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blech :: 'mouse

I don’t care how well that new industrial hallway carpet with the black, orange, brown and grey pattern hides stains—it’s a fucking atrocity and it gives me a splitting headache.

    TAGS:  colour, overwhelming

The entity known as boot is certainly 78, has pink hair and is keen on ladders, however, the real woman that wears the boot is definitely not 78, has had hair coloured purple, red, orange, brown and so on (but never pink) and is only interested in ladders as a functional device… but who are you going to believe; a boot or a woman?

    TAGS:  colour, boot - the person, ladders, obfuscation

becky :: boot

“Whooh, look-it all the pretty coloured dots”.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, pretty

whippletree :: boot

As Becky stood in the middle of the earth, under the shade of the whippletree, amidst a streaming tunnel of fluorescing colours, listening to the sounds of a million voices collide and pop violently against each other, she wondered who else there was like her, she wondered if she were the only one truly alive in this steamy, underground version of reality, if all these other ‘people’ were just figments of her fig-scented imagination, if she were the only person that constantly received these giddy, swirling eddies of emotion that seemed to be simultaneously enervating and, yet, as stimulating as the stars in the night sky, these emotions of colour and noise and ice-cream which would swish fluidly around her body or if, indeed, there was another, one more, just one other entity who could wave away entire disenchantments with an insignificant brush of their hand, one who merely needed to think of the pastels and the paisleys to end the suffering (or begin it), one more being who would subtly, but oh-so surely join her in this licorice all-sorts land and bring her, finally, to her bursting and beautiful beginning.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, figs, swirling, eddies, ice cream, noise, enervating, whippletree

Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow.

    TAGS:  Bent Rule Club, colour, yellow

Becky watched the swirling, shifting colours on her arm as they changed from pink to red to violet to green to blue and back again, and then she reached forward and gently removed both of her forearms, her left leg, her right ear and half of her tail and placed them all in the top her reverberating skull.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, red, green, harlequin, colour, blue - the colour, yellow, swirling, polka-dot, violet - the colour

letter of love :: boot

Dearest most colourful and bright beautiful sparklingness Becky, you are the wind, you are the reason for our life, we watch your every movement, breathless with awe, and with each sinuous step that you take, the winds of the sky swirl hypnotically and chaotically, and we, we are swept up and are aloft, gliding through the streaming ribbons of colour that is your love.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, colour, awe, butterflies, wind, ribbons, sinuous, sparkle, swirls

Becky raced down the lane, giggling and laughing, yelling confusing and contextless words, weaving and darting between the explosive rivers of colour, watching all the ducks bloom, the flowers exfoliate and the mammoths dance, and running recklessly forward towards the shimmering, magnetic and dazing light just that little bit further ahead.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, ducks, harlequin, duck - the bird, colour, Spring, shimmer, darting, weaving, mammoths

As Becky swayed left and right during her happy dance of many colours, the colours sprayed out in ribbons all around her and the white lorikeets singing loudly nearby were coated with the most beautiful, unbelievable array of rainbow-hued feathers.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, rainbows, harlequin, colour, feathers, dancing, cheeky, ribbons, singing, lorikeets

the dance of e :: boot

Becky ran in wild circles, skipping, twirling and leaping giddily as she went, and as she passed by the world turned into joyous frothy bubbles of colour and rippling textures (with the occasional miniature elephant).

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, dancing, e, elephants, bubbles, giddy, leaping, twirling

feeling red? :: boot

Add a pinch of Miss Jane, stand well back, watch the flames.

    TAGS:  red, Miss Jane, colour, feeling - the emotion, flames

feeling orange? :: boot

Use one part rusty bird and one part mango; stir.

    TAGS:  mangoes, colour, feeling - the emotion, orange - the colour

feeling yellow? :: boot

Take one duck, roll it out flat, watch it boing back up again.

    TAGS:  ducks, duck - the bird, colour, boing, yellow, feeling - the emotion

feeling green? :: boot

Add a dash of frog, sing a song or two, wonder why you’re not a muppet too.

    TAGS:  green, Kermit the Frog, colour, songs, feeling - the emotion

feeling blue? :: boot

Take one dose of grudknows, mix well and relax.

    TAGS:  colour, blue - the feeling, feeling - the emotion, sadness, friendship

feeling indigo? :: boot

Mix two swords well, one for the right hand, one for the left; voila, Inigo Montoya!

    TAGS:  colour, feeling - the emotion, indigo, cheating, swords, Inigo Montoya

feeling violet? :: boot

Count yourself lucky; what a pretty colour.

    TAGS:  colour, feeling - the emotion, violet - the colour, pretty

Crush one spoon of buttons, blend into the dry bugs, gradually combine with the walrus, bake for one hour and leave Becky to dry on wire racks.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, rainbows, harlequin, colour, bugs, buttons, feeling - the emotion, walrus

bright and fun :: boot

Becky peered merrily at all the rusty reds and yelling yellows and nodded to the microscopic squirrel nearby as she said, “Looks like Scrine to me.”

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, red, harlequin, colour, yellow, squirrels

Becky looked at her suddenly dull and colourless feet in a happily confused manner, shrugged and danced the dance of the morning sun shower.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, socks, colour, dance, sun

Let’s start with rainbows and then…, actually, that’s pretty good right there.

    TAGS:  rainbows, colour, crayons, whimsy

harlequin paper :: boot

As the crayon was smeared across the paper, the rainbow filing out stripe by stripe, roy-g-biving all the way, there was also a picture of something else, someone that raised above the rainbow, who brought all the colours together and lifted them up and into the sky, and it appeared that she was holding three baby echidnas and a small snowdome or two.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, sky, rainbows, harlequin, baby, colour, crayons

At the end of the world, through the dust-clouds and halos of amoebas, there was a shimmering light, one that fractured into a spectrum of every colour imaginable and a few that were not, and these they called life.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, amoebas, dust, light, shimmer

the naked fruit :: boot

“It’s just that I feel so un-a-peeling today,” she said, looking down at her pale yellow skin.

    TAGS:  fruit, colour, color, yellow, skin, nakedness

Cruel sky :: 'mouse

The fluffy white clouds and the beautiful blue sky mocked the working man.

    TAGS:  sky, work, colour, clouds, blue - the colour, color, fluffy, mock, white

The sight of the three brightly coloured umbrellas drying out on the floor brought about spontaneous laughter and cheers of joy and delight.

    TAGS:  rain, drought, joy, umbrellas, colour, laughter

As she leapt each ridge, the world around her changed suddenly, with the latest wave containing quite a collection of daffodils, some lovely little butterflies, a disturbing container of wax, one or two dozen bananas, a surprisingly big canary, and a whole field of roses.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, rainbows, harlequin, colour, surfing

Cast your mind back in time and imagine, if you will, an explosion of creativity and colour and celebrate this moment in any way you can.

    TAGS:  colour, birthdays, e

who she is :: boot

She is colour, she is movement, she is laughter, she is the air, she is the sky, she is my soul.

    TAGS:  colour, soul, light, vision, movement

And all the shapes and shades That made the colours see When they suddenly turned grey That they’re no longer there

    TAGS:  guest scriner, colour

And it was then, while staring at the rushing clouds in front of her, she realised her childhood friend had never left her, so she turned to her, squinting slightly from the brightly burning colours, reached forward into the mirage, took her hand and, together, they rolled gently into the sky.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, harlequin, colour, flying, swirling, parachuting

Blue and yellow make green.

    TAGS:  green, colour, blue - the colour, color, yellow, urine, urinals

There’s something colourful on the horizon.

    TAGS:  colour, boot - the person, colourful, horizons

It turns out that when you mix all the colours of the world, they come out white and flutter softly down amongst the masses, which in turn makes my dear friend Becky laugh and giggle until the whole city stops to notice.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, snow, harlequin, colour, giggle, flutter, white

rioting colours :: boot

The crowds of reds were raging, and they were surrounded by the swaying oranges and boisterous yellows, who were in turn circled by rounds of graciously stepping greens and waves of undulating blues and, there, all alone, following the luscious layers of indigoes and almost violent moves of the violets, the girl danced.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, rainbows, red, green, harlequin, colour, blue - the colour, dancing, indigo, violets - the flower

Spend too much time seeing the world in black and white, and colour will revolt you, just a little.

    TAGS:  colour, photography

nasty :: boot

Cyan almost sounds too nasty to be a colour.

    TAGS:  colour, Crayola, cyan, colour-issues, emotions, nasty

banal :: boot

Don’t even get me started on the so-called colour that is beige.

    TAGS:  colour, beige, banal, Crayola, colour-issues, emotions

colour :: boot

There’s yellow and then there’s yellow.

    TAGS:  colour, yellow, photography, shadows

I sometimes suspect that we’re all figments of my imagination, but then realise I would have made a lot more polka-dot people, so it can’t possibly be true.

    TAGS:  colour, imagination, polka-dot, figments


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