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feng shui :: pam

She quietly, unobtrusively carved a niche for herself within the emotion-choked clutter of her own house; with every object purloined from other rooms - table, chair, computer, task light, small travel clock - the simple excitement of potential seemed to be able to scrape guilt off the very walls.

    TAGS:  computers, chairs, clocks, clutter, emotion, excitement, potential, feng shui, guilt, niche

printers :: Imaginary Keith

Sure the world almost ended with over-crowding and mass starvation, but that was before they enacted the Windows Related Printer Problem Act of 2034, which guaranteed the elimination of one human for each and every printer problem found to be Windows related - these days people everywhere are free to breed like rabbits and there’s still plenty of food to go around.

    TAGS:  computers, rabbits, starvation

choice :: Keith

Sure it’s nice outside, but what’s that have to do with computers?

    TAGS:  computers, choice, fresh air

hmo-ptimism :: steve

I’d rather be me than my laptop, because even though we’re both sick without insurance, at least I didn’t have to be returned to the factory for disassembly.

    TAGS:  computers, insurance, health

discovering :: Keith

If I’d known IE would turn my site into such a loose-bordered slut, I would never have let it leave the house.

    TAGS:  computers, css

Suddenly, a browser disability hurls me back into an earlier time and I try to read the signs like some Rip Van Winkle in reverse.

    TAGS:  computers, Rip Van Winkle

fatal crash :: Snow

If an iMac crashes in the middle of the night and no one is around to witness it, will it ever boot up again?

    TAGS:  computers, witness

tragedy :: 'mouse

Earlier today I distilled the very essence of life into one single glorious sentence to share with Scrine, but I was driving and had no paper and no pen and no ‘net access; if only we had a voice recognition, cellphone-based posting system, we would never experience the tragedy of a lost sentence.

    TAGS:  computers, cellphones, tragedy, essence

The computer’s adoration for Jared turned downright unsavory when it pretended to acquire all kinds of viruses, spyware, and illicit freeware downloads, in a desperate bid for his attention.

    TAGS:  computers, Munchausen

My computer has 139,806 files and the number is increasing daily; my brain has about 14 and the number is decreasing at an alarming rate.

    TAGS:  computers, inverse relationships

Everything changed for Jolene that spring morning when she sat down in her cubicle, opened up her email account, found 372 new emails, calmly poured her coffee into the computer, walked out, took a cab directly to the airport and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.

    TAGS:  change, work, computers, email

Telling :: Keith

A fortune teller once told me, “I see your life connected with computers,” which I have to admit, sounded an awful lot like everyone’s future.

    TAGS:  computers, fortune telling

The most revolutionary and life-changing application of the personal computer is the ability to throw away all one’s mixed tapes from high school boyfriends with nary a trace of nostalgia.

    TAGS:  music, computers

Dinosaurs :: 'mouse

Even small dinosaurs can learn new skills, thought Rodenta Paleolithica as he put on his headphones and placed a Skype call to China.

    TAGS:  dinosaurs, computers, technology, china

Upon her entry into the most famed icon of computer geekery, the Apple Store located smack dab in the bellybutton of Silicon Valley, she realized that at last she had fulfilled a set of childhood dreams: a candy store, adulthood, and nearly unlimited credit.

    TAGS:  computers, electronics

sign of the times :: hysterium

Roger chuckled at the sight of the old computer ad selling a “blazing fast 80 mhz micro computer processor”.

    TAGS:  computers

And Beer! :: Jo

“Wherever two or more gather in my name,” she uttered self-importantly, “there will be more than enough computers to go around.”

    TAGS:  computers

It was inconvenient enough to have to learn to type, instead of just hiring a girl as he used to in the 70’s, but the final straw was those smart-mouthed “it” kids who kept visiting his desk and reminding him, with a snicker, not to open his computer with the letter-opener again.

    TAGS:  change, computers

For someone so unflaggingly introspective, thought the computer, I don’t understand myself one damn bit.

    TAGS:  computers, introspection

Scrinedog :: 'mouse

Blaze let out one quick bark and assumed a point position every time he saw the scrinebird appear on his master’s computer.

    TAGS:  dogs, computers

Henry realized that the development of colorful expletives lagged far behind modern day computer technology, but not until his favorite computer suddenly went black and wouldn’t restart.

    TAGS:  Henry, computers, technology, expletives

Unlike old men, computers sometimes return from the shop with their memories intact.

    TAGS:  Henry, computers, memory

Sometimes reconfiguring the computer network will require a second pot of coffee.

    TAGS:  coffee, computers

A classic, updated :: 'mouse

1000 gigabytes of data to transfer
take one down and copy it over
999 gigabytes of data to transfer…

    TAGS:  computers

“So after more than an hour of craziness and making my programs list garbage and being scared and seeing that Microsoft.com is a terrible website I haven’t run Moviemaker and I haven’t got the plus package.” [Bill Gates, c2003]

    TAGS:  guest scriner, computers

Ugly :: 'mouse

The three ugliest words in the English language are, “IP Address Conflict.”

    TAGS:  computers, English

hi tech :: 'mouse

Juan surveyed the two computers running three separate displays on his desk and sighed contentedly.

    TAGS:  computers, technology

Once again, Apple’s greedy grab, putting too little memory in their devices and demanding $100 for each additional $15 worth of RAM is going to keep me from buying their otherwise cool products.

    TAGS:  computers, Apple lust

As Frank’s fingers danced over the keyboard, it suddenly dawned on him that he wielded more far power than most gods throughout history.

    TAGS:  computers, Zeus

Looking around his desk, Juan observed he was up to three computers, five screens (six if you count the smart phone) and he was seriously considering whether or not his hardware would support one more.

    TAGS:  2013, computers, enough already, screens


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