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hats :: 'mouse

Every time I tell someone I’m a scriner, their eyes dance about my head and then try to peer into my pockets, looking for my funny hat.

    TAGS:  hats, eyes, heads, pockets

bobbing :: boot

I walked towards the lab, John Doe bobbing gently in his jar.

    TAGS:  heads, jars, bobbing, laboratories

Dark… :: Jo

I’m getting tired of living in my own head, so now I’m going to live in my armpits instead.

    TAGS:  armpits, heads, dark

Timmy’s Head :: Keith

It was Timmy’s incurable case of misshapen head that led to his love of hats.

    TAGS:  hats, heads, Timmy, misshapen

Cafe Press does not mention if the new Scrine caps are roomy enough for an inner layer of tinfoil.

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, hats, heads, tinfoil hats, protection

Cold and Damp :: Keith

Henry feared his best ideas somehow drained out from his head while he slept, pooling in the back of his neck until finally he would sweat them out onto his pillow, which was always cold and damp when he woke up in the morning.

    TAGS:  Henry, heads, morning, pillows, ideas, sleeping

Miss Jane wiped the splatters of blood and carvings of pumpkin from her broadsword, and, lifting the madwoman’s head from the ground, she looked into her dull eyes and said “I promised another that I would end your pain, so I hope you can consider this a civic duty.”

    TAGS:  Miss Jane, polite violence, blood, heads, justice, civic duty, Halloween, pumpkins

My tummy’s filled with teeth that grind, my head is filled with butter-

    TAGS:  anxiety, heads, teeth

I would not recommend spending too much time living inside your own head, it’s far too cramped for one thing.

    TAGS:  heads, clutter, manky

As things turned out, Henry’s horoscope mistress turned out to have her head in the stars.

    TAGS:  Henry, heads, mistress, stars, horoscopes

head in a jar :: boot

It sounds funny until you actually see one and then it’s not.

    TAGS:  heads, jars, terrifying

How Easily :: Keith

Secretly, Henry called them his Barbie girls, on account of how easily they lost their heads.

    TAGS:  Henry, Barbie, heads

Patty shook the young boy’s head and was satisfied to see it sounded as empty as it looked.

    TAGS:  heads, empty, satisfying

The young sergeant rubbed his sore head while listening to his D.I. shout, “... and next time you have thoughts about the innocence of those Spice Girls, you can damn well keep those thoughts to yourself!”

    TAGS:  Spice Cops, heads, innocence, Spice Girls

honkin’ good :: boot

I’ve had the phrase Honky Tonk Chicken bouncing about in my head all day.

    TAGS:  animals, heads, beginnings, honk

Although he’d never seen the Doves of Ambiguity, Peter worried that the two nesting in his head were only the scout birds, and that one day as dusk was settling in on his sleepy little imagination, the whole flock would arrive, squeezing into his head to begin building their summer nests.

    TAGS:  birds, Peter, imagination, heads, Doves of Ambiguity, flock, dusk, nest

full :: boot

It’s just a little freaky how many words are rattling around inside my head.

    TAGS:  words, heads, full, rattling

Paul Volcker, the now retired Federal Reserve Board Chairman, once gave me a two dollar tip for delivering breakfast to his hotel room; if I remember correctly, he searched for quite some time for the slot in my head, thinking I was some sort of bank.

    TAGS:  bank, ridiculous encounters, heads, Paul Volcker

After the accident, Buck was troubled when he realized that all the pretty girls now reminded him of old Army buddies—or was it the other way around?—he couldn’t be sure, and that fact alone scared him shitless.

    TAGS:  accidents, heads, confusion

Becky turned haltingly as her body transformed, slowly beginning to fluoresce and hum, each extra head bearing its own particular resonance.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, heads

As she gracefully walked down the steps of the plane, stepping around the heads of the airline, Miss Jane noticed how perfectly the blood trickling down the steps contrasted with her delicate beige shoes.

    TAGS:  Miss Jane, airlines, polite violence, heads, revenge

I’ve invented a new kind of pressboard that’s made out of unopened bills, which makes excellent coffin wood or squeak-free floor joists for soon-to-be repossessed dream homes; I’d mail you a brochure but I’ve used them all to build myself a more practical wooden head.

    TAGS:  heads, inventions, coffins

Thanks to my large and buoyant wooden head, I manage to stay afloat during these economically troubled times.

    TAGS:  heads, buoyancy

I’ve whittled my wooden head with great care, but I’m afraid I’ll never be a real man.

    TAGS:  heads, whittling


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