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potential :: Jo

The vast potential of coconut drinks comes not in the vessel, so much as the delivery system for the sweet blotting effect; they’re all about love.

    TAGS:  love, 1st Sentence, alcohol, coconuts, potential

My (now deceased) disabled husband and I were married for 43 years and loved each other very much, so you should have understood that when I filed for divorce and tried to get him summarily and forcibly removed from the family home of 40 years by falsely accusing him of dangerous homosexual phone sex and by making up false stories of physical violence against me, it was just my way of showing him love and trying to get him proper medical care; you should have represented his interests better—or at least gotten a bigger retainer before defending him from me.

    TAGS:  love, marriage, dead, divorce, homosexuality, legal, spouse, phone sex

deaf-mute comedy :: Keith

Five years after Roger’s arranged marriage to the deaf-mute girl from Bakersfield, his own lifelong dream came true when their one and only child, Chester, upon reaching the age of three, told his family to call him The Little Tramp, and announced that he would spend the rest of his years in complete silence, wearing only black oversized suits and imitating the antics of Charlie Chaplain; Roger, as much as he enjoyed the quiet, soon found that not all dreams should come true, and that as much as he loved his son, he would never be comfortable with the young boy’s new mustache.

    TAGS:  dreams, love, children, marriage, arranged marriage, Bakersfield, Charlie Chaplain, deaf-mute, mustaches, uncomfortable

stop :: boot

Capture it before it goes, the wind, his thoughts, his smile, the moment, the memory, the last time she ever spoke your name, the way she kissed you and held your face, capture it before it’s gone, before you say goodbye.

    TAGS:  love, death, life, appreciation, memories, regret

a love so grand :: boot

... a man who has lost his wife of forty years, a man whose love is so profound that many months after her passing he still keeps a place at the table for her ‘in case she drops by’ and who, when he speaks of her, doesn’t even notice the tears that stream down his face.

    TAGS:  love, tears, grief, sorrow

I Adore You :: Jo

I’ll catch you, I will; I’ll nurse you, I’ll love you.

    TAGS:  love, obsession

What a happy inter-continental story of peace, love, and postal services we have had today!

    TAGS:  love

She spoke of being older, she said it was time to write about what it had all meant, her hands trembled slightly as she made the coffee, yet she clambered over boulders to bring you lemons from her garden, and hugging her goodbye felt like trying to hold a rose in your arms.

    TAGS:  love, aging, beauty, frailty

The room was beauty and light, full of energy and some sort of unheard happy laughter, photos and hats lined the walls and the easel and desk were covered with paintings that led you to another world; it was back to being just a room.

    TAGS:  love, death, laughter, living

Bob’s Mothers :: Keith

Bob had been both loved and hated by the various mother-in-laws he’d had over the years; he’d had similar experiences with house cats.

    TAGS:  love, Bob, cats, hate, mother-in-laws

After not practicing the piano for many months, she sat down and began to try to play and, blissfully, she was not overwhelmed by the woman’s memory, just filled with it; filled with love, uplifted by her grace and blessed by her memory.

    TAGS:  love, music, memory

As Spike walked in the house, carefully carrying a box the realisation hit - “Ahhhhhhh - a girl bunny”, I muttered as I followed him through the house to observe my own bunny, Oscar (who has never met another of his kind), look suspiciously at the thing that moved in such a similar way; the cat, of course, had no issues with curiosity and walked up, gave Pixie a sniff and then commenced to clean her head with his tongue.

    TAGS:  love, bunnies, rabbits, Oscar

Time :: Keith

“No, this here’s just a regular ‘ol watch,” the man said, staring down at his wrist through watery eyes while he tapped at the glass with an old, yellowed finger, “but I had me one of those there love watches once, always lookin’ down at it, those hands spinnin’ every which way ‘til you didn’t know if you was comin’ or goin’, waitin’ on that girl thinkin’ you was goin’ bust, but not carin’ one way or the other you’re so happy; yeah, I had me one, back in my day, just like you kid, but it’s broke now, just plain broke and that’s all there is to it.”

    TAGS:  time, love, aging, watch - the timepiece, reminisce

“Maybe I’m in love with you,” she said to the metal bird, whose only reply was to hand her a peanut butter cookie with one twisted and somewhat rusty claw.

    TAGS:  love, affairs, cookies, claws, rust

As a crowd of commuters closed in around Bronwyn’s seat, she glanced at the doorway, where 30 frantic, late-for-work, quick-to-anger people were trying to squeeze into a space that could comfortably fit four, six at maximum, and thought, this is the price that must be paid for the Heather Garden at Fort Tryon Park, 24-hour Ukrainian coffee shops, the Ladies’ Mile architecture, fresh watercress at every corner market, that neighborhood in Queens where you can buy a freshly-made arepa and a French pastry within ten feet of each other, and the chance to bump into Adrien Brody in a bar on St. Patrick’s Day.

    TAGS:  love, commuting, New York

at her feet :: boot

The young girl sat contentedly on the muddled brown carpet, her shoulder leaning on the big, comfortable chair, a small dog resting nearby with his furry chin on a pair of slippers, and the girl watched as the older woman concentrated, back bent and shoulders hunched, creating something out of what seemed like nothing.

    TAGS:  love, family, memories, sewing

Another nice little song and animation, this one from The Sad Little Stars.  Link via Bibi's Box.

You can preview other Sad Little Stars songs by visiting their…

    TAGS:  love, animation

Memory is so vague, so fragile, so questionable, yet I am sure I can still clearly see that silhouette of him, the first time i met him, standing in the doorway, behind the cheap flyscreen, looking so tall, so elegant, so much like the man who would and has changed my life for all eternity.

    TAGS:  love, memory

Time passes ... and then you find yourself at a place when the memory of her fills you, not with grief, nor with loss, but with this thoughtful, beautiful and, above all, fragile feeling of melancholy.

    TAGS:  love, memories, grief, melancholy

Timmy’s Turtle :: Keith

“I thought you’d be more loving,” Timmy told the turtle as he dropped it into the lake.

    TAGS:  love, animals, disappointment, Timmy, turtles, lakes, pets

As each precious petal floated into the air, Becky caressed them lovingly and swooped them above her head, and as they went by they squeaked, squealed and danced in delight, twirling around and entwining the shimmering figure in the centre of the maelstrom.

    TAGS:  love, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, dance, caress, petals, shimmer, swooping, maelstrom, lillies

all that squishy shit :: grudknows

Sometimes I just sigh and think, “I love them all” - the people in my life that is.

    TAGS:  love, squishy

i loved you so much, cheered you on just so far; but then you lost your first real season game, and spilled beer in my car.

    TAGS:  love, beer

sometimes :: boot

Sometimes music makes you laugh, sometimes it makes you dance, sometimes it makes you hum, but sometimes, oh sometimes, it makes you burn; burn with love, burn with fire, burn with pain.

    TAGS:  love, music, burn

Juan staggered out of bed at 2am, rinsed the brine off the huge turkey resting in the cooler and fired up the smoker knowing this beautiful bird would need to cook at least 13 hours.

    TAGS:  love, cooking, holidays, turkeys

fruit d’amour :: boot

I bought a mango yesterday and only just noticed that it has a little pink love heart on it that reads “Love Fruit”.

    TAGS:  love, mangoes, fruit

It was a beautiful and happy day, people cried, people laughed, people were in love, and the whole day was brought to focus in the six years of love it took to grow the mango.

    TAGS:  love, mangoes

It’s sweet, crumbly, can be cut into neat little slices, stored in the pantry, eaten with coffee, is baked in a very hot oven, ... um…

    TAGS:  love, cake, analogy

All watched over by billionaires of loving grace, Henry emptied the change from his underwear drawer and went grocery shopping.

    TAGS:  Henry, love, money, billionaire, shopping, grace, underwear

The Butterfly Ball :: Centerfold

Love is all you need. (the butterfly ball)

    TAGS:  love, music

Every time his his friends mentioned eating any type of Asian food, Gerald always interrupted, “What’s the biggest problem with making love to an Asian?” much to his friends’ amusement - not.

    TAGS:  love, food, sex, friends, Asian, problems

little one :: boot

She is the picture of perfection, the realisation of life, the embodiment of true love; she is beautiful and, above all, she is loved.

    TAGS:  love, beauty, birth

Lucy felt special for just a split second before she glanced at the five girls behind her, all gazing at the identical ‘homemade’ valentines on their desks, all signed, Love Scott.

    TAGS:  love, holidays, Lucy, valentines

Ode (to Parentheticals) :: littledevilworks

As I’ve joined the Scrine community, and reveled in the joy of long sentences composed of many complex words and thoughts I have given a thought to my old friend the parenthetical (he and I go way back in time) and noted that a good parenthetical (as opposed to a lousy one) can really illuminate a sentence (primarily because it neatly contains my asides without mucking up the rest of the sentence); I have also fallen in love once again with the semicolon and the colon, those twin brothers which can combine two different thoughts into one complicated illustrious creation (but I still loves my parentheticals more).

    TAGS:  love, ode, parenthetical

see :: boot

Every crease in his smile.

    TAGS:  love, wrinkles

the tree :: boot

I may not be one, I may not ever be one, but, oh, how I love them.

    TAGS:  love

As she turned slowly around, sparks and colours followed her movement and she found everyone waiting for her, all of those she had loved, all of those she had touched, and the young, colourful girl leant forwards and smiled and the light that issued forth became a river, one of happiness, love and joy.

    TAGS:  love, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, happiness, sparks

Cinnamon leant seductively against the wall, watching the passers-by sniff the air, bewildered and lost in memories of something loved and long gone.

    TAGS:  love, Spice Cops, memory, cinnamon, seduction

Tim loved the way his blue velvet underwear crushed softly against his manhood as that wonderful tingling sensation radiating out from his naughty place making the autumn colors of the outdoors and the cool, fall breeze seem more visceral then before…Tim finaly knew what it meant to feel totally alive.

    TAGS:  love, blue - the colour, underwear, visceral, sexuality, velvet, sensuality

Special Agent G. Oulash, on undercover assignment in the local Hungarian cathouse, “Hey Papi, Rika needs some big love from a big man like you.”

    TAGS:  love, Spice Cops, cathouse, Hungarian

crusty :: Br. Ezra

I love everything about the drier Colorado air, except the crusty boogers

    TAGS:  love, air, boogers, Colorado

Rabbit stew :: 'mouse

“It’s not fair,” complained Andy to the bartender (and several strangers within earshot), “she was the one who said she just wanted to be ‘friends with benefits’ and now she’s gone all Glenn Close on me.”

    TAGS:  love, friends, bartenders, rabbits, dream on mouse

Why is it that “you are very much in my heart” sounds so much better in French, especially when it takes me five minutes it to decode it from my voicemail?

    TAGS:  love, language, French, lust

Armenian Goddess :: Br. Ezra

Dan, slipping into Walgreens during his hectic lunch break, caught the attention of the lovely Russian or Armenian “Beauty Representative” and would have been head over heels if it weren’t for the dark, bristly moustache above her otherwise rosebud shaped mouth.

    TAGS:  love, Armenians, beauty representatives, romance, women, Russians, love and romance, Walgreens, moustaches :: littledevilworks

Tammy and Pepe fell in love with each other through their illicit activities on Scrine and lived happily ever after in a parallel universe.

    TAGS:  love, Tammy, Pepe

Rufus sometimes wondered what it’d be like to have a girlfriend who loved him so much she’d be willing to stab him, and although my friend Schuster always volunteered his own stories on the subject, Rufus said it just wasn’t the same somehow, and that he still wished he could experience it firsthand.

    TAGS:  love, Rufus & Schuster, Schuster, Rufus, stab

When I read the headline “Evil Kneivel Dies at 69” I was thinking that was a rather ludicrous way to die.

    TAGS:  love, Evel Knievel, ludicrous death

The cycle of life :: grudknows

Today I had to have my bunny Oscar put down which was a little distressing - he had a full bunny life and was an old man - but I wish I could just slip a duplicate bunny in and hope the cat doesn’t realise there’s anything is up as I’m not looking forward to the backlash that comes with a feline in mourning.

    TAGS:  love, death, cats, life, backlash, bunny, rabbits, Oscar

The sun fell from the sky and lay sparkling at her feet.

    TAGS:  love, wishing, stars, suns

Much like Dana Gould, it seems that I am incapable of comprehending the death of love; Is there ever a fully explicable break up?

    TAGS:  love, Dana Gould, break-ups

Love or something close :: JadedBeauty

When he asked, “why do you care?”, her only response was “Because I shouldn’t.”

    TAGS:  love, relationships

She always cared fiercely for him, and I know he loved her, though he could never bring himself to say…

    TAGS:  love, 1st Sentence

2^43,112,609 -1 :: OhNo789

Were I two raised to the forty-thee million, one hundred and twelve thousand, six hundred and ninth power minus one, and were you the one, then we wouldn’t ever have to worry about division.

    TAGS:  love

A confession of sorts… :: JadedBeauty

I love you, too: I think I always will.

    TAGS:  love

-sigh- :: OhNo789

(Your hair is in my mouth.) It got caught betwixt our lips, and I bit yours so here it lies on mine; I don’t much mind.

    TAGS:  hair, love, Bent Rule Club, lips

The Sine looked lustfully at his trusty Cosine and at that moment realized that what he felt went beyond The Lone Ranger and Tonto and had entered the realm of Batman and Robin.

    TAGS:  love, math, geometry, sidekicks

(Edited to follow the one scrine rule) I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think that metaphorically speaking, love is a really big redwood splinter and pain is it jammed really deep up underneath your fingernail and broken off: You think “this should stop hurting soon, I’ll be okay,” but then it doesn’t and it just hurts worse and pretty soon you’re considering driving to downtown Oakland at 3am to look for heroin figuring that addiction and eventual withdrawal couldn’t been any worse than this fucking love, er, splinter.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, love, addiction, relationships

D-E :: JadedBeauty

Deluded by fond memories, false hope, and broken promises, she refused to let go of the only mutual tie they held: Love.

    TAGS:  Alphabetti Spaghetti, love, memories, promises, false hope

I remember the quick, nervous bird of your love.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, love, Billy Collins

slave to love :: boot

I might think that the espresso coffee machine does my bidding, but who is the one spending her Sunday morning cleaning, descaling and grovelling, might I ask?

    TAGS:  coffee, love, bidding, grovelling

It really doesn’t matter how many daisies you pick and pluck, “I’ll lose my virginity this year; I won’t lose my virginity this year” between the ages of 12 and whenever, you won’t lose your virginity until “Daisy” picks and plucks you.

    TAGS:  love, sex, virginity, daisy plucking, sentence-a-year

The passion, sweet, thick, and crimson as it fell to the floor, proved to be the last breath of this endless love.

    TAGS:  love, passion

love :: 'mouse

Watching her die, even just in a dream, was much harder than I expected.

    TAGS:  dreams, love, death

love :: JadedBeauty

love is merely a trigger for psychotic episodes.

    TAGS:  love, psychotic

“She was my first love, or at least the earliest one I can still remember.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, love, aging, Futurama

this man :: boot

Was a good man with a heart fit for ten men and a sense of humour that will outlast his beautiful, long life.

    TAGS:  love, death, family, beauty

Grasp happiness wherever you can and revel in it at every turn.

    TAGS:  love, death, joy, a man too good for my words, laughter

ache :: boot

My heart is inextricably linked to the water.

    TAGS:  water, love, swimming

“I love you so much, I want to start a fire just so I can save you from it.”

    TAGS:  love, friends, happiness, fire

9 Crimes. :: JadedBeauty

“I love you” slices through me more deeply than “I hate you” ever could.

    TAGS:  love, hate

Love Futures :: Keith

“I’m a broker on the Love Futures Commodity Exchange,” Henry told the bartender, “and to answer your next question, no, I don’t have a clue how it works, which is fine if you’re just in it for the money like I am.”

    TAGS:  Henry, love, commodities, get rich quick schemes, futures

Your love is a Sword of Damocles that dangles above my bed by a mere horse thread; my Sufi heart is all but pierced.

    TAGS:  love, horse threads, Sword of Damocles

“A few years back,” he began, “well, actually, quite a few years back, I happened to find myself falling in love with a woman who had a most curious talent.”

    TAGS:  love, NaNoWriMo

For a young man, love is no journey, but more like the gasoline that helps push the car down the road.

    TAGS:  love, NaNoWriMo

I realized, somewhere during the four hour drive up north, to simply hold her while she was throwing up with the flu, that I am a crazy person.

    TAGS:  love

As I watched the new Mustang ahead of me signal, pull into the fast lane, pass, signal, merge right, come up behind someone, signal, pass, signal, merge right and generally drive as we all should, I felt an overwhelming surge of road-love that nearly wiped away all the evil I have seen on the highway in recent days/months/years.

    TAGS:  love, road rage

night :: JadedBeauty

As the night slips by, you look more and more like someone I could love.

    TAGS:  love

Broken Heart :: Keith

“Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against tattoos,” Wallace told the woman, “but if you’re into pain and permanence, I highly recommend the broken heart.”

    TAGS:  love, advice, tattoos

The power of love :: 'mouse

There's nothing like your sweetie returning after a couple weeks absence to put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.​

    TAGS:  love, absence, sweetie

Plover :: Keith

At first I thought I'd fallen in love, but then realized I'd misheard myself and had actually fallen in plover poop.

    TAGS:  love, poop, plovers

It feels as though we should wander from room to room haunting our own lives, making dinner, folding the laundry.

    TAGS:  love, ghosts, dinner, laundry, orchestra, pianissimo

When I stopped loving her there was a dull ache in the back of my throat where the words came from.

    TAGS:  words, love, leftovers, stop

Before my relationship with my local library went entirely electronic I could count on two or three good fantasy crushes on librarians every year... now none.

    TAGS:  love, crush, ebooks, librarian

Love :: 'mouse

Love smells exactly like Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil.

    TAGS:  love, coconut oil

Robotic Love :: Keith

I negotiated for her survival, knowing full well I would never live long enough to see the restoration.

    TAGS:  dreams, love, robotics


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