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Haiku secrets :: grudknows

On discovering the haiku secrets website - a site not unlike Scrine - grudknows desperately wanted to be one of the first to add to the collection but could think of not a word, let alone many syllables.

    TAGS:  grud, haiku

Quack like a duck!

    TAGS:  grud, ducks, duck - the bird, quacking, facetiousness

Bunni where are you? :: grudknows

Boot has gleefully pointed out that I have now appeared in the list of ten scriners, which is a little disturbing… and lead me to wondering *where is* Bunni - the person whose posting made me discover the scrine site in the first place - I wanted to cite the quote I’d received via messenger, before sharing it willy-nilly with others - come back bunni!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, grud, Bunni, boot - the person

Nooooooooo :: grudknows

Not wanting to prematurely panic, grudknows saw the evil writings on the walls of scrine and muttered, ‘You can’t trick me this time’ as she logged out - only to find that they did, they could, they had and that sometimes when you think they’re out to get you… they are.

    TAGS:  grud, scrine idiosyncrasies, tricky, writing on the wall

the naked boot :: grudknows

Who knows what boot and grud are up to - and more to the point - why does grud have a fork instead of a spoon to stir her coffee…?

    TAGS:  coffee, grud, boot - the person, feet, mystery, intrigue, fork, spoon, the naked boot

the dance of joy :: grudknows

Grudknows did a little jig of delight after hearing that she had an interview for a six week work assignment, hearing she may have the chance of getting some after hours work (as well) and (on a much sillier note) - this morning there were 68 posts in the off topic thread she started in the fan forum before she went home last night.

    TAGS:  grud, dance of joy, numbers

Yum Yum Yum :: grudknows

The sounds made by grud’s sister when she discovered a parcel addressed to Boot in the post which she is now holding for a King’s ransom - damn postal services that make you list the contents of the box on the outside!

    TAGS:  grud, jam, boot - the person, Bakerina, ransom, yum yum yum, postal torture

Ta da! :: grudknows

Keith (or was it the other Keith) tossed aside the beer, took one last long look at his bed, put down his coffee mug and added the ‘newest scriners’ to the home page - just like he said he would.

    TAGS:  grud, Keith, magic, Other Keith

Grudknows sipped from the nice shiny new coffee mug with some suspicion - it’d be presented to her sister who couldn’t restrain the maniacal twinkle in her eye but so far the cup hadn’t sprung a leak, made any sounds or done anything out of the ordinary - it’s really *just* a mug, she quacked to herself in reassuring tones.

    TAGS:  grud, coffee mugs, siblings, suspicion, quacked

It’s a disturbing sort of day when your friend decides to ring you up, quack and then hang up.

    TAGS:  grud, ducks, quack, duck - other, disquieting

Grud OCD’s again :: grudknows

‘Dammit - not again’, muttered grud, as she discovered she could relate everything in the world back to ‘The Dilbert Future’.

    TAGS:  grud, Dilbert

As the pretty young woman teetered atop the chair in the kitchen, she couldn’t help but wonder why this was any help with the ‘mouse inside her own head.

    TAGS:  mouse, grud, teetering

Bah! :: grudknows

Grud, despite recovering from the flu, prepared a voice sample to humour those scriners who’d asked her and Boot to do one. But then couldn’t find anyway to upload it… so didn’t.

    TAGS:  grud, bah, voices

Um… yeah - here’s the voice sample - I think (grud_flu_sample.mp3).

    TAGS:  grud, voices


    TAGS:  grud, gabbermouth, misquoting

During her lunch hour Grud, like a child with his or her nose pushed firmly against the toy shop window, looked longingly at the sentences people had posted at (the nasty censors didn’t so much mind - but every now and then, like the child at the toy store, grud would forget herself and try to venture into the world of scrine during her working day, only to be told as she hit submit and the domain changed over to that it had been blocked because the site may contain explicit content or hate speech… or possibly even ... porn.

    TAGS:  grud, censorship, shop windows

Entertain me! :: grudknows

Grud was generally impressed when she noticed a shiny new and as yet unsigned Australian band featured in Scrine Tunes - but moving on to the new Scrine comics was a little dejected to find that ‘mouse, bunni, bakerina, pam — well most of the scrine clan for that matter — had failed to entertain her with their own cartoon interpretations of scrine sentences - ‘dance for me, dammit!’ she cried to an empty room.

    TAGS:  music, grud, scrine idiosyncrasies, Australian, shiny

discombobulated :: grudknows

Grud visited Scrine for the first time in weeks and felt an overwhelming sense of confusion - ‘but what’s the point?’ she muttered before noticing the clock and frantically preparing for work.

    TAGS:  grud, scrine idiosyncrasies, confusion, discombobulated

Grud looked around at the piles of, well, stuff and vowed (once again) never to move house.

    TAGS:  grud, bonkers, stuff, hoarding, moving house

Red, yellow, purple, egg (and I shall say no more).

    TAGS:  grud, red, purple, eggs, yellow, generous

Grud has been off pottering around in various aspects of life - in particular, experimenting with just how much sleep deprivation one person can handle, having a full *actual* life, building empires in Second Life, working AND spending time or catching up with the people I love - all which leaves very little time to nap.

    TAGS:  grud, work, naps, sleep deprivation, second life

Where’s the noise?! :: grudknows

Grud rolled her eyes as yet another mellow song started up - from a play list that includes metal, punk, blues, pop, country AND western, screaming banshees, stuff spanning almost every era, music from new Australian bands and some pretty weird shit it’s very bizarre to have such consistency in what’s being played.

    TAGS:  grud, noise


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