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Days :: Keith

Some days form your life, while others lead you through it.

    TAGS:  life, days, lead

stop :: boot

Capture it before it goes, the wind, his thoughts, his smile, the moment, the memory, the last time she ever spoke your name, the way she kissed you and held your face, capture it before it’s gone, before you say goodbye.

    TAGS:  love, death, life, appreciation, memories, regret

little bundle :: boot

Screaming, pink, chubby and wrinkled pile of delightful screams and tears - the world isn’t full of death, after all.

    TAGS:  life

The Line :: Keith

What if before ever reaching that last breath something simply snapped, and the line from here to there no longer mattered and we just floated off, all the old familiar struggle, the heaps of memory, the cuts and the blood, the blurred vision and confusion and silence just slipping through our fingertips until it was no more?

    TAGS:  death, life, free, lines

Ah, Life! :: Jo

If I had it all to do again, it would certainly require a lot of aspirin.

    TAGS:  life, aspirin, reincarnation

To Live For :: Jo

Each day life ponies up one thing in consolation; for mouse, it is a mango, a papaya, or a drink involving a blender; for some perhaps a perfectly aligned set of pens or a well-struck guitar chord; for me, it is deliciously cool rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins.

    TAGS:  mangoes, life, cinnamon, pudding

Sleep comes hard, the dreams are crazy and coffee is the breath of life that helps me through each day.

    TAGS:  dreams, coffee, life, sleep, crazy

Life… is like a grapefruit. It’s orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life, Douglas Adams, grapefruit

This, I Know :: Jo

The most important thing is to keep breathing.

    TAGS:  life

Ten To Show :: Keith

Being a gambling man, Jeff got out of bed.

    TAGS:  life, bed, gambler

Being there :: grudknows

Kipple reflected how she’d taken the young woman to her first day of school and now was here to farewell her for her first moving out of home experience and wondered if she’d be there for other major moments… for example, the first face lift.

    TAGS:  change, life, being there, Kipple

You will get wrinkles.

    TAGS:  life, wrinkles

“It simply can not be,” she thought considering her computer monitor,“that after these many days-encounters with scamming teenagers, fights with colleagues, week long black outs, desperate searches for employment elsewhere on Craig’s List, hours spent waiting for calls, texts, emails from lovers who discard us more casually than the sleeve of a Starbuck’s cup, sunday trips to the vet, numerous hang overs, even more migraines-that the fortune contest still drags on.”

    TAGS:  life, fortunes, outrageous fortune

It’s going on all the time, but it’s a damn fine thing.

    TAGS:  life

life :: boot

for e It’s always about the stories.

    TAGS:  life, e, stories, scars

Now, because of those beautiful crinkly eyes, I have to find ways every damn day to make myself smile right up around the eyes for the rest of my damn life.

    TAGS:  aging, life, laughter, wrinkles

becky dreams :: boot

In the little bed the young girl slept fitfully, her eyelids seeming to twitch, and she seemed racked with pain, seeming almost to cry silent tears as she slept, and as the camera of the story’s eye swirled around the spartan room, and through her hazel eye, we found her dreams and we found her standing alone, alone in a big red land; and as Becky stood in the middle of the scorched, dying, red, red desert she pivoted slowly around, her eyes flitting over the rocks and rock wallabies, watching this land die, but looking for signs of moisture, some sort of droplet, a little sign of life, just the merest hint of rain, but all she found was dust, flames, rock hard and lifeless ground and ashes, but she couldn’t give up, this land was hers and she wouldn’t let it die, so she spread her arms wide as she continued to turn and as she did so the searing air began to shimmer and curl, seeming to split and fly away in ribbons, each ribbon a shade of blue, a blue like the ocean, a blue of a young girl’s eyes, the blues from a bowerbird’s collection, a blue of the late night sky, and as each ribbon curled away into the sky, it became a tornado of blue, swirling higher and higher above Becky’s head until she was at the centre of a psychedelic storm and with each movement that she made, the storm grew and spread, reaching out across the scorched and scarred land, going up towards the centre and the red, red shores, spreading to the right and roaring through its deep green valleys, reaching further down through the myriad of lands, all the way to the bottom to its crisp white lines, swirling in larger and larger circles around the land, sweeping up the dust and the ashes and the pain, sweeping up the burnt carcasses and broken hearts, but leaving in its wake a river of gentle blue, a caress that called out to the people of the land, made them leave their hovels, exit their homes, come out into the street and dance under the blurred stars, so blurred because of the water falling from the sky, the moisture filling the air and filling their hearts, rain that, as it fell on their heads, caused their papery, dry and dusty limbs to cease crackling, a rain that started their brains to spark and their hearts to beat, a rain so gentle and long lived that they would speak of it for decades to come, yet it was not a rain of damage and torment, it was not in all the wrong places, it did not roar out of the sky ripping out trees and flooding roads, it just came and stayed and stayed until it was not needed anymore, it came when it was called and it was as blue and as beautiful as the Earth itself.

    TAGS:  dreams, rain, drought, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, 500 words, life, caress, perfection, feeling - the emotion

life :: boot

An instruction manual would be nice.

    TAGS:  life, instructions

yup :: boot

Sometimes, life just is.

    TAGS:  life

Life’s been really full and busy and there’s been lots of interesting stuff to do, but that means I haven’t been here much.

    TAGS:  life, but, stuff

We hope you enjoyed your Perfect Day - we now return you to your Regularly-Scheduled Life, already in progress.

    TAGS:  life, Public Service Announcement, Perfect Day

“Never buy coffee from a ‘grease’ no matter how great your need, they specialise in frying not brewing”

    TAGS:  coffee, life, brewing, grease, frying, things your mum should have told you

hear :: boot

Their laughter and their lives.

    TAGS:  senses, life, laughter, hear

“Buses are like life, because when you look at it, all buses are late, really; all buses are on time; all buses eventually go to the garage,” Bob explained as they reached the kiosk, inadvertently punctuating his message by sitting on a wad of gum.

    TAGS:  Bob, life, philosophy, buses

My Age :: boot

Differs depending upon whether you’re asking my body or soul.

    TAGS:  aging, life

Doesn’t it ache when your life, your body or your mind don’t allow you the luxury of, or the energy for, hours spent just sitting quietly and reading.

    TAGS:  books, ache, life, yearn

The cycle of life :: grudknows

Today I had to have my bunny Oscar put down which was a little distressing - he had a full bunny life and was an old man - but I wish I could just slip a duplicate bunny in and hope the cat doesn’t realise there’s anything is up as I’m not looking forward to the backlash that comes with a feline in mourning.

    TAGS:  love, death, cats, life, backlash, bunny, rabbits, Oscar

A Common Man :: boot

All the scientists, musicians, artists, writers and madmen walked in columns, over hills, traversing rivers, towards the common man’s house, carrying gifts of pie and whistling merry tunes, for all their achievements and all of their creations were done in the name of this man.

    TAGS:  life, creativity

Every second I continue to be alive is an unmitigated bonus.

    TAGS:  aging, life, optimism

I do hope one day that my life will make as interesting a read as some of the living books on offer, but, more so, I look forward to seeing how I explain the big rusty Scrine-bird.

    TAGS:  books, people, life, inexplicable

“Life is something that happens when you can’t get to sleep.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life, insomnia

Why didn’t I think to {insert bloody clever idea here} earlier?

    TAGS:  afterthought, life

Work, yarn, coffee, work.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life

All the Buddhas of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact: Be; don’t try to become.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life, be

We are all living the lives of flowers.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life

“Searching is half the fun: Life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life, puzzling

doorways :: boot

They seem to hold the potential story of our life, yet unwritten.

    TAGS:  life, potential, stories, doorways

life :: boot

At some point, the universe took pity on her and chance allowed her to continue on, blissful and grateful for the great escape and even greater opportunity she had been given.

    TAGS:  life, suicide, suicide, suicide, youth, mistakes, second chance

“Two kinds of trouble in this world: living; dying.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, death, life, trouble

Guest Scriner: Ludacris :: JadedBeauty

Life’s a bitch and I can’t control her.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, life

cemetery :: boot

Do the living haunt the dead?

    TAGS:  death, memory, ghosts, life, anchors

hallucinations :: boot

Sometimes, the memory of a good friend is nothing more than that, mixed neatly with a small measure of hope.

    TAGS:  memory, life, hope, friendship

life :: boot

It is for living, not for living out in the wrong sized box.

    TAGS:  life, boxes, complacency, living, ill-fitting

life is… :: boot

... nothing more than a series of differently shaped boxes.

    TAGS:  life, boxes

I don’t care what it is, one step ahead of the anything isn’t much of a cushion.

    TAGS:  life

The Radio :: OhNo789

Fizz of white noise, flickering sizzle of the empty waves, the ocean swells - some big band tune skulking in the dank summer evening air pounces with a crack of life in trumpet solo, conjured there, made real by the radio knob, then, as quickly as it came, fades back into the surf, and say we become the static on the am dial, bleating big band brass for mouths, roaring tympani for blood in our veins, and we dwindle off into the sea because our god(s) are looking for the game in the fourteen hundreds.

    TAGS:  death, music, life, Big Band, radios

Oddly enough, it wasn’t being hit by a train doing sixty that killed him, but was instead an epileptic seizure brought on by his life flashing before his eyes, because he had seen far too many sunny days.

    TAGS:  death, life, trains, seizure, sunny days

human :: boot

All the touch, all the beauty, all the hardships - rough, smooth, spiky, you name it - all felt through these two hands.

    TAGS:  senses, life, hands, humanity

Fire Blanket :: Keith

Life still held many mysteries to be revealed, whether sleeping under a fire blanket would keep you cool being just one of them.

    TAGS:  life, mysteries

Just :: OhNo789

Life is just a string of places you’ll never go back to because it was raining the day you visited.

    TAGS:  life

In fact, life is so tough that you may as well just put your feet up and have a cup of tea and a biscuit.

    TAGS:  life, biscuits, philosophy, crumbs, tea

I read Walter Mosley and wish I were a capable black man fighting injustice with strong fists and deep intelligence.

    TAGS:  books, life


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