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mango :: 'mouse

I thought it would be easy coming up with one pithy, meaningful, really awesomely cool sentence each day, but the more I think about it the more I realize there’s rarely a complete thought, much less a full sentence in my head—right now there’s just a single word, “mango”... oh, wait, now the word is “coffee”—but neither of those words, nice on their own, suggests any inclination to joint other words in a sentence that’s worth the pixels it takes up on your screen.

    TAGS:  coffee, mangoes, pithy

To Live For :: Jo

Each day life ponies up one thing in consolation; for mouse, it is a mango, a papaya, or a drink involving a blender; for some perhaps a perfectly aligned set of pens or a well-struck guitar chord; for me, it is deliciously cool rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins.

    TAGS:  mangoes, life, cinnamon, pudding

lunch will be :: boot

Mangoes, raspberries, yoghurt and honey.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, yum

included jacuzzi’s and massages, and a single key lime mohito, and a new pair of maui jims and a silver two piece that you could see through when wet: texas redfish: pears, strawberries, melons and mangoes (what does your favorite vacation involve?)

    TAGS:  mangoes, vacations

Thank you, and, if you would, a round of applause for my lovely assistant poodle, Jippie.

    TAGS:  mangoes, magic, poodle, jippie

Oh, yes, I enjoy winter, after all, it’s cold, but it’s quite mild here, but please, please, please can’t I just go forward a few months, get some mangoes and come straight back again.

    TAGS:  mangoes, time travel, seasons, yearning

oh, my :: boot

The firm, juicy, sweet looking thing beckoned in such a tempting manner that I deliriously replied “mango season!”

    TAGS:  mangoes, seasons

delirious :: boot

In the past 5 days, I’ve had 5 (count ‘em, 5) mangoes.

    TAGS:  mangoes, delirious, excess

The bevy of young and beautiful virgins sat nibbling on cookies and sipping glasses of milk, each woman awaiting the return of her hero.

    TAGS:  mangoes, bevy, cookies, virgins

Hah, hah, hah, wheeeee!

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, seasons

fruit d’amour :: boot

I bought a mango yesterday and only just noticed that it has a little pink love heart on it that reads “Love Fruit”.

    TAGS:  love, mangoes, fruit

“I’ve never eaten a mango.” [Keith]

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, confessions

I wanna snog… and drink beer… and scotch… and beer and scotch and beer and scotch and snog some more (maybe not all at once or exactly in that order) [edit], after which it will be time to look at her shape, rub her flesh against my cheek, close my eyes and feel the smoothness of her glowing orb as I open her up—her juices flowing while I bury my face in her moistness and taste her buttery mango perfection on my tongue.

    TAGS:  mangoes, beer, scotch, flesh, orb

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are all colours of the rainbow, but ducks, dinosaurs, cheese-sticks, rayguns, alfoil hats, spaceships, books, saffron and mangoes are not.

    TAGS:  mangoes, red, green, dinosaurs, duck - the bird, blue - the colour, yellow, stacking, indigo, cheese-sticks

It was a beautiful and happy day, people cried, people laughed, people were in love, and the whole day was brought to focus in the six years of love it took to grow the mango.

    TAGS:  love, mangoes

the mango kid :: boot

Twice this week I’ve had people say to me “Hey, it’s The Mango Kid”.

    TAGS:  mangoes, obsession

butterflies. :: goliard

Lucy watched his glorious strut across the store aisles, eyed his mangoes longingly, caught a whiff of his sea salty odor, and then let him walk away.

    TAGS:  mangoes, longing, salty

feeling orange? :: boot

Use one part rusty bird and one part mango; stir.

    TAGS:  mangoes, colour, feeling - the emotion, orange - the colour

except mangos :: 'mouse

I think that I have never seen a fruit as lovely as a strawberry.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, strawberries, lovely

Sure, you can get bananas for a dime a bunch and mangoes fall off the trees juicy and sweet, but tell me where I can get a bottle of maple syrup cheaper than $50.

    TAGS:  mangoes, pancakes, sweet

sink peach :: 'mouse

Today’s white peaches were not quite as juicy as the famous shower mangoes, but they still required eating over a sink and washing up to my elbows afterward.

    TAGS:  mangoes, elbows, peaches, juicy, shower

farewelling 888 :: boot

As my vision slowly became clearer, I tried to focus on the orange shaped blur in front of me, all the while steadying myself from the heady, calming, blissful state, and eventually the shape manifested itself in the form of the most heavenly mango ever seen.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fixations, farewell

“Beer?” motioned the pint-holding man, “Mmm-hmm” nodded the mango-munching woman.

    TAGS:  mangoes, beer

In other news :: grudknows

‘Mouse, excited by his love of tagging went into a tagging frenzy, only to find (panting from his effort) that he’d written ‘mango’ against a number of items which he really shouldn’t have.

    TAGS:  mangoes, frenzy

more perversity :: 'mouse

Juan looked at the fragrant pears, the juicy oranges, the liquid-sunshine tangerines, the preserved mangos, the pistachios and the dried apples and thought, gosh, what I really want is a chocolate bar.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, chocolate, perversity

Dying for a snack, Juan rooted round in the back of the empty snack cupboard at the office and was delighted to find a half a bag of fossilized dried mangoes which expired in June 2005 had, rather appropriately, fallen behind the disused first aid kit.

    TAGS:  mangoes, discovery, fossils

Repeat after me :: 'mouse

If you’re going to belch, belching after eating a mango is about as good as it gets.

    TAGS:  mangoes, belching

“I remember it tasting really really sweet… better than anything in the world—better than a mango even; I’d rather have lots of breastmilk than a million melons.”

    TAGS:  mangoes, weird, breastmilk

I don’t know why the Mango Council hasn’t hired me yet after all the nice things I’ve said about their product.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, saucy

Summer is just around the corner when I can sense the season of fruit calling.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, berries, Summer, cherries, seasons

mmmmmmmm- :: boot

mmmmm-mango season!

    TAGS:  mangoes

Summer has its reasons for existence, but berries and mangoes lie at the core.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, Summer, seasons

Mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango mango .

    TAGS:  mangoes, Bent Rule Club


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