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Fortune :: Jo

A few things might irk you today.

    TAGS:  fortune, irk

fortune :: bakerina

Finishing your broccoli will bring you great serenity.

    TAGS:  fortune, broccoli, serenity

fortune :: Keith

You will suffer immense pleasure.

    TAGS:  fortune, pleasure, immense, suffer

fortune :: Keith

Your tired feet don’t necessarily mean the journey is over.

    TAGS:  fortune, tired, journey

fortune :: mercuryfern

Hobgoblins and handmaidens conspire against you.

    TAGS:  fortune, conspire, hobgoblins, handmaidens

Fortune :: 'mouse

You can count yourself lucky if today is no worse than yesterday.

    TAGS:  fortune, lucky

Fortunately, you have all your parts.

    TAGS:  fortune, intact

fortune :: Keith

You will wear love like a Mona Lisa smile.

    TAGS:  fortune, Mona Lisa

fortune :: Keith

Enjoy jealous love while it lasts, because it won’t.

    TAGS:  fortune, jealousy

fortune :: bakerina

All your base will be belong to us.

    TAGS:  fortune, base

fortune :: Keith

Organizational skills beyond your wildest dreams await you.

    TAGS:  fortune, skills

fortune :: Keith

Now would be a good time to ask.

    TAGS:  fortune, ask

Fortune :: 'mouse

Boredom will always be the most influential force shaping your life.

    TAGS:  boredom, fortune

fortune :: Jo

You will smell something extremely vile, very soon.

    TAGS:  fortune, vile, smell - the act

Fortune :: 'mouse

Your afternoon will be mostly sucky with occasional glimmers of false hope.

    TAGS:  fortune, false hope, sucky

fortune :: e

You will be forced forever to explicate your own name to those you wish to know you and nothing ever will be simple.

    TAGS:  fortune, names

fortune :: e

You are an artist; you will starve, but there will always be grouper.

    TAGS:  fortune, artists

fortune :: Jo

Your waiter is not as he appears.

    TAGS:  fortune, secrets, waiter

fortune :: other keith

404 Not Found - the requested fortune was not found in this cookie

    TAGS:  fortune

fortune :: Jo

That guy across from you is not worth the effort.

    TAGS:  advice, fortune, men

fortune :: Jo

Your life will involve a lot more running and a great deal less jumping from here on out.

    TAGS:  aging, fortune, energy

fortune :: e

No fortunes will be in your cookies.

    TAGS:  fortune, cookies

fortune :: Keith

You will dream poorly, again.

    TAGS:  dreams, fortune

Fortune :: 'mouse

You’re lucky, there’s nothing wrong with you today that can’t be cured by a strong cup of coffee and an attitude adjustment.

    TAGS:  coffee, fortune, attitude

Fortune :: 'mouse

You will submit your stunningly perfect, prize-winning “fortune” entry just in time to beat Keith’s August 9 deadline.

    TAGS:  fortune, wishful thinking

fortune :: e

You win!

    TAGS:  fortune, winner

fortune :: Jo

You know that time when you were the most happy you had ever been, and you were content, and everything was perfect, you were with friends and the light was just so and the meal was excellent and you looked forward to another week of the same? 5 10 14 36 45

    TAGS:  happiness, fortune

Fortune :: 'mouse

You will determine that comments on Wordshadows are not worth the pixels they’re printed on and you will shut them off beginning at, say, 7:23 pm 8/9/2005.

    TAGS:  fortune, wordshadows

Fortune :: 'mouse

You will discover that the artificial sweetener in your diet soda causes far worse depression than is caused by occasional sugar-induced mood swings and carrying a few extra pounds.

    TAGS:  fortune, diets, sweetener

Fortune :: Imaginary Keith

Destiny and Faith will knock on your door; you will be overcome with surprise; they will hand you a pamphlet.

    TAGS:  fortune, destiny, pamphlets


    TAGS:  ducks, fortune, sneaky, duck - the food

fortune :: bakerina

There are phone calls you really want to pick up, but that one won’t be one of them.

    TAGS:  fortune, phone calls

fortune :: Keith

You will soon have your faith tested and score a 72.

    TAGS:  word play, fortune, faith, testing

i’m certain that if business is not yet booming, it will be.

    TAGS:  fortune, booming, business

You need a biscuit.

    TAGS:  biscuits, fortune

Fortune :: 'mouse

You will

    TAGS:  fortune


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