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Feeling - The Emotion

My heart is a plastic explosive filled with sawdust and wire.

    TAGS:  heart, feeling - the emotion, explosives, delicate, sawdust

The night sky split asunder and sparkled as it fell to the ground and Becky threw yet another handful of breathless wonder straight up into the air.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, feeling - the emotion, enchanted, sparkle, wonder

becky dreams :: boot

In the little bed the young girl slept fitfully, her eyelids seeming to twitch, and she seemed racked with pain, seeming almost to cry silent tears as she slept, and as the camera of the story’s eye swirled around the spartan room, and through her hazel eye, we found her dreams and we found her standing alone, alone in a big red land; and as Becky stood in the middle of the scorched, dying, red, red desert she pivoted slowly around, her eyes flitting over the rocks and rock wallabies, watching this land die, but looking for signs of moisture, some sort of droplet, a little sign of life, just the merest hint of rain, but all she found was dust, flames, rock hard and lifeless ground and ashes, but she couldn’t give up, this land was hers and she wouldn’t let it die, so she spread her arms wide as she continued to turn and as she did so the searing air began to shimmer and curl, seeming to split and fly away in ribbons, each ribbon a shade of blue, a blue like the ocean, a blue of a young girl’s eyes, the blues from a bowerbird’s collection, a blue of the late night sky, and as each ribbon curled away into the sky, it became a tornado of blue, swirling higher and higher above Becky’s head until she was at the centre of a psychedelic storm and with each movement that she made, the storm grew and spread, reaching out across the scorched and scarred land, going up towards the centre and the red, red shores, spreading to the right and roaring through its deep green valleys, reaching further down through the myriad of lands, all the way to the bottom to its crisp white lines, swirling in larger and larger circles around the land, sweeping up the dust and the ashes and the pain, sweeping up the burnt carcasses and broken hearts, but leaving in its wake a river of gentle blue, a caress that called out to the people of the land, made them leave their hovels, exit their homes, come out into the street and dance under the blurred stars, so blurred because of the water falling from the sky, the moisture filling the air and filling their hearts, rain that, as it fell on their heads, caused their papery, dry and dusty limbs to cease crackling, a rain that started their brains to spark and their hearts to beat, a rain so gentle and long lived that they would speak of it for decades to come, yet it was not a rain of damage and torment, it was not in all the wrong places, it did not roar out of the sky ripping out trees and flooding roads, it just came and stayed and stayed until it was not needed anymore, it came when it was called and it was as blue and as beautiful as the Earth itself.

    TAGS:  dreams, rain, drought, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, 500 words, life, caress, perfection, feeling - the emotion

feeling red? :: boot

Add a pinch of Miss Jane, stand well back, watch the flames.

    TAGS:  red, Miss Jane, colour, feeling - the emotion, flames

feeling orange? :: boot

Use one part rusty bird and one part mango; stir.

    TAGS:  mangoes, colour, feeling - the emotion, orange - the colour

feeling yellow? :: boot

Take one duck, roll it out flat, watch it boing back up again.

    TAGS:  ducks, duck - the bird, colour, boing, yellow, feeling - the emotion

feeling green? :: boot

Add a dash of frog, sing a song or two, wonder why you’re not a muppet too.

    TAGS:  green, Kermit the Frog, colour, songs, feeling - the emotion

feeling blue? :: boot

Take one dose of grudknows, mix well and relax.

    TAGS:  colour, feeling - the emotion, blue - the feeling, sadness, friendship

feeling indigo? :: boot

Mix two swords well, one for the right hand, one for the left; voila, Inigo Montoya!

    TAGS:  colour, feeling - the emotion, indigo, cheating, swords, Inigo Montoya

feeling violet? :: boot

Count yourself lucky; what a pretty colour.

    TAGS:  colour, feeling - the emotion, violet - the colour, pretty

Crush one spoon of buttons, blend into the dry bugs, gradually combine with the walrus, bake for one hour and leave Becky to dry on wire racks.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, rainbows, harlequin, colour, bugs, buttons, feeling - the emotion, walrus

“Come on boys, I’m an introverted nerdy goofball… it shouldn’t be that hard to keep from feeling ‘real’ shit about me.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, feeling - the emotion


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