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Should I assume that I’m doomed, since there was no fortune in my cookie during my Chinese lunch today?

    TAGS:  doom, fortune cookies

Elements of a classic bad dream plagued the office birthday party; first the Dollar Store cake knife - made of that type of plastic that’s always doomed to fail - cracked under pressure (reducing Francine to scooping hunks of cake onto plates with a spoon in her sticky fist), then somebody’s capuccino landed on the carpet and had to be mopped up with dozens of tiny pink napkins, while the constant bark of forced laughter pinged off the walls.

    TAGS:  doom, sunshine, forced, plastic

... “oooh, it does look good, maybe I’ll try a little piece for myself,” thought the doomed apocalypse.

    TAGS:  doom, pie, apocalypse

Air :: Keith

There is disappointment in the air; I can smell it from here.

    TAGS:  doom, disappointment, smell - the act

Doom :: 'mouse

Janice lay dooming, flat on her back under the doom of the dark sky, smelling acrid doom on the still air and listening to the bone-rattling “Doom, Doom, Doom” sound that rose from the very bowels of the earth.

    TAGS:  doom, acrid, apocalypse

at the end of a day during which i read emma lazarus’ New Colossus no less than three times to classes of 4th graders who have no earthly idea what or when the declaration of independence was, not to mention from whom independence was being declared (one thought it might have been the statue of liberty) we are treated to a recording of an ear witness to the gettysburg address and I, for one, say it’s a near thing, the loss of history; a brutally near thing.

    TAGS:  doom, history, loss

(Holy?) Crap! :: grudknows

Grudknows ran about the house like a crazed chicken, cursing the gods and frightening her pets, having given into the urge (a very unwise urge, it turns out) to check google and see if Keith really was lost in the desert - turns out - he’s not and we’re all doomed.

    TAGS:  doom, lost

PGB Syndrome :: boot

Any book read following the completion of a truly great book is doomed before it’s started.

    TAGS:  books, doom, pgb syndrome

the other shoe :: littledevilworks

She sat quietly, listening to soothing music, munching absentmindedly on candy and waiting for the other shoe of doom to drop.

    TAGS:  doom, fear, music, candy, shoe of doom

Every day Jim watched the unpressed button, thinking that one day it was going to get pressed and bugger the consequences.

    TAGS:  doom, buttons, curiosity

rejected :: You can call me, 'Sir'

Although the medical school entrance committee would never admit to it, they often made decisions between two worthy applicants by placing the title ‘Dr.’ before their names to gauge whether it sounded ‘right’, which basically doomed Mr. Ouch von PainGiver’s prospects as a future gynecologist.

    TAGS:  doom, rejection, secrecy

The rain confirmed it; it was simply a gloomy day.

    TAGS:  doom, gloom

Beware, Citrus Heights shopping mall: I plan to unleash two unaccompanied eleven year-olds on you.

    TAGS:  doom, shopping malls, tweenies

Bad Luck :: Br. Ezra

Dr. Doom could scarecly believe his luck, Obama really was Captain America and this did not bode well for his latest evil scheme as it had been based on the reported death of his nemesis; In a related story, Stan Lee goes into hiding.

    TAGS:  doom, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Obama, Stan Lee

Doomsday Clock :: Br. Ezra

It’s 5 minutes to midnight are your ready to kiss your ass goodbye?

    TAGS:  doom, doomsday clock

The Closet of Doom :: Br. Ezra

I am afraid to open my walk in closet as it is crammed full of my fears, anxieties and 7 years of tax returns and random receipts.

    TAGS:  doom, fear, dark

C.o.D :: boot

Reading some of my Scrine entries of late, I begin to wonder whether it’s entirely healthy to have the Chicken of Doom in my kitchen.

    TAGS:  doom, chickens, chicken - the bird, Chicken of Doom, obsession

You are DOOMED!

    TAGS:  doom

I love a place that makes me sing of doom in unexpectedly cheerful ways.

    TAGS:  doom, cheerful, unexpected

Doom Etiquette :: boot

When foretelling of doom, it is always considered polite to end such ill forebodings with a loud, manic laugh.

    TAGS:  doom, etiquette, manic

What is it about human nature that makes us populate the front page with death, disaster and doom?

    TAGS:  doom, human nature, greed, journalism

It is lurking, it is hiding, it can see you and you can sense it’s imminent, feathery and dread-filled return.

    TAGS:  doom, chickens, chicken - the bird, Chicken of Doom, dread, lurking, imminent

head, shoulders, knees & toes :: littledevilworks

As Juan pondered the sound of one hand clapping, the giant Foot of Doom blotted him out of existence.

    TAGS:  doom, existence

Like some sort of doom’s day survivor, the chief often prepared an evening meal consisting of nothing more than canned goods left behind by those now long gone.

    TAGS:  doom, The Chief, doomsday, canned goods

Local Economy :: scott

It gives me some comfort that, even though somewhere in the background a radio blathers doom about the economy, the Fed just can’t seem to raise my interest on this day, though in some homes, or so I’ve heard, values are down so low that families can’t pay attention to each other any more and no one is taking credit and no one is giving credit and credit is coming due and on every frequency English majors are spinning math, going off on tangents, wondering who will cosign now that the markets are exhausted and looking for a place to crash, because I’m not overly taxed by any of this, since none of these are material losses for me, as I lie here with you, taking stock of all your assets, investing in bonds, exploring your options, leveraging insider information, presenting a tender offer, my interest compounding by the second. (Adapted from a blog post I did a few months ago.)

    TAGS:  doom, economy, crash

Doom Blossoms :: scott

Asian blossoms open to welcome the doomed sun as it shines down on the oblivious activity of people unaware that the blooming in winter of this particular tree, beside a tiny brook in a craggy ravine in the mountains of Nepal, is one of many portents of the end of the world.

    TAGS:  doom, Asian, Winter, blossoms, craggy

I feel good this morning... which suggests I've probably forgotten to consider two or three impending catastrophes.

    TAGS:  doom, catastrophe


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