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It’s not the size of the bricks I’m shitting, so much as their edges and corners that I worry about.

    TAGS:  fear, worry, sharp

I’m really tired this evening, and thinking nightmarish thoughts, like a passing fantasy about being buried alive, and one about enduring some kind of brutal war in this neighborhood, but probably the worst one is the thought that someday I’ll be senile and not able to conjugate verbs properly any more.

    TAGS:  fear, imagination, conjugate

“I work for free; I get paid to be afraid.”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, fear, work, Hugh MacLeod

Fear :: Jo

I keep telling myself, if you’re not flatout terrified every now and then, you’re just not doing anything.

    TAGS:  fear, terrified

Freaky :: Jo

My daughter was so completely frightened of someone who would come down the chimney that not only did we have to have the “mailman” bring the packages instead, but we had to shove the sofa in front of the fireplace for the entire week before Christmas to allow her to sleep more easily.

    TAGS:  Christmas, fear, Santa Claus

“How come you guys lock the doors every other night of the year, but it’s okay for Santa to come in, in the middle of the night, an’ do anything he wants, an’ maybe walk around here and look at us sleeping?”

    TAGS:  Christmas, fear, burglary, Santa Claus

...and, depending on our perceptions, we either hope or fear to live some version of our own parents’ lives.

    TAGS:  fear, perception, parents

Fear :: Keith

I’m not afraid of my future, by it sure turns my stomach.

    TAGS:  fear, future

she was never afraid; even the darkest back alley seemed to garner her interest, armed with just a purseful of dog bones as security, she showed no fear: and she let me suck the angel trumpet’s.

    TAGS:  fear

Whew :: pam

They gave him no reason to fear reprisals; they kindly berated him right on the spot.

    TAGS:  fear, berating, waiting, reprisals

All alone except for a bed pan.

    TAGS:  loneliness, fear, aging, bedpans

Extreme Therapy 1 :: 'mouse

To overcome her fear of blood, Dr. Dickens recommended Lynn become a heart surgeon.

    TAGS:  fear, blood, phobia

the other shoe :: littledevilworks

She sat quietly, listening to soothing music, munching absentmindedly on candy and waiting for the other shoe of doom to drop.

    TAGS:  doom, fear, music, candy, shoe of doom

4-way Stop :: Mike Schwartz

Living with the fear of imminently dying in a side impact car accident makes intersections feel like brain surgery for a hyperventilating doctor.

    TAGS:  fear, fear of death

The Closet of Doom :: Br. Ezra

I am afraid to open my walk in closet as it is crammed full of my fears, anxieties and 7 years of tax returns and random receipts.

    TAGS:  doom, fear, dark

As the echoes proceeded apace behind her, Elena broke into a sweat and hoped this was only a nightmare.

    TAGS:  fear, nightmares, echoes

teeth and fear :: boot

The teeth in my head will stay where they are, until one day they are six feet under.

    TAGS:  fear, teeth, dentistry

tricky :: boot

A great big pile of freedom may also suddenly appear as a great big hole in the ground.

    TAGS:  fear, change, freedom

Pretty they may be, but how many flighty, overly pretty people do you trust?

    TAGS:  fear, butterflies

a dangerous question :: You can call me, 'Sir'

Someone asked me tonight whether I had ever been afraid of anything and it was the absurdity of the question that made me look away and chuckle, because the assumption that people have about others who give an outward impression of confidence and sublimity is that life roles off of them like water off of a duck’s back, but the fact is and what I tried to make clear with my one-word answer is that fear is sometimes what drives people to perceived heights and that the confidence others see is often being displayed on behalf of the person projecting it rather than anyone else who might see it due to the projector’s keen understanding that the abyss always sits immediately in front of him and inside of him and, therefore, yes, ‘Constantly’.

    TAGS:  fear

alive in here :: scott

The reason he hasn’t told you that his greatest fear is that he will be buried alive is because he is too busy, with too much work and too many responsibilities, to take a breath or think a thought or have a conversation with someone like you from beneath all this massive weight, trapped in this little box, struggling to breathe, alone in the dark.

    TAGS:  fear, reality

movement :: boot

And, unnervingly, there it was again.

    TAGS:  fear, unnerving

Tara woke to the sound of leathery wings whispering above her bed, her heart pounded loudly in her ears as she strained her eyes in the darkness to see who or what was hovering above her bed.

    TAGS:  fear, nightmares, creatures of the night

disconnection :: boot

As she walked away from her home, door swinging in the early morning breeze, she felt no regrets and thought only of the empty road ahead.

    TAGS:  fear, freedom, homeless

Tell us what scares you.

    TAGS:  fear

turbulent :: boot

The late night air whirled in a manner that hinted of mayhem and violence; terrifying and illogical, tangible and tasting of bile.

    TAGS:  fear

The bloody trail from the Executive offices could be a clue, but it was certainly not one that Inspector Blucher was inclined to follow.

    TAGS:  fiction, fear, Miss Jane, polite violence, retribution

My fingers are coated in a thick, clotting slime and the water is throbbing and rushing around me.

    TAGS:  fear, clots, inside, visual, slime

No time to stop and look over her shoulder, the sweat made her feet slip out of her shoes as she ran.

    TAGS:  fear, escape

missing :: boot

Travelling in your own country you miss out on that sweat-inducing fear of not quite understanding anything that is said to you.

    TAGS:  fear, travel, comfortable

Fear & Loathing :: Br. Ezra

Sometimes I fear there are no jokes left in me.

    TAGS:  fear, not funny, funny

fire danger :: 'mouse

I live in fear of a surprise inspection of my office by the fire marshal, who’d surely shut me down.

    TAGS:  fear, fire hazard

While Milo has his anxiety closet, Toby has an anti-anxiety closet where he goes to escape the dangers of the world at large.

    TAGS:  fear, anxiety, hiding, closet

lost :: 'mouse

I’ve lost my identity, I’m not sure I want to go looking for it, and I’m quite afraid of what I might find.

    TAGS:  fear, loss, identity

known terrors :: boot

One place I’m fairly sure I don’t want to holiday is the terrain of my own imagination.

    TAGS:  fear, anxiety closet, imagination

A snake dream might mean your favorite television program may soon be cancelled; pay close attention to the level of your fear in the dream, as fear is the key to knowing how much battery power remains in your TV’s remote control.

    TAGS:  dreams, fear, snakes, Keith's Guides to Everything

If you sound like a duck, you may also look like a duck, if you look like a duck some people may step away from you when you get too close due to their duck phobias.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, fear, ducks, duck - the bird, antidaephobia, imaginary, duck - other

Looking out into the crowd from the narrow world of the podium Dr. Sanders’ heart sank when he realized that he had left his gravitas at home on his dresser next to the spare keys.

    TAGS:  fear, phobia, Gravitas, podiums, public speaking

Despite the vast scope of our technological sophistication I fear that we’re still nothing more than monkeys wearing pants

    TAGS:  fear, Darwin, monkeys, technology, pants, evolution, sophistication


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