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have a seat :: pam

All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, Beverly felt confident that the father of the modern-day office cubicle was not certifiably sadistic, but merely misguided; had he the inclination to visit a typical workplace to survey the fruits of his brainchild, she thought, she would happily share an afternoon with him, hunkered down inside the aquamarine fabric walls, unwilling audience to phone conversations so jarring and loud they could only logically originate from war zones.

    TAGS:  cubicles, sadistic

They assured Jenna that in a few months, it would get very busy at the agency, and she would be in charge of many complicated and important projects, and then they ushered her to a cubicle and explained that she would conduct her own orientation for the next month or two by combing through the shared drive for random memos, templates, and written procedures.

    TAGS:  work, cubicles, complicated, orientation

*deep sigh* :: kimberly

I could make a list of many thing that I hope you never have to do at the office; listening to your boss discuss on the phone with his son said son’s diagnosis with the same type of cancer that said boss had 10 years ago would be near the top.

    TAGS:  cubicles, bad news, sigh, cancer

perspective :: boot

It could be a factory line.

    TAGS:  cubicles, perspective, working, factories

The flamethrower glowed red and white as it sprayed mayhem and pain across the row of cubicles and Miss Jane screamed defiantly into the rampaging fire “NO, I don’t mind being your admin girl, I hope you appreciate my technique!”

    TAGS:  Miss Jane, polite violence, cubicles, mayhem, screaming, indignant, old ways, technique, rampaging

When you really think about it, there aren’t any differences between an office cubicle and a bathroom stall.

    TAGS:  cubicles

The most challenging aspect of Emily’s job was in constantly tamping down the knowledge of how screamingly pointless her daily work was.

    TAGS:  cubicles, office work, pointless, Emily, padded cells

On long, lonely days in the cubicle, with virtually no human interaction, Muriel’s headache seemed a little like a visitor who cared enough to stop by and see her - like it would be a shame to chase it away with aspirin before it had had a chance for a nice long stay.

    TAGS:  Muriel, cubicles, office work, headaches, human interaction

The loud cubicle neighbors are arguing some of the finer points of ‘Star Trek’ folklore; for the first time, I wish I was already well-acquainted, so I could join right in.

    TAGS:  cubicles, geeks, Star Trek

The elite workers who have window cubicles are never in on Friday afternoons.

    TAGS:  cubicles, Friday, office work, windows

Sure, sure, they knew they worked in a rat-race and that their cubicles were nothing more than rat-holes, but did the powers that be really need to turn the entrance into the building into an actual rat maze?

    TAGS:  cubicles, electric-shocks, maze, rat-race

“Vapid entity” and “unmitigated farce”.

    TAGS:  cubicles, farce, vapid, unmitigated

spam with that? :: boot

Post holidays, all you really want is some nice fried eggs (and another holiday).

    TAGS:  cubicles, spam, email

“If we traded bodies, like in that movie,” said the 10-year old child to her mother, “you could have my superpower of playing piano tunes in any key, an’ I could have your superpower of being able to sit inside a cubicle.”

    TAGS:  children, cubicles, office work, superpowers, pre-pubescent

You know your office has budgetary issues when you ask to replace your computer mouse - not a fancy ergonomically-correct chair or anything, dammit, just a mouse! - and the supply girl carefully unlocks her cabinet, looks forlornly into the empty space, then offers to go scrounging through semi-abandoned cubicles for a used replacement for you.

    TAGS:  cubicles, office work, budgets, woes, mouse hunting

From behind :: pam

The new, mirrored photo frame on Madeline’s desk enabled her to see what fresh hell was sneaking up on her.

    TAGS:  mirrors, cubicles, sneaking, Madeline

“Hey, Tammy, you know that thing you were so keen about - you know the thing, we mocked you about it for days - yeah, can you present something to the staff about it?”

    TAGS:  cubicles, mocking

It doesn’t count, so it can just go and get stuffed.

    TAGS:  cubicles, get stuffed

As the outgoing notices piled up on Jean’s desk, she kidded herself one more day wouldn’t really matter.

*Advanced Notice of Death

    TAGS:  cubicles, life and death

unreal bindings :: boot

My body may be caught in this bland, bland place, but my mind has been set free and is roaming.

    TAGS:  imagination, cubicles, unbound, unreal

into the maw :: boot

In a manner reminiscent of Soylent Green, the workers drolled their way into the maw of the stark, grey building.

    TAGS:  cubicles, droll, maw, stark

After staying a bit too long in a job that had demoralised her, brung low her sense of self-esteem and worn her out in the face of even reasonable criticism, Tammy wondered just how the hell she was then meant to go out and sell herself to potential new employers.

    TAGS:  cubicles, box factory, demoralising, woebegone

visceral :: boot

Apparently, disembowelling people at a meeting is, to say the least, mildly frowned upon.

    TAGS:  cubicles, etiquette, visceral, disembowelling

I have no idea what the guy in the cube over the wall looks like, after four days.

    TAGS:  work, cubicles

When a new cubicle inhabitant moves in, cubicle neighbours should drop by with fresh baked goods to welcome them to their cubiclehood.

    TAGS:  cubicles, baked goods, welcome party

“Farting In My Cubicle:” all the embarrassing moments from work people send in in 250 words or less.

    TAGS:  blogging, cubicles, farting


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