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Sworn mortal enemies, the Vegetable family had long been feuding with the Fruit family; this ongoing furor was said to have been sparked by a fable that involved a lost baby tomato, later found in the woods, whom both families claimed as their own.

    TAGS:  fruit, baby, tomatoes, vegetables, hullabaloo, fables, feud

My heart stopped beating at the sight of her unusual fruits.

    TAGS:  fruit, jam

lunch will be :: boot

Mangoes, raspberries, yoghurt and honey.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, yum

... and Nashi pears wait seductively behind every corner.

    TAGS:  fruit, apropos, seductive

Pseudo Fruit :: Skyte

Grapple (that’s Grape-L) has got to be the weirdest thing ever; shame I didn’t think of it first.

    TAGS:  fruit, Grapple

Bananas :: 'mouse

More proof that the goddess in charge loves tropical countries best.

    TAGS:  fruit, food, god, bananas, goddess

I’ll have my pirate with fruit.

    TAGS:  fruit, pirates

fruity :: boot

Is there any piece of fruit that’s not funny (and delicious)?

    TAGS:  fruit, funny

Hah, hah, hah, wheeeee!

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, seasons

fruit d’amour :: boot

I bought a mango yesterday and only just noticed that it has a little pink love heart on it that reads “Love Fruit”.

    TAGS:  love, mangoes, fruit

“I’ve never eaten a mango.” [Keith]

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, confessions

except mangos :: 'mouse

I think that I have never seen a fruit as lovely as a strawberry.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, strawberries, lovely

Fruity :: Jo

And the raspberries are lucious ripe nipples!

    TAGS:  fruit, nipples, strawberries, lucious

the scrine tree :: boot

A tree highly recommended for its fruitage.

    TAGS:  scrine, fruit

tough (coco)nut :: boot

I’m sure recipes only call for fresh shredded coconut because the chefs, like me, enjoy whacking the living blazes out of an inanimate object.

    TAGS:  fruit, coconuts, whacking

Mrs Traellow shut the door to her office, amazed at the number of lonely fruit she’d seen in just her first day on the job.

    TAGS:  fruit, bananas, lonely

fig newton :: boot

I’ve heard rumours of it, but my only question is does it have figs in it?

    TAGS:  fruit, curious, figs, musings

It must be weird to be certain fruit.

    TAGS:  fruit, pomegranates

“Pear, no, apple, no, banana, hmmm, no, kumquat, oh, no, no, dear, um, ooh, watermelon,” said the tomato.

    TAGS:  fruit, bananas, apples, uncertainty, watermelon, tomatoes, pears, kumquats

“Dear,” said the late-season cherry, “we’re going to be late, and, no, I don’t think the watermelon makes you look fat.”

    TAGS:  fruit, cherries, fat, watermelon

the naked fruit :: boot

“It’s just that I feel so un-a-peeling today,” she said, looking down at her pale yellow skin.

    TAGS:  fruit, colour, color, yellow, skin, nakedness

tomato had always assumed he was a vegetable—wasn’t everybody?—but lately…

    TAGS:  fruit, assumptions, uncertainty, tomatoes, vegetables

Despite their prepubescent softness and fuzz everyone in the orchard agreed Peaches made the best leaders while Plums were great for digestion and apples were the keepers of all the esoteric lore regarding fruit.

    TAGS:  fruit, apples, peaches, digestion, lore, orchards, plums

The pears, however, could never do anything without consensus.

    TAGS:  fruit, indecision, pears

It’s not that Jeremy minded all the fruits, it’s just that the goat’s horn really began to smell after a while.

    TAGS:  fruit, goats, cornucopia

Although she could not say for sure what ailed her, Bronwyn knew, somehow, that the cure was a ripe Honeybell tangelo, cut into quarters, three quarters for eating, one to be rubbed on the back of her neck.

    TAGS:  fruit, acts, vaguely, unnatural

more perversity :: 'mouse

Juan looked at the fragrant pears, the juicy oranges, the liquid-sunshine tangerines, the preserved mangos, the pistachios and the dried apples and thought, gosh, what I really want is a chocolate bar.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, chocolate, perversity

I don’t know why the Mango Council hasn’t hired me yet after all the nice things I’ve said about their product.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, saucy

“Passion fruit is edible, but seedy: It can be used to make jelly, but its best usage may come from being a food source for several species of butterfly and their larvae.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, fruit, passion

pithy :: boot

It’s one of those words that always reminds me of fruit.

    TAGS:  words, fruit, pithy

The oranges you pick off your own tree really are better.

    TAGS:  fruit, oranges, gloating, fruit trees

It’s my damn book idea and you can’t steal it.

    TAGS:  fruit, book ideas

Summer is just around the corner when I can sense the season of fruit calling.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, berries, Summer, cherries, seasons

Summer has its reasons for existence, but berries and mangoes lie at the core.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, Summer, seasons

Fruit :: OhNo789

“I wish that my fruit tree would grow a pear,” I thought as I sat next to my lady on the couch, thinking about… fruit.

    TAGS:  fruit, innuendo

The first pomegranate I ever ate, back in the fall of 1987, will live forever—specifically, on the copy of Dead Souls I was reading at the same time.

    TAGS:  fruit, pomegranates


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