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meeting :: Keith

Scrine and I met in the oddest of places - the library - where I was searching for information on Depression era footwear, and this strange, metal bird, with a book on world domination tucked under one wing, was searching for a better way home; we hit it off immediatly and went for pie.

    TAGS:  scrine, birds, libraries, pie, home, footwear, world domination, The Great Depression

relief :: 'mouse

Scott awoke to an overwhelming feeling of relief and cheerful optimism when he realized that he had not murdered his family, burnt the house down and lept to his death off the golden gate bridge.

    TAGS:  death, home, bridges, murder, relief, realization, optimism

spring fever :: steve

Just as soon as I finish this beer, I’m going to get out of my hammock, turn on the hose, and put out the fire that seems to have spread from the grill to the house.

    TAGS:  alcohol, home, beer, fire, grill, hammock, house

When I Get Home :: bakerina

I will put the corn on the cob in the fridge, I will put the tomatoes and the new boule of mozzarella on the kitchen table, I will start the water running in the bath, I will say hello to my young man, I will return to the bath, I will…

    TAGS:  home, heart

Declared value :: 'mouse

What does one fill as the declared value on a Fedex package that’s mailed out with the signed deed to one’s house—there’s not enough space to write “years and years of blood, sweat and tears” but I may be able to fit “everything” if I write small.

    TAGS:  home, everything, value

i just thought i would tell the bird that for once in my life i am so very glad to be home.

    TAGS:  home

As Henry tumbled head over heels, the air rushing by faster and faster as he passed through the clouds—up, down, he couldn’t tell—and their wet, cold dew leapt onto him, clinging to his skin and clothes, he realized just how easy stepping off of the precipice of enlightenment had been, and even though he had not a single clue where he was going or what awaited him at the end of his tumble—if indeed there was an end, or if indeed it was really he that tumbled and not the world around him, although at this point he somehow knew instinctively that it mattered very little—he closed his eyes, smiling, arms folded lightly across his chest as the roar of the universe gradually faded, lower and dimmer until finally all that Henry could hear was the warm silent welcome of his return home.

    TAGS:  Henry, home, 1000th Scrine, air, clouds, clues, enlightenment, skin, precipice

We noted with trepidation that every model in the new housing development featured nine-foot tall doors, and wondered if KGHomes knew more than we did about how tall our future cyborg masters would be.

    TAGS:  home, cyborg masters, tall, trepidation

Slackers! :: Keith

Arriving home after 9, Henry couldn’t believe the phone company hadn’t also cut off his Internet service; slackers!

    TAGS:  Henry, home, Internet, slackers

Having just realized that a dream vacacation is hardly the same thing as dreaming of vacation, Henry had no choice but to ban the use of prepositions in his home.

    TAGS:  Henry, home, dream, dream, vacations

Invigorated :: Keith

For the first time in more than five years, I have that small sense of security that comes with knowing that I’ll have a place to live at the end of the month; invigorated, I organize my garage!

    TAGS:  home, security, garages

Situation Boot :: boot

I knew I had found my happy new home when, after a few minutes of unexpected pirate talk, not one lady or lad blinked an eye, they just laughed at me and forged ahead.

    TAGS:  home, pirates, happiness

unsettled :: boot

Rosa thought by now that everything would feel ‘normal’ again, but it was all still a world away.

    TAGS:  travel, home, away, lost, unsettled

Work face :: pam

Bertram’s countenance in the privacy of his home looked much like that of his public persona, minus the nervous tic.

    TAGS:  home, work, tic

It might have been a hovel, but it was hers and it was full of the detritus of words unloved.

    TAGS:  words, home, beauty, hovel

How it works :: boot

Miss Jane and I do not respond well to polite invitations, but we both enjoy a nice cup of tea and a well-aimed threat.

    TAGS:  home, Miss Jane, threats, teapots


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