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Sentences :: Keith

The Scrine may be a large, awkward, rusted bird, but he is not so unlike a lonely sentence, staring up at the sky, dreaming of flight.​

    TAGS:  dreams, scrine, 1st Sentence

deaf-mute comedy :: Keith

Five years after Roger’s arranged marriage to the deaf-mute girl from Bakersfield, his own lifelong dream came true when their one and only child, Chester, upon reaching the age of three, told his family to call him The Little Tramp, and announced that he would spend the rest of his years in complete silence, wearing only black oversized suits and imitating the antics of Charlie Chaplain; Roger, as much as he enjoyed the quiet, soon found that not all dreams should come true, and that as much as he loved his son, he would never be comfortable with the young boy’s new mustache.

    TAGS:  dreams, love, children, marriage, arranged marriage, Bakersfield, Charlie Chaplain, deaf-mute, mustaches, uncomfortable

was it real? :: Jo

I’m going to the parade today, if only to see if the firemen march without wearing pants, just like in my dream

    TAGS:  dreams, pants, firemen, parades

dream come true :: steve

When I made my first million, I fulfilled a promise I’d made to myself long before by paying the world’s leading competitive cyclists to ride the Pyrenees stages of the Tour de France course on big wheels.

    TAGS:  dreams, money

fortune :: Keith

You will dream poorly, again.

    TAGS:  dreams, fortune

One dream of a beautiful red head + 1 15-oz. block of red henna (dry weight, about 35 billion pounds when hydrated) + 3 yards of plastic wrap + 20 minutes of cleaning the bathroom + 90 minutes of sitting around + 30 minutes of chopping vegetables for ratatouille + 15…

    TAGS:  dreams

nocturnal bafflement :: other keith

I just woke up from a dream where I posted the following to Scrine: “I really like cardboard”

    TAGS:  dreams, weird, cardboard

In a dream I had last night, aliens were turning people into animals, and even though I’d been turned into a cat, I remember these things happening - when I ran, it was in great big strides like I still had two long legs, I was walking through a downtown and came across an art gallery whose sidewalk out front was made entirely of headstones, laid on their backs, and that I went inside the gallery after being lured in by a woman who seemed to be the owner and was offering me a slice of cake, and that once inside, I kept looking out a side window, insisting to people who passed between the buildings that I had not been turned into a cat, but was, in fact, a duck.

    TAGS:  dreams, cats, ducks, aliens, duck - the bird, quack, weird

I dreamed that Keith came to my house and built me a fence.

    TAGS:  dreams, Keith, fences

poppies :: other keith

If all your dreams came true…what would your brain have left to do while you slept?

    TAGS:  dreams, sleep

Bob Dreamed :: Keith

Bob sometimes dreamed of keeping up, but mostly he didn’t dream at all, and almost always overslept.

    TAGS:  dreams, oversleeping least in dreams :: other keith

In Hamburg, if you ride the ferry more than three times, you are legally considered to be a sailor, and therefore must provide your own mattress.

    TAGS:  dreams, ferry, sailors, mattresses

recursive insomnia :: other keith

Does it make sense that I woke up after dreaming about having trouble falling asleep, and was really, really tired?

    TAGS:  dreams, insomnia, recursive

She prodded her heart, watching it pump the blood around her chest cavity, and thought “if this is real, I think I’m in a lot of trouble.”

    TAGS:  dreams, blood, cavities, hearts

ethereal :: boot

Her body was shaped like the curves of the landscape, she was made of filament and fibres, her wings were the complex beauty of any winged beast, her eyes made of the sunrise and the clouds, her hair was a halo of heaven and she was as insubstantial as the air.

    TAGS:  dreams, wings, ethereal, filaments, woman

Sleep comes hard, the dreams are crazy and coffee is the breath of life that helps me through each day.

    TAGS:  dreams, coffee, life, sleep, crazy

The Tender of Dreams used to stand at the end of the driveway, hands in his pockets, not saying a word, just waiting for me to call him up.  He’d…

    TAGS:  dreams, Brad Zellar, hamburgers, puberty

The Lucky Man :: 'mouse

He slept well and dreamed of cookies.

    TAGS:  dreams, cookies, mouse-favorites

Sometimes even a handful of chocolate-covered espresso beans won’t overcome the the need for an afternoon nap; they will, however, lead to vivid dreams.

    TAGS:  dreams, chocolate, naps, espresso, vivid

Mornings :: Keith

When it’s all said and done, I’ll miss these mornings drifting in and out of sleep and dreams, the house perfectly quiet, birds singing just outside and the fresh, cool, early spring air blowing in through the open window just over my head.

    TAGS:  dreams, death, sleep, contemplation, morning, quiet, peacefulness

Henry Falls :: Keith

The first time Henry fell out of a plane, it literally scared the crap right out of him, but then he woke up and realized it had all been just a dream (well, the falling out of the airplane part, anyway).

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry, falling

Dream Analysis :: 'mouse

Last night I dreamed I was fighting a rabid skunk.

    TAGS:  dreams, analysis, skunks

Worms Dream :: Imaginary Keith

Gods turn into angels, angels turn into people, people turn into dirt which the worms burrow through, dreaming of gods, beginning the process all over again.

    TAGS:  dreams, gods, worms

The little girl stood trembling at the top of the monstrously tall, scalding hot and gun-metal grey slippery dip, wondering how she’d ever get down from the nightmare, when suddenly a white-scaled, rainbow-feathered dragon came giggling and jingling out of a rip in the sky, swooped down towards her and plucked her out of the air.

    TAGS:  dreams, adventure, sky, rainbows, childhood, nightmares, flying, giggle, dragons

Arrrghhh, not only have I lost the perfect sentence that I composed in a dream about 1:30am, but now I can’t think of a good name for what it’s called when you swear to yourself you’ll remember in the morning—too comfortable and lazy to get up and find a pen and paper—and then wake up with brain cells as blank and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

    TAGS:  dreams

Buddy patiently kept his eyes open for the woman of his dreams - a lady of refinement, education, and wit, with whom his domestic life could be the psychological equivalent of an ear-punishing jackhammer; at last he did find her, and they dated in agony for many years until it seemed as if he might finally learn an important life lesson and break away from this torture of his own design - but luckily, she agreed to marry him.

    TAGS:  dreams, marriage, Buddy - name, life lessons, torture

Juan awoke confused from the dream in which the giant 120-foot tall noble fir tree in his front yard fell across the street, completely destroying his neighbor’s house, because there was no such tree in his yard and he had no harsh feelings about his neighbor.

    TAGS:  dreams, Juan, trees, neighbors

Obstacles :: 'mouse

First, I swerved around an orphan construction cone, lying in the middle of the road, next a trash can and a recycling bin and soon after that a couple of bags of clothes and a baby stroller, but a mile down the road when I locked my brakes up to stop for an entire flatbed-load of lumber spread across the highway, I decided to back up to the blind corner a couple hundred yards back, throw out a road flare and slow down traffic until the cops showed up because this dream clearly was not going to reach any type of destination any time soon and I might as well settle in and make myself useful.

    TAGS:  dreams, auto, obstacles

vertigo :: pam

As Buddy grew nearer to retirement age, those old dreams of world travel and life-fulfilling pursuits, which had sustained him through the tedious decades, suddenly loomed too large, too disturbingly accessible, for comfort.

    TAGS:  dreams, Buddy - name, reality, retirement, vertigo

“What with one thing and another,” said Amador to the griffin (which was still holding the sagging kite string in its beak with simple dignity), “I haven’t been around to take you to the commons - and for that, I am very sorry.”

    TAGS:  dreams, Amador, griffins

The giant sat slumped over his keyboard, his fingers twitching furtively, and as his little rusty birds chirped and cheered “50,000”, he smiled in his wordless sleep.

    TAGS:  dreams, birds, fingers, giants

Boneless Baby! :: Keith

Wally’s dream of watching his son grow up and become a professional hitchhiker was shattered when the doctors confirmed his wildest fears.

    TAGS:  dreams, baby, hitchhiking

dream analysis #4607 :: bakerina

My, doesn’t Lloyd look fine in those old jeans?, thought Bakerina; it was at that moment that she noticed that in the spot where the leather “Wrangler” patch would be, instead was a patch cut from the front cover of her paperback copy of China Moon Cookbook by Barbara Tropp.

    TAGS:  dreams

dream analysis #4607A :: bakerina

“I swear,” said Bakerina as Lloyd stared at her incredulously after she recounted the China Moon Cookbook patch dream, “I have no idea why my mind works the way it does,” to which Lloyd replied, “That’s not your mind, that’s your brain.”

    TAGS:  dreams, analysis, brain, incredulous, Lloyd

becky dreams :: boot

In the little bed the young girl slept fitfully, her eyelids seeming to twitch, and she seemed racked with pain, seeming almost to cry silent tears as she slept, and as the camera of the story’s eye swirled around the spartan room, and through her hazel eye, we found her dreams and we found her standing alone, alone in a big red land; and as Becky stood in the middle of the scorched, dying, red, red desert she pivoted slowly around, her eyes flitting over the rocks and rock wallabies, watching this land die, but looking for signs of moisture, some sort of droplet, a little sign of life, just the merest hint of rain, but all she found was dust, flames, rock hard and lifeless ground and ashes, but she couldn’t give up, this land was hers and she wouldn’t let it die, so she spread her arms wide as she continued to turn and as she did so the searing air began to shimmer and curl, seeming to split and fly away in ribbons, each ribbon a shade of blue, a blue like the ocean, a blue of a young girl’s eyes, the blues from a bowerbird’s collection, a blue of the late night sky, and as each ribbon curled away into the sky, it became a tornado of blue, swirling higher and higher above Becky’s head until she was at the centre of a psychedelic storm and with each movement that she made, the storm grew and spread, reaching out across the scorched and scarred land, going up towards the centre and the red, red shores, spreading to the right and roaring through its deep green valleys, reaching further down through the myriad of lands, all the way to the bottom to its crisp white lines, swirling in larger and larger circles around the land, sweeping up the dust and the ashes and the pain, sweeping up the burnt carcasses and broken hearts, but leaving in its wake a river of gentle blue, a caress that called out to the people of the land, made them leave their hovels, exit their homes, come out into the street and dance under the blurred stars, so blurred because of the water falling from the sky, the moisture filling the air and filling their hearts, rain that, as it fell on their heads, caused their papery, dry and dusty limbs to cease crackling, a rain that started their brains to spark and their hearts to beat, a rain so gentle and long lived that they would speak of it for decades to come, yet it was not a rain of damage and torment, it was not in all the wrong places, it did not roar out of the sky ripping out trees and flooding roads, it just came and stayed and stayed until it was not needed anymore, it came when it was called and it was as blue and as beautiful as the Earth itself.

    TAGS:  dreams, rain, drought, Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, 500 words, life, perfection, caress, feeling - the emotion

When Pinocchio ran away, Geppetto was sad for a couple of days, but then pulled himself together by going into his workshop and building a little puppet he named Internet, who just like all of Geppetto’s puppets, dreamed of becoming a real boy that could grow up and march in peace rallies, except that Internet’s dream was shattered when he realized that the picket sign he’d so carefully written with his real-boy hands kept turning into an advertisement for bigger penises, causing the other protesters to boo and hiss and throw rocks at him, which Internet found not only ironic, but painful.

    TAGS:  dreams, Pinocchio, puppets, disillusion, Geppetto

and, meandering through the showrooms, I gathered a cartload of wire shelving, cookware and wicker baskets, with which I constructed a giant set of chimes in the Home Ideas Department, as a shrine to the ancient Swedish gods of efficiency.

    TAGS:  dreams, Ikea, chimes, efficiency, Swedish

The weary snail rested overnight and, like all courier snails, found that his burden had begun to affect his dreams.

    TAGS:  dreams, sock journey, snails, wooly

diet dreams :: 'mouse

Christine awoke from her dream of German chocolate cake and found a sole flake of coconut on her pillow.

    TAGS:  dreams, cake, chocolate, coconuts

landscaping dreams :: 'mouse

Meanwhile, Scott startled awake from a dream of landscaping, sweaty and tired, but happy to discover he was not covered in mud as he had been moments before.

    TAGS:  dreams, landscaping

Henry’s dream to grow the world’s largest, free-thinking pumpkin all began one summer with the accidental appearance of a single, smart-ass zucchini that didn’t know when to shut up.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry, appearance, pickles, zucchini, pumpkins, smart-ass

waking dream :: boot

It was more than a bit disappointing to wake up the other day only to discover that I’m not a tree.

    TAGS:  dreams, disappointment

Henry’s Dream :: Br. Ezra

Patty Smyth visited Henry each night in the dreamlands dressed like a succubus and would sit on his chest for hours without moving.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry, chest, succubus

Minimalist Jones had practical dreams,
Arranged neatly inside of his head,
Mostly dreams about saving and not wasting time,
And how to hold still while in bed.

    TAGS:  dreams, Minimalist Jones, practical

A dream involving work has nothing to do with symbolism, but does, however, clearly show the necessity of pushing forward with removable brain testing.

    TAGS:  dreams, brains, wacky ideas, symbolism

I really think I’d rather not know what it means that Saddam Hussein, pants wet in fear from a nearby exploded hand gernade, crawled out of the rubble, surrendered to me—ending the war in an instant—and bequeathed to me his wet-behind-the-ears newborn before he was marched off to be hanged.

    TAGS:  dreams, war, Hussein

Poetry in one line #1 :: Br. Ezra

Dreams billow around me in autumnal colors…burnt umber, reds and oranges frame an azure sky while the sweet little elementals begin their slumber.

    TAGS:  dreams, Autumn, slumber, poetry in one line

in her dreams :: boot

While boot slept on, Becky wrestled the placeholder out from underneath the pillow and wondered why there were now 888 lemmings dancing on the walls.

    TAGS:  dreams, Becky the Harlequin, pillows, lemmings, placeholders

Pusty Dreams :: Br. Ezra

Ralph Pusty dreams often of legally changing his last name.

    TAGS:  dreams, last names

Even from this dizzying height you wouldn’t fall forever, Imaginary Keith thought, and carefully slid himself back away from the edge.

    TAGS:  dreams, turtles

Mr. Charleton’s pebbleware dreams had all but ended, yet he still danced about town, carefree and hatless.

    TAGS:  dreams, hats, carefree, Mr. Charleton

Hands, In Dreams :: Keith

Eventually we held hands, but I found her touch bony and uncomfortable, making it hard to finish the story I’d been telling.

    TAGS:  dreams, storytelling, bony

Alter Egos :: Br. Ezra

At night I often dream that I’m Clark Gable

    TAGS:  dreams, Clark Gable

No matter how hard she dreamed for it, her hands never became covered in scales, nor did they ever grow filthy, long, dark claws.

    TAGS:  dreams, imagination, dragons

speechless :: boot

I wonder if words dream.

    TAGS:  dreams, words

Juan awoke from a nightmare that someone had demolished half his house only to discover that he had demolished half his house.

    TAGS:  dreams, Juan, nightmares, demolition, remodeling

Savior Dreams :: Keith

Nothing keeps me better aligned with the world than one of my failed savior dreams.

    TAGS:  dreams, savior, humble

all the world :: boot

Where, with the limit of one destination, would you go?

    TAGS:  dreams, travel, desire, destinations

Dreams. :: OhNo789

When my parents asked me “wouldn’t you rather be a porta-potty servicer,” I knew that my dreams of becoming an actor would be short-lived.

    TAGS:  dreams, theater, shitter

I had a dream I set out to cross the Sierras on a dining room chair; in time, I grew disappointed at my mileage, and fondly recalled a previous dream in which I’d burned up the highway on a rolling desk chair.

    TAGS:  dreams, chairs, mileage, Sierra mountains

Don’t worry, honey, your embarrassing ordeal—you know, where you were dangling from the crane line over the quarry and, as you spun around, those of us trying to rescue you could see that you weren’t wearing any panties—was only a dream I had last night, so no one even imagines that it happened, except me once in awhile during the day, and of course, maybe anyone I might happen to tell, but what are the odds I’d talk about that dream to anyone?

    TAGS:  dreams, quarry

running :: 'mouse

After a dream one night, Kevin awoke and started running, increasing slowly from about 100 yards, which was all he could do at first, until months later, when he found his stride, and he could run 100 miles or more.

    TAGS:  dreams, running

love :: 'mouse

Watching her die, even just in a dream, was much harder than I expected.

    TAGS:  dreams, love, death

Watches & Clocks :: Keith

The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming never once dreamed of watches or clocks, which made him very happy.

    TAGS:  dreams, time, clocks, dreaming

How will the day go, now that I’ve left my subconscious stuck in the middle of a wine cellar robbery?

    TAGS:  dreams, subconscious

My friend Schuster told Rufus that just because he’d been dreaming about killing him didn’t necessarily mean that he was really going to do it; “Beside,” he told Rufus, “I don’t even own any hand grenades right now.”

    TAGS:  dreams, Rufus & Schuster, polite violence, hand grenades

I excused myself when something felt wrong and, looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, found not only a leaf sticking out of my nose, but the tips of leaves protruding slightly from beneath both of my eyelids.

    TAGS:  dreams

Any dream involving running shows the individual’s need for a slice of banana cream pie.

    TAGS:  dreams, pie, Keith's Guides to Everything

so incredibly immature :: You can call me, 'Sir'

Tropicana’s new rewards program sounds a little naughty to me and, frankly, I’m not proud of it.

    TAGS:  dreams

Looking more closely, I realized her blind eyes had been replaced by jewels.

    TAGS:  dreams, eyes, blind, jewels

Dream Fish :: Keith

We chased the fish from the hotel lobby and down the street, ashamed of ourselves when we finally caught it and discovered the fish was actually an old woman who’d been mistaken for a catfish by a passing construction worker who thought she’d escaped from the hotel’s fountain; “I’m so sorry,” I said, then looking closely at her whiskery face, was forced to lie, “I really don’t see how that man could have mistaken you for a catfish.”

    TAGS:  dreams, fish, catfish, old women

When the answer to the alien captivity turned out to be mold, I awoke from the dream, irritated with my subconscious’ obvious lack of originality.

    TAGS:  dreams, aliens, mold

A new atheism :: Br. Ezra

The gods are not immortal living only as long as the span of one man’s dream

    TAGS:  dreams, atheism, gods, immortality

Thanks for untying her bikini top, ‘mouse.

    TAGS:  dreams, boobies, bikini

The Devil caused me more than a little trouble in my dream last night, and now this morning, he has me wondering why he thought he was doing me a favor when he did what he did.

    TAGS:  dreams, devil

“No, not a single one,” Henry answered.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry, hopes

The dog patted the man on the forehead three or four times, a gentle reminder that his morning urination routine was just as important as saving the universe, or perfect bare skin, or impossible slides down the sides of mountains, or whatever other nonsense too much cake had caused him to dream about.

    TAGS:  dreams, dogs

Dream promises :: 'mouse

The dream I promised myself I would not forget has evaporated with the morning dew, like always.

    TAGS:  dreams, forgetting

In the dream I was dating a much younger woman, and after excusing myself to make some phone calls and being away for about fifteen to twenty minutes, I realized when I returned to her that I could no longer remember her name, which I can tell you, did not go well for me in the dream; upon waking, however, I knew my subconscious was on the wrong track and that I needn’t over-interpret the age difference aspects because, if there’s one thing my waking life has proved time and time again, it’s that I would have forgotten her name no matter how old she was.

    TAGS:  dreams

Pulling on his socks, making them just right, Henry forgot all the interlocking details of the previous night’s dreams, including the most important piece—the name of the man who held the key to harnessing the hidden energy of—whatever it was, dammit, he couldn’t remember.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry

A snake dream might mean your favorite television program may soon be cancelled; pay close attention to the level of your fear in the dream, as fear is the key to knowing how much battery power remains in your TV’s remote control.

    TAGS:  dreams, fear, snakes, Keith's Guides to Everything

The flying dream may be a sign that the stoplights will be in your favor on the way to Target.

    TAGS:  dreams, dream interpretation, Target - the store, Keith's Guides to Everything

“It does no one any good if she looks like a strip of crisp bacon.”

    TAGS:  dreams, bacon

Armed only with a cell phone and carrying a locked case whose combination I didn’t know, I instructed the border guards that I would enter precisely at the time I’d been instructed to enter, then informed the two confused men that they now had roughly five minutes to make the right decision.

    TAGS:  dreams, China

Of all the amazing things that happened last night while I slept, it’s unfortunate that the only part I can recall is when the hotdogs came back to life and started wiggling to escape.

    TAGS:  dreams, hotdogs

Remember, not all dream interpretations necessarily begin in the underwear.

    TAGS:  dreams, underwear

Are my dreams half empty or half full? he asked himself out loud in the morning, and if I hadn’t woken up, I have a feeling that talking cow knew more than she was letting on.

    TAGS:  dreams

He knew his dreams were the roadmap, the same way he knew that opening his eyes in the morning was the gas gauge hitting E.

    TAGS:  dreams, roadmaps

Henry slept as the others had a friendly chatbox bicker that led to a disturbing dream involving his best friend and a loan shark and a rough demand “give me all your money” that brought him awake straight away just in time - ding! the coffee was ready.

    TAGS:  dreams, coffee, bicker

My Film Noir :: Br. Ezra

My life is a dream noir lived entirely in feverish flashbacks of shadows and silhouetted figures prowling my nightmares; the blond femme fatale with the hour glass figure and red pouty lips knows a secret bound in fetish wear that she refuses to share with me, but if the deep red wounds across my wrists are any indication I would rather not know what brings her to my office at this late hour –I offer her a cigarette and ask her to sit down.

    TAGS:  dreams, secrets, nightmares, flashbacks, fetish wear, film noir, silhouttes

My life is a dream noir lived entirely in feverish flashbacks of shadows and silhouetted figures prowling my nightmares; the blond femme fatale with the hour glass figure and red pouty lips knows a secret bound in fetish wear that she refuses to share with me, but if the deep red wounds across my wrists are any indication I would rather not know what brings her to my office at this late hour –I offer her a cigarette and ask her to sit down.

    TAGS:  dreams, cigarettes, nightmares, flashbacks, shadows, femme fatales, fetish wear, fim noir

I dreamt I had a credit card with a four million dollar limit, yet I woke up disturbed, my pillow damp with sweat.

    TAGS:  dreams

It’s difficult to “damn the torpedoes” when you haven’t any.

    TAGS:  dreams, tug boats, torpedoes, nuclear submarines

It was a rather unusual sex dream, involving a drunk Magellan whispering something into a barmaid’s ear about a bedroom game he called Compass & Map.

    TAGS:  dreams, barmaid, Magellan

Last night I dreamed that someone had cleaned the garage and a car finally fit in it and this morning guess where I found my car.

    TAGS:  dreams, garages

Why does it have to be so complicated? he thought as he went over his dream about fake historic manuscripts and the secret Kevin Bacon trick that his subconscious had revealed.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry, loose history, Kevin Bacon

Steven flipped back and forth in his Big Handbook of Dream Interpretation but he was unable to find out what it meant that he’d dreamed his penis grew very large.

    TAGS:  dreams, dream interpretation

Henry had only watched himself die once in his dreams, and still wasn’t quite sure what to make of it after years of thought, but he’d been shot dozens, maybe hundreds of times in the abdomen or lower back, which he was sure meant either he was hungry or it was time to get a new mattress.

    TAGS:  dreams, Henry

If I ever need dentures, I promise here and now to have a set made entirely of tiny, little baby teeth because the thought of that ridiculous smile makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    TAGS:  dreams, teeth, dentures

You’d think that being in love with my high school math teacher’s daughter combined with the passing of thirty plus years would be enough to keep that whisp-thin, enigmatic mathematician and his impossible equations out of my dreams.

    TAGS:  dreams, mathematics

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