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memory downgrade :: other keith

If there was a place where I could go and have selected memories deleted…I’d go in a flash.

    TAGS:  memory, pain, downgrade, forget

Why does it make me so sad to realize that my children share none of my memories of them as babies?

    TAGS:  children, memory, growing up

After not practicing the piano for many months, she sat down and began to try to play and, blissfully, she was not overwhelmed by the woman’s memory, just filled with it; filled with love, uplifted by her grace and blessed by her memory.

    TAGS:  love, music, memory

I’d like to write about something I know nothing about, but alas! I am trapped inside this particular set of memories and experience to pull from.

    TAGS:  writing, memory

Beers :: Keith

Ignoring the past is hard, especially when it parades by so nonchalantly, flipping you off as if it hadn’t a care in the world.

    TAGS:  memory

Vague Idea :: Keith

I’ve had this vague idea in my head for a long time that there’s some thing I’ve been forgetting to do or say, or maybe some place I’ve been forgetting to go, but I’m getting used to it.

    TAGS:  memory, vague

Memory is so vague, so fragile, so questionable, yet I am sure I can still clearly see that silhouette of him, the first time i met him, standing in the doorway, behind the cheap flyscreen, looking so tall, so elegant, so much like the man who would and has changed my life for all eternity.

    TAGS:  love, memory

27-38-16 :: other keith

Numbers haunt me: I can only imagine the things I would remember…if I could only forget my childhood phone number, or my mother’s work phone from 35 years ago, or my high-school locker combination.

    TAGS:  memory

“Hah, what a great sentence,” thought boot, “I know I won’t need to write that down”.

    TAGS:  memory, damn, damn, scrine is everywhere

Oh yeah, you’re around when it’s painful, when there are details we don’t want to recall, there you are, and, yeah, you’re just so damn helpful when it comes to recalling exactly what it was when maybe we shouldn’t have done something, but where were you for all the years of conversations with the people now gone, where were you when we were watching them walk, watching them live, watching the beauty, where the hell were you then, hey, and, you know, of course you’re never to be seen if it’s something important, something I pleaded with you never to forget, so, you know what I think, I think you can just fuck off, yeah that’s what I think.

    TAGS:  memory, forgetting, recalling

I can recall every little detail in her hands, so I instead perhaps should say thank you.

    TAGS:  memory, hands

things :: boot

They aren’t ‘just things’, they are physical, tangible collections of memory.

    TAGS:  memory, touch, tangible, things

taste :: boot

The sharp tang of lemons on his tongue stopped him mid-sentence and he suddenly felt a connection to someone he had long thought he had forgotten.

    TAGS:  senses, memory

sound :: boot

As the sounds died away, he could hear her laughter echoing through time.

    TAGS:  senses, memory

smell :: boot

Every fibre of his body was overloaded by the scent, and as he breathed it in, so he breathed in the memory of her.

    TAGS:  senses, memory

sight :: boot

Even though the image in his hands was blurred, he still remembered every detail, every line.

    TAGS:  senses, joy, tears, memory, sight

touch :: boot

As he ran his hands over the smooth and dusty surface, he could, for a moment, feel the other’s hands and imagine the life once lived.

    TAGS:  senses, memory, touch

Unlike old men, computers sometimes return from the shop with their memories intact.

    TAGS:  Henry, computers, memory

Cinnamon leant seductively against the wall, watching the passers-by sniff the air, bewildered and lost in memories of something loved and long gone.

    TAGS:  love, Spice Cops, memory, cinnamon, seduction

jar of time :: boot

Opening the jar and running her fingers through the buttons was like running her fingers through time.

    TAGS:  time, memory, buttons, jars

I think there must be a dusty pocket, or two, inside your head that is labeled “Reserved for Storage” which exists entirely for storing things or people you had long since given up hope on.

    TAGS:  memory, dusty, lost, mind

Rufus thinks that humming was probably invented by the pilgrims so they wouldn’t have to learn the words to all those old, boring hymns, but my friend Schuster thinks he’s confusing humming with lying, and singing with men remembering the date of their wedding anniversary.

    TAGS:  Rufus & Schuster, Schuster, memory, Rufus, humming, pilgrims

slipping away :: boot

Rena could well remember the blackened gum trees that peppered the snow covered landscape, but she suddenly realised that she could no longer recall the smell.

    TAGS:  snow, memory, fire, smell - the odor

yearn :: boot

The very mention of the word made Dean pause in whatever he was doing and remember everything about her, every crease, every movement, every moment.

    TAGS:  memory, loss, yearn, longing

forever :: boot

We no doubt have touch for all the survival skills it provides, but for me it’s all the about the memory it holds.

    TAGS:  memory, touch

The sound of rain falling on the roof lifts my heart in a very particular and inexplicable way, as if it links to back to a long lost memory.

    TAGS:  rain, joy, memory, heartache, flowing

cemetery :: boot

Do the living haunt the dead?

    TAGS:  death, memory, ghosts, life, anchors

places :: boot

They are sometimes just a place to go and kick around the dust of old memories.

    TAGS:  places, memory, going home

hallucinations :: boot

Sometimes, the memory of a good friend is nothing more than that, mixed neatly with a small measure of hope.

    TAGS:  memory, life, hope, friendship

tangible :: boot

When the mysteries of the past and the beauty of the greats lay right beneath your feet, there is a small part of your mind that clings desperately to the feeling, knowing soon memory will do her best to erase them.

    TAGS:  travel, memory, desperation, tangible

prism/prison :: boot

Time has frozen this moment, captured it for you, and here it shines, gem-like upon your hand, eternal and unfeeling.

    TAGS:  memory, prison, prism

a life, revised :: other keith

My mother has such a good memory, she even remembers things that never happened.

    TAGS:  memory, mother

I’ll let you mull that one over (since I’ve forgotten what in blazes I was going to say about it).

    TAGS:  chickens, memory, chicken - the bird

They may be gone, but their words will come to you from the past and send you bodily to the floor.

    TAGS:  words, memory

hurt :: boot

Sometimes it surprises you, like a sudden, gusty wind.

    TAGS:  memory, unexpected, hurt

As the sentence is laid out before you, realise that you are building a bridge to the other person, and one that should stand the test of time.

    TAGS:  writing, memory, bridges, metaphors

lost :: boot

The finest grains of sand seeped between her toes, as she struggled to remember just who and where she was.

    TAGS:  memory, lost, sand, lost story fragments

gone :: boot

As the wind snapped at her, it felt as though a memory were being torn from her grip.

    TAGS:  memory, metaphors

I keep forgetting that I want to start making notes as soon as I think of an idea.

    TAGS:  memory, ideas, of note, my aging brain

Old :: 'mouse

Somehow it seemed a great victory when he remembered the singer's name after only three days of pondering it; his brain was not completely turned to swiss cheese by the alcohol and aging.

    TAGS:  age, memory, old, memory loss


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