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giraffe :: Keith

I thought about it before I hit the delete key, I really did, promise, because the delete key is death for those of us without any resurrection powers, and I don’t take anything lightly, especially deleting another person’s Scrine entry, and certainly not our friendship, and certainly, beyond reason, really, any concept of resurrection at all, but that’s way off topic and I don’t want that to happen, not when all I’m trying to say is that I thought I knew what the problem was when really I didn’t know at all, which I should have known all along because I know about as much about html and css as I do about what makes a giraffe’s neck work, which isn’t much, although I suspect it’s kind of like this apology, some sort of combination involving muscles and gravity, the idea that hitting the delete key on a friend’s Scrine entry is like an unchewed apple three-fourths the way down a giraffe’s neck -- it’s not coming back, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

    TAGS:  apology, giraffes, deleted

The bear, the duck, the furry rhinoceros and the sad giraffe pottered along in their tinky truck, pulled along by the big yellow elephant.

    TAGS:  childhood, giraffes, yellow, elephants, rhinoceros

undulating :: boot

The ground dove up and down in huge, deep pits of anxiety, throwing clusters of giraffes and banana plantations aside as if they were feathers, racing along in waves after the diminunitive and sparkling creature that flitted gently away into the distance.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, bananas, feathers, giraffes, diminutive, undulating, sparkle, flit

My rules regarding giraffes in the house are simple: no running except in the hall, no kicking at the dog, no peering around doorways, and necks down in the dining room to avoid the chandelier.

    TAGS:  anthropomorphism, dogs, anihumorianism, giraffes, house giraffes, chandeliers

unbecoming :: boot

Giraffes should never wear short skirts.

    TAGS:  giraffes, manners, unbecoming, short skirts

Keith became a rich man after inventing the stick-on Scrine scab, but lost it all after falling for a scam artist selling miniature house giraffes.

    TAGS:  giraffes, house giraffes, scabs

After years of therapy, I was finally able to admit that lying about owning a house giraffe was actually nothing more than a lifetime of pent up frustration regarding my mother’s embarrassingly long neck.

    TAGS:  giraffes, embarrassment, lies, house giraffes, therapy

If your house giraffe is to remain healthy, it is important to schedule daily walks of at least thirty minutes; on windy days, however, walks should be avoided, or at the very least, scheduled for the evening hours in order to avoid your giraffe becoming tangled in the neighborhood children’s kite strings.

    TAGS:  giraffes, house giraffes

It was a grand plan—stay up late into the night making mad passionate love to a pad of paper and his long missing muse—but somehow everything went awry when his house giraffe, working that long, blue tongue of his for what must have been hours, managed to loosen the lid on the jar of tryptophan wine that he’d thought he’d stored safely away, high upon the shelf above his desk.

    TAGS:  animals, ridiculous encounters, giraffes, house giraffes, muses, tryptophan

During his teen years, my house giraffe refused to go out into the rain, claiming that the neighbors laughed at his umbrella.

    TAGS:  umbrellas, giraffes, house giraffes

specists :: Keith

Harold did not consider himself a specist, even though he secretly blamed his neighbor’s house giraffe for bringing down home values in the neighborhood and once almost went as far as writing species-related slurs on the side of his neighbor’s garage.

    TAGS:  giraffes, house giraffes, neighbors

When bathing your house giraffe, it’s very easy to forget to wash behind its ears, so always do that first.

    TAGS:  giraffes, house giraffes

When taking your house giraffe out for an evening at the ballet, keep in mind that he’ll be much more comfortable if you reserve him two seats; also, others attending will appreciate if you sit in the back.

    TAGS:  giraffes, ballet, house giraffes

“Bruised-apple eyed she ruminates towards the tall buildings she mistakes for a herd: her gaze has the loneliness of smoke.”

    TAGS:  loneliness, poetry, giraffes, ruminates

It irritated the giraffe that someone in Russia thought it necessary to flood his email inbox with a steady stream of longer neck promises; “As if a bunch of Ruskies know anything about giraffes,” the giraffe muttered, searching his wallet for the 100th time for a credit card that did not exist.

    TAGS:  anthropomorphism, giraffes

“Oh look,” the giraffe said, distracted for a moment from his unwarranted short neck concerns, “gnu has tweeted that he’s at the waterhole.”

    TAGS:  anthropomorphism, giraffes, gnus

The giraffe steadied itself, balancing the big stick carefully.

    TAGS:  giraffes, big sticks, seemingly innocent statements, underlying malevolence

Damn, I'm glad I'm not a giraffe.

    TAGS:  giraffes


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