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Climate Change

If only those people back in the ice age knew what we knew today; they would have turned off all of their household applicances and it would have never happened.

    TAGS:  climate change, foresight, ice age

Inspired by the fact that the U.S. Government subsidized a study on cow flatulence and global warming, Howard proposed a study linking rednecks, beer and honky-tonks to irreversible climatic change.

    TAGS:  beer, climate change, cow flatulance, global warming, honky tonks, U.S. Government, rednecks

A Crisis of Cake :: Br. Ezra

A time traveler from our bleak and distant future visits my kitchen every night while I sleep in desperate search for cake - dessert is an unforeseen casualty of global climate change - leaving me with nothing but a few dry crumbs to mark his or her passing.

    TAGS:  cake, climate change


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