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The only thing better than the scent from the bowl into which you’ve just scraped the froth off this year’s batch of fresh apricot jam is the feeling you get when you realize that you’ve still got one piece of cheesecake left in the fridge from last night’s dinner party.

    TAGS:  cake, happiness, jam

fortune :: Jo

You know that time when you were the most happy you had ever been, and you were content, and everything was perfect, you were with friends and the light was just so and the meal was excellent and you looked forward to another week of the same? 5 10 14 36 45

    TAGS:  happiness, fortune

Happiness :: 'mouse

“I really shouldn’t be this happy,” Ron said to his best friend as they strolled contentedly through the park toward the bar where they liked to drink Guinness on Friday afternoons, “my wife is older, my whiskey comes in plastic bottles, I barely have beer money, and my horse… well, it’s a minivan and not fast at all.”

    TAGS:  beer, happiness, Guinness

Homo sapiens is one confused monkey, always striving to invent and create and change the world when all that is really necessary for human happiness has already been discovered and perfected.

    TAGS:  happiness, monkeys, constant change, Homo sapiens

sour girl :: pam

If I am ever accidentally happy on the job again, I’ll probably mistake my new lightness of being for acid indigestion; ferociously chewing Rolaids tablets, I will skulk around the office for a week or two until the feeling passes.

    TAGS:  happiness, office work, mistaken, job satisfaction, lightness of being

As young Rosie realised that the corners of her mouth had been turned up for some time, she realised she didn’t know why, but nor did she care.

    TAGS:  happiness, inexplicable, smiling

The little grey mouse felt his whiskers twitch unexpectedly and he smiled in an inexpickable way.

    TAGS:  mouse, happiness, inexplicable, whiskers

I could be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon scone.

    TAGS:  happiness, dreamers, scones, food love, pastries

Henry slowly stirred the pot of happiness, hoping he’d followed the recipe properly, so that he’d end up with that thick, chewy, rich-tasting, taffy-like emotion he could chew on all day.

    TAGS:  Henry, happiness, emotion, recipes

world piece :: boot

The world would be a happier place if everyone had a piece of cake.

    TAGS:  cake, happiness

gone fishin’ :: boot

Boot whistled merrily as she walked along the creek-bed, heading only towards the horizon.

    TAGS:  happiness, holidays

As she turned slowly around, sparks and colours followed her movement and she found everyone waiting for her, all of those she had loved, all of those she had touched, and the young, colourful girl leant forwards and smiled and the light that issued forth became a river, one of happiness, love and joy.

    TAGS:  love, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, happiness, sparks

happiness :: boot

Happiness today is knowing that half way across the world someone is wearing the same socks as you.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, socks, happiness, sock journey

Good News :: grudknows

‘I’m just ringing to inform you that Christmas is cancelled this year’ said the yum-yum sister in rather happy tones; my smile broke free at the news, spewing out sunlight and happiness and causing birds to sing and nymphs to dance.

    TAGS:  Christmas, happiness, cancelled, good news, nymphs, yum-yum sister

A Fortune Cookie Revival :: Centerfold

May your socks always stay dry and may your happiness not cause you to slip on the ice.

    TAGS:  socks, happiness, fortune cookies

Sometimes happiness comes from something as simple as finding a carefully-wrapped cornmeal/rye Belgian waffle in the freezer, the last two pieces of farm bacon in the fridge, and a full bottle of grade-B maple syrup on the shelf, all on a weekday morning.

    TAGS:  happiness

Nothing makes you happier than knowing there’ll be rainbow stripes involved.

    TAGS:  rainbows, happiness, stripes

As she walked along, she barely touched the ground, so much was she humming with happiness that gravity seemed to be of no concern and, looking up, she smiled so hard it hurt, because the sky had split asunder into the most wondrous, happy and joyous array of light and magic.

    TAGS:  happiness, joyous, exultation, wondrous

Situation Boot :: boot

I knew I had found my happy new home when, after a few minutes of unexpected pirate talk, not one lady or lad blinked an eye, they just laughed at me and forged ahead.

    TAGS:  home, pirates, happiness

heaven :: boot

Is where your heart is.

    TAGS:  happiness, contentment

(four) :: JadedBeauty

four years: the length of time it took to realize that her own happiness was not contingent on his

    TAGS:  happiness, realization, independence

imagine… :: goliard

that keith stopped hugging the duck, and started writing again (that would cheer me up).

    TAGS:  ducks, duck - the bird, Keith, happiness, imagine

“I love you so much, I want to start a fire just so I can save you from it.”

    TAGS:  love, friends, happiness, fire

simple minds :: 'mouse

Happiness is finding a song “A Bear Eats Bear Food” from Sesame Street queued up by random play on your iTunes library.

    TAGS:  music, happiness

Sum-sum-summertime :: 'mouse

Sometimes life is so calm and pleasant you begin to worry that it can never last.

    TAGS:  happiness, worry, Summer

perpendicular :: boot

It might be the sainted bluebird of happiness, but it can still stand up straight and quit slouching about all happy and lackadaisical, the little bugger.

    TAGS:  happiness, bluebird, slackers

reprieve :: boot

Happiness is, sometimes, brought about by the momentary absence of misery.

    TAGS:  happiness, reprieve, respite

small :: boot

More things should be so tiny that they make you smile, gently.

    TAGS:  happiness, gentle, small

Rosie unpacked the sodium cyanide, radium samples and handheld Geiger counter, and breathed a sigh of deep happiness.

    TAGS:  science, happiness, chemistry, history, Rosie, Geiger counters, radium, sodium cyanide

Happiness is ... :: 'mouse

Happiness is realizing you have more library cards than credit cards in your wallet.

    TAGS:  happiness, wallets, library

"I get all the news I need from the weather report."

    TAGS:  happiness, news, simplicity

They say money can't buy happiness, but according to the contract I'm holding in my hand it can buy a team of drywallers who have promised to do in less than two weeks what would take me six months.

    TAGS:  happiness, contractors, drywall, sheetrock

I cannot think of a better thing to do than lie here on this lawn watching fluffy white clouds drift slowly by in a mostly blue sky.

    TAGS:  happiness, nature, zen


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