain

Gwen Stefani burst from the rafters in a full body slam, crying “A LALALALALALALALALA!”

    TAGS:  music, Gwen Stefani, yodelling

I know it hasn’t been long since I talked about Alice’s Restaurant (I’m still looking for a copy for you Keith), but this morning I found myself humming it again as I unloaded my thrift shop donations in the early morning light next to the sign which reads, “Absolutely no drop-offs after hours - these premises monitored 24-hours by security cameras” and I thought, this is pretty much how the modern, updated version would begin, with a Dodge Caravan, a thrift shop and a security camera.

    TAGS:  music

Actually, Dave, Bronwyn thought as she listened to him hit the high note, there are at least 36 damn songs that can make me break down and cry.

    TAGS:  music, Bronwyn, American

tintinnabulate :: boot

It jangles, it tinkles, it shines, it glistens, it sparkles; it is music to my ears.

    TAGS:  music, noise, jangle

The most revolutionary and life-changing application of the personal computer is the ability to throw away all one’s mixed tapes from high school boyfriends with nary a trace of nostalgia.

    TAGS:  music, computers

Keith, has Scrinecast, but I don’t, so when Kraftwerk [link removed] came up on random play on my pc-jukebox this morning and completely freaked me out through my cranked-up headphones, I thought I’d share it.

    TAGS:  music

My head hurts :: 'mouse

I was going to raise the ante around here by posting something from my Jimmy Buffet Christmas album, but (you lucky devils) I couldn’t find it, so I’ll leave you with this gem [link removed] that my daddy used to sing to me.

    TAGS:  Christmas, music

There is a lot of consolation to be had in good jazz.

    TAGS:  music, consolation

Is it too early to hide all my husband’s insufferable Mannheim Steamroller holiday albums for another year?

    TAGS:  Christmas, music, hiding

The needle hit the inside of the record and starting scraping around and around, but Sally just sat in her armchair listening to the sound, listening to it go round and round and round.

    TAGS:  loneliness, music, Sally, phonograph

After not practicing the piano for many months, she sat down and began to try to play and, blissfully, she was not overwhelmed by the woman’s memory, just filled with it; filled with love, uplifted by her grace and blessed by her memory.

    TAGS:  love, music, memory

Thanks? :: 'mouse

Until two days ago, I didn’t have a single John Denver album in my collection.

    TAGS:  music, John Denver, snooty

Deaf :: 'mouse

When doctors questioned Rudy about why he had plunged ice-picks deep into both ears he scrawled a simple note, “Yoko Ono.”

    TAGS:  music, icepicks, torture, Yoko Ono

May I suggest :: 'mouse

May I suggest, and even be so bold as to pin to the top of Scrine until Keith takes it down, that we have our own version of the annoying—and just plain odd—music show on Scrinecast on April 1; it could highlight the talents(?) of, among others, Yoko Ono, Neil Diamond, the Palindrome song, David Sedaris, Jeff Foxworthy, John Denver being strangled, assorted needle skips and other gems Keith has collected—just name it, he may well have it.

    TAGS:  music, requests

The supposedly mature-aged woman rocked her boots along the path, singing and humming loudly to herself with the occasional funky outburst of “very superstitious!” until she turned the corner and nearly walked right into a very young and very, very bemused man coming the other way.

    TAGS:  music, funky, wonder

It changes, of course, all the time, the sound refreshed, pumping through me right along with the blood and the air.

What keeps me going?  What's crossing my ears, passing…

    TAGS:  music

No time to write, but why not share a few more songs.  Some nice slow guitar and mandolin plucking.  [links removed]

 • Jens Lekman, Your Arms Around Me

    TAGS:  music

The struggle to save the family farm rages on, leaving me with little spare time for just about anything and everything.  I will tell you this, the focused pursuit of…

    TAGS:  music

flockit :: steve

I take back what I said about my neighbor’s taste in music, because it’s 10am on Easter morning and he’s blasting Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”* from every window of his house, and I can’t help picturing a certain messianic fellow emerging from his cave to that fine robotic beat (or, perhaps, rockin’ inside it with robots while followers await him outside).* Follow that link for bonus John Denver footage!

    TAGS:  music, robots, neighbors, John Denver, Herbie Hancock

How about that “Big Balls” song by AC/DC, and Janis’s “Mercedes Benz” and oh, I like Devo and can I have some Stevie Nicks and I love Cyndi Lauper’s voice and I want all your Green Day and where’d you get this South Park stuff—don’t put it all on, just the bitch song, they’re cool but get obnoxious if you listen too long—how come there aren’t any really good singers nowadays, just crappy pop stars with boring voices who all sound the same?

    TAGS:  music

I think a good ol’ fashioned Ballroom Blitz is what the world needs to end our llama pandemic.

    TAGS:  music, link removed, pandemic, llama

“In the 70’s, our rock musicians were either pretty or talented - not both,” scoffed Muriel in the general vicinity of her pre-teens, “so you can bet your Jessica Simpson here would not have lasted five minutes opening for Deep Purple.”

    TAGS:  music, Muriel, musical talent, Stevie Nicks

Oh wait, that’s not quite right, I know Mark Foley and I’m no Mark Foley; what I’ve really just discovered is Charlotte Smith who has Just Discovered Boys and will make you tap your toes.

    TAGS:  music, politicians

sometimes :: boot

Sometimes music makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you dance, sometimes it makes you hum, but sometimes, oh sometimes, it makes you burn; burn with love, burn with fire, burn with pain.

    TAGS:  love, music, burn

As she stepped off the train, the Village People’s YMCA started belting out of her iPod and, almost simultaneously, she rounded the corner to see them; the Cowboy and the Indian.

    TAGS:  music, cowboys, Indians, Village People - the band

no googling :: boot

“It’s fun to stay at the…”

    TAGS:  music

“The MEETING of 8 would be people talking about the number 8.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, music

Entertain me! :: grudknows

Grud was generally impressed when she noticed a shiny new and as yet unsigned Australian band featured in Scrine Tunes - but moving on to the new Scrine comics was a little dejected to find that ‘mouse, bunni, bakerina, pam — well most of the scrine clan for that matter — had failed to entertain her with their own cartoon interpretations of scrine sentences - ‘dance for me, dammit!’ she cried to an empty room.

    TAGS:  music, grud, scrine idiosyncrasies, Australian, shiny

Stick ‘em up! :: grudknows

Henry strode boldly into the radio station (well, he liked to think it was bold striding) and shouted through the stocking concealing his face, ‘give me all of your music and no one will get hurt’.

    TAGS:  Henry, music, radios, face

Some things just speak for themselves.

    TAGS:  music, tulips, Tiny Tim

A true story :: 'mouse

When I was a teenager, my father confiscated my AC/DC Back in Black and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap albums because, he said, they were the Best Albums Ever to crank up and have sex to—no, he wasn’t afraid I’d use them that way, he simply wanted them kept in his bedroom for himself and his new girlfriend to use.

    TAGS:  music, covet

It’s true, no matter where you are in the world, people enjoy inflicting immovable song lyrics into your head.

    TAGS:  music, earworm

I played Glockenspiel for the high school marching band one year, but soon gave it up because the experience of being noticed was almost more than I could handle; whereas the flute is usually pummelled senseless by the brass and drums, and its breathy voice never actually reaches a listener’s ear, the silver ping of each glock note travels unobstructed, piercing every eardrum in a radius extending from the fifty-yard line clear out to the parking attendant.

    TAGS:  music, Glockenspiel, piercing - the sound, marching bands

The Butterfly Ball :: Centerfold

Love is all you need. (the butterfly ball)

    TAGS:  love, music

He who dies with the most mp3s wins.

    TAGS:  music, mp3

“At the last Big Sandy show I was at I lost my favorite attorney.”

    TAGS:  music, Big Sandy

the other shoe :: littledevilworks

She sat quietly, listening to soothing music, munching absentmindedly on candy and waiting for the other shoe of doom to drop.

    TAGS:  doom, fear, music, candy, shoe of doom

I know they aren’t the official words and that The Angels didn’t even start it up, but you’d think somewhere out in this world wide web, there would be the full lyrics.

    TAGS:  music, no-way

Enough already! :: grudknows

While the versions are quite different - some well done and some amusing, I still think that 101 versions of Stairway to Heaven could be a little much - I blame Andrew Denton for the CD and the over abundance of this song in my music rotation.

    TAGS:  music, cover songs, Stairway to Heaven

the planet :: boot

The world is occasionally so beautiful that it seems to make its own music.

    TAGS:  music, beauty, light, worlds

If Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and (Don’ Mess Around With) Jim got into a fight, who would win?

    TAGS:  music, lyrics, Jim Croce

With all due respect to boomers, only flying reindeer can really croon!

    TAGS:  Christmas, music, reindeer

Never mind anything else, any band that names itself Cake is alright by me.

    TAGS:  music, cake

Camilla believed that poetry and music were the first business of the soul which left little time for mundane tasks such as balancing the checkbook or taking out the trash and, if they could not be delegated to a lesser daemon or earth spirit, ought to be forsaken altogether.

    TAGS:  music, poetry, daemon, earth spirits, soul's business

Rufus thinks that maybe he should be more careful about downloading music, but my friend Schuster told him not to worry because eventually everyone would realize that music was just like sex, and that paying for it was fine as long as you didn’t make it a habit.

    TAGS:  music, Rufus & Schuster, sex, ethics, pop-ethics

“Let’s take the train to anywhere I want to feel the wind in my hair with you.”

    TAGS:  music, anywhere, feel - the sense

Go for a run, anywhere you like running: the park, the beach, the dirt road that cuts through the woods, the path around the reservoir, even the treadmill (although I generally don’t recommend treadmills); cue up “One More Time” by Daft Punk and just see what happens to your stride.

    TAGS:  music

Take the 7 train to 111th Street; walk through the gritty, shiny streets of Corona to the Lemon Ice King of Corona; get the ice of your choice—no, better yet, get two so that you can have different flavors—cross the street to the little park with the bocce court; then sit on a bench, watch the old Italian guys play bocce and listen to “Was a Sunny Day” by Paul Simon.

    TAGS:  music

Get on a train, specifically a train that you know will speed up abruptly on some leg of the trip; right before the boost in speed, start to play “Steal My Sunshine” by Len; if you time it just right, the first verse will kick in just as the train starts to move veryveryvery fast and the landscape opens up around you, and the resulting rush will feel like an adrenaline/ecstasy cocktail.

    TAGS:  music

Make sure you’re in a place where it’s safe to dance, because once you put on Come Home by James, you will be unable to do anything but.

    TAGS:  music

Rockabilly :: 'mouse

Rockabilly is prozac administered aurally - a sure cure for most common forms of depression.

    TAGS:  music, depression, cure

Small talk :: pam

Sitting beside Muriel on the bus, Edwards boasted that he never paid any attention to music that was more contemporary than Creedence and Led Zepplin, and that he knew who that Boy George was but had never been sure if it was really a “boy” George or a “girl” George; unfortunately, Edwards had no chance to fully canvass the burning question of why “Stevie” Nicks seemed to prefer a boy’s name before Muriel gathered her bags and jumped off the bus well before her scheduled stop.

    TAGS:  music, Muriel

The mellophones blasted harmony, and the trumpets the sad, sweet melody; The band formed themselves into very large versions of all of those things that I tried to draw during a close pictionary game in 1999, but I had no ears for the music, and no eyes for the awkward larger-than-life depictions; I could only watch the girl in pigtails at the 50, and try to imagine what her counting off would sound like were I able to hear it.

    TAGS:  music, marching bands

Being a fellow who made odd and disconnected associations, he’d always found the dancing patter of Flamenco guitar oddly spooky, goosebumps rising on his pale flesh whenever the dulcet tones were heard.

    TAGS:  music, confessions

a little joy :: 'mouse

Despite musical riches galore—iTunes open with a terrabyte of music, and Media Player open on the same computer with 20 interesting new songs just downloaded—I find myself listening to A Little Joy on their Myspace page.

    TAGS:  music

To the closet Bay City Rollers/ABBA fan in the confessional: join the club, sweetheart.

    TAGS:  music, ABBA, Bay City Rollers, dagginess

I don’t care what else the Palm Pre can do, it streams Scrine Radio any time any where.

    TAGS:  music, Luddites, scrine radio, streaming, Palm Pre

Upon breaking the 7k mark, itunes suddenly decided that it didn’t know how to properly name songs, so now I have about a thousand songs just sitting around and waiting for me to buy software to right them.

    TAGS:  music, coulda, shoulda, woulda

My worst fear is that all of the women that I’ve made mixes for will be gathered in the same room and discuss music.

    TAGS:  music, women

I was brung low by the sound of Ray Charles’ voice.

    TAGS:  music, Ray Charles

Architecture is music made manifest.

    TAGS:  music, architecture

Hardly a day went by without some musician stopping by the house to tune his guitar to the sound of Henry’s heart.

    TAGS:  Henry, music, guitars

Kudos to Keith :: 'mouse

I can’t say that the Amazing Scrine Music Collection is better than sex in any given six-minute period, but If I had to give up one or the other ‘mrs. ‘mouse would be singing “Sisters are Doin’ it for Themselves.”

    TAGS:  music, sex, music and sex

The Radio :: OhNo789

Fizz of white noise, flickering sizzle of the empty waves, the ocean swells - some big band tune skulking in the dank summer evening air pounces with a crack of life in trumpet solo, conjured there, made real by the radio knob, then, as quickly as it came, fades back into the surf, and say we become the static on the am dial, bleating big band brass for mouths, roaring tympani for blood in our veins, and we dwindle off into the sea because our god(s) are looking for the game in the fourteen hundreds.

    TAGS:  death, music, life, Big Band, radios

Steely Dan :: Spartacus

When listening to Steely Dan, if you don’t have all of Steely Dan; then you don’t have enough Steely Dan.

    TAGS:  music, Steely Dan

Often while listening sad old country love songs, I can hear a bit of myself in the light blending melodies of the over-boozed raspy-voiced singer and minor key acoustic guitar.

    TAGS:  music, country music, guitars, love songs

Henry had no idea who he was, although occasionally he’d catch himself humming along to some tune that must have been him at one time or another.

    TAGS:  Henry, music, humming

With sunshine on her shoulder, the Monkees on her her iPod and a springtime bounce in her step, Olivia decided it was a fine day to call in “sick” and skip work.

    TAGS:  music, Spring, sunshine, iPods, Monkees

simple minds :: 'mouse

Happiness is finding a song “A Bear Eats Bear Food” from Sesame Street queued up by random play on your iTunes library.

    TAGS:  music, happiness

Some days I wake up, and never think to myself: “Man, I hope that I don’t lose my entire music library because it becomes corrupted.”

    TAGS:  music, frustration, corruption

Corrupt :: 'mouse

Usually it’s said that music corrupts youth, but in this case it seems youth has corrupted music.

    TAGS:  music

His Nano hung around his neck whenever he went out, a talisman against silence, instructions etched in tiny print into the white plastic: “In case of emergency, administer Radiohead.”

    TAGS:  music, iPods, talisman, Radiohead

“I crawled, after all, over shag carpet, tans and yellows and oranges, dusty from neglect, learning to speak and walk in a cloud of Marlboro and Winston smoke, sheetrock walls stained yellow, cobwebs and water spots above, in the sound of folk and Southern rock and the more angry genres of hippies coming to terms with the mid 1970s, everything left undone, beginning to doubt the dream.”

    TAGS:  music, cigarettes, shag carpet, Southern rock

I would have killed for cigarette smoke and southern rock; all I got for my crummy childhood on the shag carpet was secondhand Mexican dirtweed and an extra dose of lesbian folksingers.

    TAGS:  music, childhood, shag carpet, lesbian folk singers

Old :: 'mouse

I may just be showing my age here, but damn, CCR sure sounds good even after all these years.

    TAGS:  aging, music, CCR

If they end up putting us music downloaders into prison, the least that they could do is split us up by genre.

    TAGS:  music, downloading, modern crime

Good morning :: bakerina

At the moment she realized that her heart was beating in time to “Krank” by KMFDM, she knew that it would be an outstanding day, at least for those left standing at the end of it.

    TAGS:  music

interference :: boot

It’s damnably hard to write and listen to (oh, luck, be a) music at the same (a lady, tonight) time.

    TAGS:  music, writing, interference, luck be a lady

The Blues :: 'mouse

It seems that the only way to cure these heavy blues - 24 hours and counting - is to go buy a much more expensive, more powerful laptop.

    TAGS:  music

Dear authors, musicians and artists generally:  Thank you.

    TAGS:  books, music, art, thank you

Juan scratched his head, completely confuzzled as to how an allegedly blank CD-R in the middle of a spindle of blank discs came to be filled with 74 minutes of MP3 files in a directory labeled "Old Hindi Music."

    TAGS:  music, mysteries, Hindi music

Exquisite Pain :: 'mouse

There is a certain exquisite pain when listening to AC/DC with a sore throat, imagining trying to hit those notes at that volume.

    TAGS:  music, ACDC, pain, sick

Somehow today's "Shouldda put a ring on it" doesn't quite compare to our classics (which you've got to admit you have a soft spot for) like "Forever in Blue Jeans."

    TAGS:  music, guilty pleasures

Flea Beat :: Keith

He knew the music was good when he caught his dog scratching fleas to the beat.

    TAGS:  music, fleas, scratching

Musical Oops :: 'mouse

So, yesterday I brought to the office this new (actually old, early 1970's semi-audiophile style) jet-black amp with beautiful knobs and switches which I had found a the flea market and decided would fit the decor I prefer better than the ugly retired silver Sony "blah" receiver I have been using, and I installed it and everything was going well, and then I decided to try out my really nice headphones to see what happened if I pushed the volume way up (not to "11" but at least near "3" where it started to hurt in a good way) and listened to some sweet sweet Neil Young (After the Gold Rush), Joni Mitchell (Blue), Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), Fleetwood Mac (Rumors), Miles Davis (Kind of Blue), Taj Mahal (Best of the Private Years) Nirvana (Unplugged in New York), AC/DC (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) and so forth... only after a half an hour or so I noticed an odd vibration in the wall which I had my head leaned back against, so I lifted off my headphones and at that point was stunned to discover that this amp doesn't automatically disengage the speakers the way the Sony did when you plug in headphones, so I'd actually been rocking out the entire office building; today the only reasons I don't have to hang my head in shame are a) it was after 6pm and b) those were some awesome tunes blasting out on sweet equipment.

    TAGS:  music, amplifiers, oops, loud, stereo

Juan figured his mid-life crisis was not really out of control since, so far, it only involved trying to recreate the "Is it live or is it Memorex" poster in his man-cave.

    TAGS:  music, amplifiers, Memorex, mid-life crisis

Apparently in 2004 I was too cool for "pop rock, glam rock, nu-disco, and electroclash," but today I'm not shy to say, "damn, those Scissor Sisters play nice in my ears."

    TAGS:  music, glam-rock

Don’t judge me :: 'mouse

Just because my playlist this afternoon includes "Smoke Two Joints" (The Toyes version, of course) followed by "One Toke Over The Line" does not necessarily mean I'm stoned... next up, "Cocaine."

    TAGS:  music, drugs, rock and roll

I figured I couldn't go wrong with a playlist based on the Rolling Stone "Top 100 Albums of All Time" list, but what I ended up with was basically an extremely "safe" and boring classic rock station.

    TAGS:  music, boring

W… T… F… !!! :: 'mouse

Every once in a while I experience a true wtf moment that stops me in my tracks listening to random play in the Amazing Scrine Music Library archives; today's moment was brought to me by Willie Nelson singing "The Harder They Come."

    TAGS:  music, willie nelson, wtf

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