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“It is impossible to cry and eat your kiwi jam at the same time.”

    TAGS:  jam, crying, impossible, kiwi

The only thing better than the scent from the bowl into which you’ve just scraped the froth off this year’s batch of fresh apricot jam is the feeling you get when you realize that you’ve still got one piece of cheesecake left in the fridge from last night’s dinner party.

    TAGS:  cake, happiness, jam

My heart stopped beating at the sight of her unusual fruits.

    TAGS:  fruit, jam

Cold Morning Heaven :: bakerina

Cream crackers + homemade blackberry jam = breakfast.

    TAGS:  food, jam, breakfast, heaven - the feeling

fig jam :: boot

Are these figs some moment of imagination?

    TAGS:  jam, figs

drool :: grudknows

Bakerina stops blogging to create a store full of jammy goodness, adorned with mouthwatering berries and fruits and gleaming jars of sticky delights.

    TAGS:  jam, Bakerina, delights, drool, sticky

dear internet gods :: bakerina

How can I possibly tell boot what the shipping charges would be to ship jam from my neighborhood to hers if you keep sending mailerdaemon notices back to me?

    TAGS:  jam

a call for jams :: boot

I would most certainly understand if the delivery guys stole it, but why-oh-why couldn’t they at least deliver me a little note that says “dear boot, we ate your jam and it was good”.

    TAGS:  jam, yum, parcels

As is the case with nearly all political scandals, which often only come to light following some unlikely or unpredictable event, Australian Prime Minister John Howard was forced from office when it was discovered that he not only knew of Attorney General Philip Ruddock’s participation in the scandalous, Bakerina jam theft, but that he also had prior knowledge that the Attorney General was, in fact, a duck, and had assumed the alias “Philip Ruddock” (undisclosed sources have revealed that prior to 1973, Ruddock was known as Philip “Rude” Duck) so that he might participate in the general election, his unblinking duck eye, at that time, focused intently on serving on the Migration Regulations Committee, which he successful did from June of 1989 through August of 1993; as to why a duck who had risen to such a powerful government position would involve himself in the theft of a few jars of jam, it was Ruddock himself who said it best when he told reporters, “Have you tasted the jam?”

    TAGS:  jam, Australians, highly unlikely, ducks - the bird, scandal

Yum Yum Yum :: grudknows

The sounds made by grud’s sister when she discovered a parcel addressed to Boot in the post which she is now holding for a King’s ransom - damn postal services that make you list the contents of the box on the outside!

    TAGS:  grud, jam, boot - the person, Bakerina, ransom, yum yum yum, postal torture

The thought of those buttery, jammy delights sitting in a box in an undisclosed location caused the suffering, zingy woman to utter ineffectual phrases such as “mad enough to have kittens” and “angry enough to spit barbed wire”.

    TAGS:  jam, yearning, pudding, zing, undisclosed

After receiving the call from grud that she had the package, and that it was now safely out of the clutches of the wicked Yum Yum Yum sister, Boot performed her own jammin’ version of Snoopy’s happy dance.

    TAGS:  jam, dance, yum, parcels

Apparently, all that is required to create your own piece of paradise is a handful of winesap apples, some quinces, a number of pink lady apples, a well of water, a farm full of sugar and, oh my, a lot of love, dedication and skill.

    TAGS:  apples, jam, Bakerina, paradise, quinces

Atop the tiny hill the crowd of ants cheered and rose their glasses to toast the completion of their very first jam and crumb helicopter.

    TAGS:  ants, jam, grass-blade, helicopter

jam and tears :: boot

Sadness comes in many forms, but it is a little unexpected when it comes in the form of a sparkly jar of paradise.

    TAGS:  jam, sadness, paradise, sparkly

karma party :: boot

All Scriners invited, please BYO beer, karma sticks and jam.

    TAGS:  jam, karma, karma sticks

bear in a jam :: boot

The little bear looked up, startled, but couldn’t see who was in front of her, as her view was obscured by the giant jam jar stuck over her nose.

    TAGS:  Little Bear, jam, startle, nosey

Is It Paradise? :: 'mouse

I just found, deep in the back of my pantry, a jar of jelly dated June 2005 from Bakerina with an illegible label… and I ain’t gonna share (unless you show up at my office at bagel o’clock tomorrow morning and ask real nice).

    TAGS:  jam, Bakerina, delicious, temptation

Raspberry jam, i’m convinced, is how your kisses taste and everytime you look my way i feel it between my legs.

    TAGS:  jam, between legs, kiss


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