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bob flips :: Keith

With enlightenment seemingly out of reach, Bob decided his choices boiled down to either fierce determination or cheeseburgers for lunch.

    TAGS:  Bob, enlightenment, cheeseburgers, determination, simple choices

E minus 9 :: 'mouse

The tension built as the metal bird creaked, “E minus 9, and Keith is looking good on the launch pad - we’re good to go for Enlightenment.”

    TAGS:  enlightenment, milestones

“Ascension can occur with or without these,” Ruby said, holding up a pair of comfortable looking, bright pink bunny slippers with large floppy ears, “and the choice is yours; but if you want my opinion, what’s the good of Enlightenment without comfortable slippers.”

    TAGS:  ascension, enlightenment, comfort, bunnies, footwear, pink, slippers

As Henry tumbled head over heels, the air rushing by faster and faster as he passed through the clouds—up, down, he couldn’t tell—and their wet, cold dew leapt onto him, clinging to his skin and clothes, he realized just how easy stepping off of the precipice of enlightenment had been, and even though he had not a single clue where he was going or what awaited him at the end of his tumble—if indeed there was an end, or if indeed it was really he that tumbled and not the world around him, although at this point he somehow knew instinctively that it mattered very little—he closed his eyes, smiling, arms folded lightly across his chest as the roar of the universe gradually faded, lower and dimmer until finally all that Henry could hear was the warm silent welcome of his return home.

    TAGS:  Henry, home, 1000th Scrine, air, clouds, clues, enlightenment, skin, precipice

body thing :: boot

I knew Keith’s enlightenment would lead me to strange and unusual places, but I didn’t know it would lead me back to 1971.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, body thing, unusual

llama’s :: Br. Ezra

I went to Argentina to search for someone called the Dalai Llama…but, frankly I don’t see how anyone could hope to find enlightenment talking to a llama; those damn birds just smell bad and they like to spit on you.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, Argentina, dalai llama, llamas, search, spit

1000 Scrines? :: boot

Enlightenment or not, there’s something about Keith and 1000, that’s for sure.

    TAGS:  enlightenment

tnemnethgilne :: boot

On the flip-side, if you’re underneath the planet who knows what calamities await you on the other side of the zeroes.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, down under

“All this enlightenment malarkey is nothing more than smoke and mirrors”, she told the bartender, who, a moment later, was more than a little surprised when the woman became enveloped in a cloud of colours, was gently entwined with ribbons of scents, was suffused in a glorious cacophony of sounds, and disappeared ecstatically and without a trace.

    TAGS:  1000th Scrine, enlightenment, malarkey, smoke and mirrors

Nothing brings you back down from the enlightened skies like the call of the little green frog.

    TAGS:  green, Kermit the Frog, blue - the colour, enlightenment, skies

Snapping the top of the whiskey bottle off in her teeth, she straightened her shoulders, took a large chug, and dove.

    TAGS:  1000th Scrine, enlightenment, bravery, chug

Ron “Buddha” Jeremy taught that enlightenment is as simple as telling the large plastic clown at the drive through to biggie size your number 2 combo.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, fast food, Drive Throughs

And speaking of enlightenment, happily there are only 8 more scrines until Br. Ezra joins us here amongst the Scrine clouds of enlightenment.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, encouragement

Many of the hobos present claimed to have attained a sense of enlightenment, or at the very least, a kind of heightened awareness which, among many things, allowed them to bathe with an even greater infrequency than before, so naturally I took small, shallow breathes that day, hoping to save my nose the discomfort of this hygienic nirvana.

    TAGS:  hobos, enlightenment, nirvana

Jeffers read everything he could regarding enlightenment, but found himself greatly disappointed that he still understood very little about light bulbs.

    TAGS:  enlightenment, light bulbs


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