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• Scrine is the home of lost, forgotten, and lonely sentences.

What are the rules?

• Play nice. Be kind. Post only single sentences.

• Scrine gives everyone plenty of rope to play with, but reminds everyone that even the longest rope is capable of hanging a person.

• Censorship is ugly, but still not the ugliest bird in the sky. Happily, this has never been necessary.

• The appropriateness of all sentences will remain the sole discretion of Scrine's tender.

Who can play?

• Anyone. Reading along costs nothing but time.

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• Your information will never be sold, given away, shared, or even traded for an unimaginably delicious slice of pie.

• The above sentence may be the only sentence on this site that is 100% true.

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Use this space for notes and reminders to yourself.

This is a private space. Only you will see your notes.

Expiration date is not required, only if you want the note to magically disappear.

A great place to keep your fantastic ideas, like, "Hey! I need to write more sentences about crickets and English gentlemen with unruly beards."

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  • Words, glorious words.

  • Many fine examples of semicolon abuse.

  • Free pancakes at participating restaurants.

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This is gonna be a real weekend - you know, the kind with nothing much to do, and two whole days to do it in.

    TAGS:  inspiration, Ferris Bueller, weekends

It dawned upon Henry that he lived in a musical no man’s land, and easily imagined many the musician who had sped through the city, fearful that their inspiration would drain completely away at any moment.

    TAGS:  Henry, inspiration, musicians

sweet faith :: boot

I’d probably convert to a lot more religions if more of them thought to offer free cake.

    TAGS:  cake, inspiration

A lonely Death :: Br. Ezra

Derek suffered an aneurism waiting for inspiration to arrive.

    TAGS:  aneurisms, inspiration, muses

Inspiration :: Br. Ezra

I have given up on waiting for inspiration – she is a fickle bitch and she comes and goes as she pleases favoring you with one of her lovely smiles for mere seconds before she kicks you in the nuts and leaves you groaning in pain as you lay on the floor in a fetal position.

    TAGS:  inspiration, nuts, fickle, fetal position, groaning, testicles

Not even an inspiration, soon forgotten in the haze, kept in a drawer for such things.

    TAGS:  existence, inspiration, haze

I'm waiting for inspiration to strike; hopefully it won't come with lightening.

    TAGS:  inspiration

the well :: boot

The fuel long gone, Emma pumped and pumped and tried her best to ignore the horrid, dry burning smell.

    TAGS:  writing, inspiration, exhaustion


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