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Since most things in life having to do with the concept of “comfort” also have to do with the tongue and other organs of base bodily sensation (skin, for instance) it makes no sense at all that important peace conferences and political debates don’t always take place in hot tubs while eating delicious bon-bons.

    TAGS:  food, comfort, justice, female

Miss Jane wiped the splatters of blood and carvings of pumpkin from her broadsword, and, lifting the madwoman’s head from the ground, she looked into her dull eyes and said “I promised another that I would end your pain, so I hope you can consider this a civic duty.”

    TAGS:  Miss Jane, polite violence, blood, heads, justice, civic duty, Halloween, pumpkins

Although they were slightly outnumbered, Henry and Bob thought they could take the three—Henry would fight that wormy, good-for-nuthin’ Truth, Bob would roll up his sleeves and go nose-to-nose with that self-righteous bastard Justice, and American Way, if things went as Henry and Bob imagined, would just stay out of the fight because, well, it was American Way—but when Truth and Justice’s sad little overweight friend wandered off three minutes into the scuffle, only to return hefting an old, dented up aluminum baseball bat, the two men weren’t quite so sure.

    TAGS:  Henry, Bob, hats, friends, baseball, justice, fight, truth, self-righteous, overweight

Justice :: Br. Ezra

Poetic justice is best meted out in iambic pentameter.

    TAGS:  poetry, justice, iambic pentameter

Jerry thought he’d got off lightly when the judge sentenced him to a slappin’ for his crimes - but only because he’d never had one - and the judge was satisfied because he’d seen the rehabilitative results of the Justice Trout before, and so it was one of those rare days in the judicial system when, for just a little while, all the fish won.

    TAGS:  justice, fish, justice trout, rehabilitation, trout

Schrödinger’s cat argued with Einstein about the nature of justice saying that in our legal system it’s not about the truth but about the plausibility of one story over another, but although Einstein appreciated the cat’s logic – possibly even agreeing - he still refused to lend him the bail money.

    TAGS:  ridiculous encounters, Einstein, bail bonds, justice, legal system, Schrodinger's cat

What can be said about a society where it’s more economical to make whole the victim of a theft than it is to go after the thief?

    TAGS:  insurance, justice, victims

One day, in a land far, far away, justice will be served, and it will be served by a “loose alliance of peace activists, lawyers, academics and politicians”. Bless ‘em.

    TAGS:  justice

Lid of Justice :: boot

Thursday finally realised that whenever he had behaved particularly poorly toward his fellow human beings, the damn jam jar lid stuck like the devil itself.

    TAGS:  karma, justice

Justice! :: Keith

I fight hard for justice in my dreams, but once I wake up, I'm fairly content to drink my coffee and call it good.

    TAGS:  dreams, coffee, justice


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