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soygrass again? :: Keith

Little is known about the vegan dinosaurs, other then they were fast runners with low self-esteem.

    TAGS:  animals, dinosaurs, vegan, self-esteem

People :: Keith

I am convinced that people are nothing more than living, breathing, fully functional storybooks who roam the Earth like modern-day dinosaurs!

    TAGS:  people, dinosaurs

Dinosaurs :: 'mouse

Even small dinosaurs can learn new skills, thought Rodenta Paleolithica as he put on his headphones and placed a Skype call to China.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, computers, technology, china

Veggie Dinosaur :: Keith

Behold the vegetarian dinosaur!
Behold the vegetarian dinosaur!

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, prehistoric

Terror Birds! :: Keith

I know there are some who worry incessantly that ducks are up to no good, but personally, it’s the terror bird I’m losing sleep over.

    TAGS:  birds, ducks, dinosaurs, duck - the bird, worry, terror, prehistoric, terror bird

One good thing about NaNoScriMo - one certainly winds up learning a lot about dinosaurs.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, diplodocus, NaNoScriMo

The last known sighting of a dunkleosteus in Ohio occurred in 1953 just outside of Sandusky, when the mayor, attempting to present the beast with the key to the city, instead ended up donating his arm, the state fire marshall, three lamp posts, half of the local high school band (mostly tubas and trombones), and a very nice derby hat, which in the mayor’s surprise turn of events, fell off of his head and rolled into Lake Erie.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, hats, ridiculous encounters, Lake Erie, derby, tuba, mayor, trombone

Nine Hours In :: Keith

So far, no obvious dinosaur attacks.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, New Years

After thinking the matter through while sitting in the museum amongst the ancient dinosaurs and dusty books, the intelligent and pulchritudinous inamorata decided to dance all the myriad colours of the glittering rainbow.

    TAGS:  books, rainbows, dinosaurs, stacking, glittering, pulchritudinous, myriad

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are all colours of the rainbow, but ducks, dinosaurs, cheese-sticks, rayguns, alfoil hats, spaceships, books, saffron and mangoes are not.

    TAGS:  mangoes, red, green, dinosaurs, duck - the bird, blue - the colour, yellow, stacking, indigo, cheese-sticks

The skeletons were rusty and the bodies were broken, but the place was one of worship and an old, old love.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, rust, worship, skeletons

birthday Keith :: boot

What I want to know is; does Keith celebrate his birthday in conjunction with Bob and Henry (and are dinosaurs involved)?

    TAGS:  Henry, dinosaurs, birthdays

I thought I’d impress Sally by telling her that there was no actual proof that I couldn’t out-wrestle a dinosaur, but then she pointed out that there wasn’t any proof I could outsmart one either, so that didn’t go so well.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, Rufus, dating, bowling, bravado, proof, outsmart, wrestling

The giant bent down and picked up the dinosaur, tilting his head to the side and studying it before popping it in to the specimen jar to take home to add to his son’s dinosaur farm.

    TAGS:  libraries, dinosaurs, giants, natural science, specimen jars

The T-Rex was a docile creature in the age before the fall of man – it lived side by side in the garden with Adam and Eve munching on succulent greens and, if you tickled his belly just right, would give Cain and Abel piggyback rides, but that all changed the day Eve got raped by a talking snake and ate the apple, and while the first family hid from their maker in the mangroves the mighty T-Rex decided it was fucking tired of eating salad all the time.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, jocko homo heavenbound, salad, The Garden of Eden

Time-travel napping sounds adventurous and thrilling, but not so much when you settle down for a quick snooze and wake up surrounded by robots and/or dinosaurs.

    TAGS:  adventure, dinosaurs, robots, time travel, napping

The urban T. Rex was at one time a friendly, easy going creature, but grew increasingly angry as humans, with their much longer arms, stole cab after cab from them.

    TAGS:  anthropomorphism, dinosaurs, cabs

Like the dinosaurs, the hipsters never learned to whistle, sealing their fate.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, fate, hipsters, whistling

For years I had a reoccurring dream of myself as an eight year old boy, climbing an outdoor staircase of the Lutheran church in my old neighborhood to fight off a Tyrannosaurus rex with a giant #2 pencil, sharpened to a menacing point, and while I haven’t had the dream for nearly 35 years, it’s still fresh in my mind as I search Google maps, hoping to catch a modern day glimpse of the church, our old apartment, and, with any luck at all, a confused dinosaur who’s wondering where his nemesis has been.

    TAGS:  dreams, dinosaurs, pencils, Martin Luther

Any place that can tell you how many gallons of gasoline in a T-rex (~400) is okay by me.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, gasoline, fuel, interwebthingie

According to various sources on the interwebthingie, a Boeing 747 air-freighter consumes approximately 90 T-rex's on its flight from Beijing to San Francisco, thus, multiplying my new laptop computer's package weight by the appropriate operands and factors, its carbon dinosaur footprint is roughly $4 worth of liquified and compressed T-rex juice, or less than 1/400th of a dinosaur; isn't the modern world great?

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, interwebthingie, carbon footprint

Moooo :: 'mouse

An interesting corollary to the Scrines below: You can purchase what's left of an entire, well-aged T-rex for approximately half the cost of a nice quality Angus steer, on-the-hoof.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, beef, gasoline, interwebthingie, moooo


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