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There are several signs your pilot is high on that new plane smell, including winding the smooth new engines up for an extra-steep ascent, showing off with a tighter than usual corkscrew out of San Jose and blatant, unembarrassed skimming of the top of the cloud-line.

    TAGS:  airplanes, clouds, flying, San Jose

whirrrrr :: e

I’m never sure just when flying cockroach season comes, until it has and we’re here.

    TAGS:  cockroaches, flying, insects

A person who does not believe in airplanes probably should not fly twice each week.

    TAGS:  flying, disbelieve

spoggies :: boot

The life of choice seems to be a sparrow: you can fly around, just like all the regal hawks and so forth, but no humans are interested in hunting you and you seem to be able to eat just about anything.

    TAGS:  flying

“Well, she’s not much use like this” said Miss Jane angrily, to which Becky replied “Fly, caterpillar, fly!”

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, Miss Jane, harlequin, flying, caterpillar

She lifted her arms and she floated away; it afforded a magnificent view of the port.

    TAGS:  dreaming, flying, windy

The little girl stood trembling at the top of the monstrously tall, scalding hot and gun-metal grey slippery dip, wondering how she’d ever get down from the nightmare, when suddenly a white-scaled, rainbow-feathered dragon came giggling and jingling out of a rip in the sky, swooped down towards her and plucked her out of the air.

    TAGS:  dreams, adventure, sky, rainbows, childhood, nightmares, flying, giggle, dragons

Minimalist Jones it is said, knew the secret of flight,
That it’d come to him, clearly, in a vision one night;
“The secret’s not flapping, nor feathers nor wings
But in knowing a few of the basic bird things.”

    TAGS:  feathers, Minimalist Jones, flight, knowledge, flying, wings, secret, visions, insight

Some mornings, the birds seem to be everywhere, flying at top speed and, maybe, doing it just for the fun of it.

    TAGS:  birds, sky, flying

soaring :: boot

Flying has its delights, but sometimes one if the greatest is knowing you can finally land.

    TAGS:  flying, free, challenges

And it was then, while staring at the rushing clouds in front of her, she realised her childhood friend had never left her, so she turned to her, squinting slightly from the brightly burning colours, reached forward into the mirage, took her hand and, together, they rolled gently into the sky.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, flying, swirling, parachuting

planes :: boot

Don’t you love how they stay up in the air like that?

    TAGS:  amazing, flying, fun, planes

The Wright Brothers may have discovered flight, but in the ‘70s, we discovered that the secret of flying is to put shag carpet on the ceiling, mix copious quantities of drugs and alcohol and then lie on your back on the floor.

    TAGS:  alcohol, drugs, flight, flying, shag carpet


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