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I have written nine double-spaced pages about the California budget crisis so far, and not one sentence is good enough to post on Scrine - except maybe the part where I playfully suggest we force our governor to read the book Catch-22.

    TAGS:  irony, bureaucracy, Catch-22

bob descends :: Keith

Waiting in line to enter Hell, Bob amused himself with the irony of the insurance industry; he also met two nice people - Janet, a mother of three, and Steven, a fireman from Omaha.

    TAGS:  Bob, irony, insurance, Hell - the place, Omaha

To the search engine user who visited my blog to look for words that rhyme with “muscle”: tusslerustleRussellbustle, and if you’re feeling poetically courageous, wrestle.

    TAGS:  words, irony, rhyme

By the time I actually did spot a gigantic, gas-guzzling Humvee on the freeway sporting one of those insulting yellow “support our troops” magnetic ribbons, the moment had already paled beside my exquisite anticipation.

    TAGS:  irony

After much introspection, Rufus realized the anger management classes he’d taken had not only been a tremendous waste of money, but were now, in fact, also making him quite angry.

    TAGS:  Rufus, anger management, irony

linus and me :: other keith a world where irony and world-weary detachment are the norms, is there any room left for sincerity?

    TAGS:  irony

yeah, well :: e

i heard this morning, on the radio no less (albeit on a holiday, but then the university owns the radio station) that the university from which i recently was separated just fired three people, a director, assistant and clerk, from a department that, erm, misplaced six figures’ worth of checks amounting to more than half their yearly budget, where “misplaced” means, um, well, misplaced: the checks were found, expired from cashability, stuck in folders and under various things probably for the better part of a year or more, i would imagine from my intimate knowledge of the way things work there, this being the place that “downsized” me because i was too inflexible and “old school” and they wanted to do it their way, remember.

    TAGS:  unemployment, irony, inefficient

kismet and tell :: steve

Stupid Karma—showing up on the arm of sweet Serendipity, but going home with that bad boy Ironic Twist.

    TAGS:  irony, karma, kismet, serendipity

I Had To Laugh :: Keith

I wish I was lying, but not ten minutes after finding out today that someone has stolen some equipment from my shop, I go inside, sit down at my desk, frustrated and mad as hell, only to have the phone ring and a recorded sales voice say, “If your company needs equipment, then you’ll want . . .”

    TAGS:  irony, theft

Juan smiled at the irony that the local cadre of anti-abortion thugs couldn’t be bothered to show up and harass unfortunate women outside Planned Parenthood due to a drizzle of light rain.

    TAGS:  Juan, irony, Planned Parenthood

Great Scott, what a ghastly piece of irony!

    TAGS:  irony, Sherlock Holmes

Woolsey’s archeological team discovered that the legendary Fountain of Youth not only truly existed, but in an ironic twist, had recently been paved over by a skate park.

    TAGS:  irony, fountain of youth

Melanie was surprised to hear everyone complaining about the quality of refreshments served at the world hunger awareness meeting.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, irony

Turnabout :: pam

“Next time a religion-themed movie comes out,” said Darko shrewdly, “we atheists should boycott it on the premise that it perverts impressionable minds, and see if evangelists start clamoring about how we’re out of line, trying to tell people in a free and open society what to believe.”

    TAGS:  atheism, irony, Darko, evangelism

Nietzsche moans :: Br. Ezra

Nietzsche moaned and turned over in his grave when news of the Vatican’s ire over the death of God in the Golden Compass reached him; He had declared God dead in the 19th century and was quite annoyed that it took people over a century to notice.

    TAGS:  atheism, irony, Nietzsche, evangelism

Fred’s resurrection was somewhat disconcerting since he had been a dead atheist for over a century but, now that he was born again, he felt the need to write a long essay condemning the Vatican for decrying movies and books it finds offensive when it can’t seem to keep child molesters out of the priesthood; “Take that you freaking Nazi pope,” Fred shouted as he waved his fists in the air, “protest that why don’t you?”

    TAGS:  atheism, irony, Nietzsche, evangelism

Rufus thinks that Schuster’s ego is the size of Texas, and that it probably stalks the streets at night, pounding its chest as it humps stop signs because of some warped sense of irony, but my friend Schuster kindly pointed out that they were discussing Rufus’ ego, and that if they could convince Rufus’ mother to take it out of the tupperware container she kept in her purse, he just might be able to describe what it is he was seeing.

    TAGS:  Rufus & Schuster, irony, ego, Texas, tupperware

Used Tape :: Bird Bones

At the time, I couldn’t appreciate the irony in the fact that they had decided to record their lovemaking on a tape that had previously been labeled “comedians.”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, irony

Dubya :: 'mouse

With unintended irony, Dr. Doom today predicted a “W” shaped, double-dip recession.

    TAGS:  irony, recession

After last year’s adventures with leafcutter ants, I vowed this year to go thermonuclear on their little asses to protect my oranges, avocados and limes, but all I’ve succeeded in doing so far is repeatedly poisoning myself every time I spray some exotic new chemical.

    TAGS:  ants, irony, poison

Irony :: Br. Ezra

The tinsmith’s can was full of holes.

    TAGS:  irony, holes, tin cans, tinsmith

sometimes :: boot

Sometimes, oh, sometimes, the book, the phone, the TV, the computer can all go to blazes and the best form of entertainment is watching the bricks in the wall.

    TAGS:  irony, bricks, overwhelmed

Ink Irony :: Keith

I wonder if a tattooed man has ever been asked for his autograph and then the pen ran out of ink and the boy standing there in front of him said, “Oh the irony.”

    TAGS:  irony, tattoos, autographs, ink

The Irony of Red :: Br. Ezra

It is no small irony that the GOP loving their red states may have forgotten that prior to 1984 their patron saint, Ronald Reagan, would have considered all shades of red to mean you were an anti-American communist villain, or commie pinko bastard as my dad used to call them.

    TAGS:  irony, Communism, Ronald Reagan

ironic. :: goliard

Lucy listened carefully as the customer service rep on the other end of the phone explained how she couldn't find the right button to click because it wasnt there to be found and thought to herself, maybe its just old age, but I'm not as big of a fan of irony as I once was.

    TAGS:  irony

Until somebody dies in a treetop cat rescue.

    TAGS:  irony, bad taste


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