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one wish :: 'mouse

If ‘Mouse could be granted just one wish, just one, it would be to be able to share the music in his head with y’all.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, mouse, music

I can turn around, look at my hands, I can see my own breath here, at this site, where my friends all conspire.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

a dig at boot :: grudknows

grudknows, grinning mischieviously (and snickering behind her tackily ring adorned hand) offers Boot a virtual yellow rose - not a real one, just the idea of one, in friendship - because grudknows, of course, values boots friendship.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, friends, boot - the person

Come back :: e

All is forgotten!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, boot - the person, missing

Okay folks, listen up—if I’m going to stop being a ‘mouse and start being a ‘muse, y’all have to start listening to me—Keith, good job on “Bottle Cap, Going Down,” keep up the good work; Bakerina, throw on that apron and get to work—I wanna see apple pie and an eggy update by Monday; anyone else? Jo, you get Jen pregnant yet? What’s next? Step right up, I’m ready for ya! Come one, come all, the ‘muse is in the house.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, mouse, Keith, Bakerina

Bunni where are you? :: grudknows

Boot has gleefully pointed out that I have now appeared in the list of ten scriners, which is a little disturbing… and lead me to wondering *where is* Bunni - the person whose posting made me discover the scrine site in the first place - I wanted to cite the quote I’d received via messenger, before sharing it willy-nilly with others - come back bunni!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, grud, Bunni, boot - the person

(not counting Keith and Other who, I presume, go way back) have actually met IRL, as it were?—I ask only because we’re all taking on the characteristics of old friends, at least to me.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, scriners

mousies :: pam

Via Snowball and Bakerina, and in honor of ‘mouse’s upcoming birthday, let’s all sing along.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, mouse, snow, Bakerina

they’ll be back, they’ve just got other stuff they hafta do right now so i’m here and it’s you and me: merry christmas, scrine.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, holidays

Auld Lang Syne :: boot

And in a tentative, trembling way, she paused with her fingers over the keyboard, realising that the only reason she was able to make this first one sentence Scrine for 2006 was damn well geographic, but she forged ahead nonetheless, as she had to let them know how enjoyable and creative this bit of the world has been for the last few months thanks to the Big Rusty Metal Bird and his friends.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, affection, New Years

Come Over :: Jo

Keith, I really need a new fence.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, fences

What might be good for what I anticipate to be upcoming months of sheer hell, might be some kind of library I keep for myself of Things That Would Cheer Me Up, No Matter What.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, hell - the feeling

is anyone else deriving the beneficent fortitude i am from the apparent fact that we are all in our heaps o’ trouble here and that in our numbers, if in nothing else, there is solace?

    TAGS:  camaraderie, ode, solace

i’ve just broken into my scrine mailbox in desperation and found 103 (or so) messages; and to think i had been feeling neglected- i’m down to 59 now, and…and i love all of you (you didn’t see that beer i just took a slug off of did you?).

    TAGS:  camaraderie, procrastination, beer

all-bloody-right-then :: grudknows

Boot and grudknows continued to argue about who should put the guest posting on scrine, of course - it could have been an endless argument but grudknows finally gave in and didn’t post anything from the source at all.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, scrine idiosyncrasies

good company :: grudknows

I step out of the office for a quick coffee only to find that time has warped, making a minute seem like a pleasurable hour and making three hours only seem like one.

    TAGS:  coffee, camaraderie, time warp

a resignation. :: goliard

it’s the process that gets me high and the product that makes me cringe: like the pie that turned watery, the bread that went flat, the mashed potatoes that stayed lumpy; i prefer to walk in the present, free and easy, without dragging the little red wagon of the past behind me- which is why i’m done blogging, (i know, i’ve said it before, but this time it aches so much that even i know it’s true) though, until Keith stops serving me drinks and tells me I have to go home- I’ll never finish scrining.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, blogging, resignation

#979071YX1 :: grudknows

It’s surprising how much pleasure can be derived from catching up with people you haven’t seen since before ‘a long time ago’ even came to be - and - other than the fact that they’ve grown up, had a family and “stuff”, it’s warming to find that the things you loved about them ‘way back when’ are the things you find yourself loving about them now.

    TAGS:  time, camaraderie, friendship

Long lost friends :: grudknows

My hot tip for catching up with long lost friends is simply to become unemployed, email everyone you know to tell them you are looking for work and then sit back and watch the dinner invitations roll in.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, unemployment, dinner

I got the job :: grudknows

I got the job - well, both of them actually.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, work

scrine-fortune :: boot

You will join a quirky and lovable community of linguaphiles, who will adopt you as their own and make you feel welcome and loved.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

for those I miss :: grudknows

Instead of flowers, I bring you words.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie

I know I’m in my own little world, but it’s okay, they know me here.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

secret door :: boot

As a young girl, I dreamt of finding a secret door to a small community of caring, if slightly odd, people… hello everyone.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, secret doors

... is a good dose of goliard. Happy Birthday, g.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

I think I may just have realised why I initially felt such immediate affection for our very own ‘mouse.

    TAGS:  books, camaraderie, mouse, realisation

Some people have their yoga; I have my Scrine.

    TAGS:  scrine, camaraderie

Scrine-o-matic :: boot

I need a big shiny red button that I can push when I feel the need for the company of other Scriners, hopefully one that will reach towards their slumbering forms and swiftly prod them in the buttocks.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, time zones, lonely, prod, slumbering

happiness :: boot

Happiness today is knowing that half way across the world someone is wearing the same socks as you.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, socks, happiness, sock journey

short story 4 :: boot

Trouble followed.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, short story, trouble, minimalism, verbose response to minimalism

Schuster Unarmed :: Keith

My friend Schuster doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Rufus’ feelings and calls him loser and “a pathetic waste of flesh and blood” all the time, but they’ve started hanging out together again on weekends now that Schuster’s pawned his gun.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, Rufus & Schuster, Schuster, friends, Rufus, bluntness, guns

An offer to a friend :: Br. Ezra

I have an old Buick Century with a very large trunk, large enough to accomodate an IRS agent, a shovel and a bag of lime.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, auto, shovels

Boot baiting :: 'mouse

Sometimes a random-play selection on the jukebox reminds you of someone (green) and has to be shared.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, Kermit the Frog, boot-bait, dreamers

1. The existence of a woman like Bakerina.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, beauty, Bakerina, greatness

I miss darksteve.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, darksteve

if i could :: boot

I would hold you in my arms and we would travel to another place, one of our choosing, one of our own.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

eternal friends :: boot

Friends are the people who, regardless of the passage of time, always feel like friends.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, friends, passage of time

Bear longings :: boot

Some days are so beautiful, breezy and gentle that you wish you were a bear lolling about in your very own field of flowers.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, Little Bear, bears, synchronicity

scrine :: boot

One can not ever give thanks enough for this peaceful place.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, grateful, serenity

Now that the next ten days are wide open for you and your family, if you’d like to spend those days over here in Gomorrah-on-the-Hudson, I’m sure that my landlord would understand if I told him we’ll need to knock a wall down so as to provide the most comfortable accommodation possible for you and your family; of course, the tenant in the apartment on the other side of the wall might not be as enthusiastic, but I’m sure I can negotiate an acceptable solution well before you get through baggage claim.

    TAGS:  camaraderie

Woohoooooo! and a beer.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, camaraderie, change, beer, boot - the person

word adventures :: boot

You may well be able to have fun with words, but eventually someone will get hurt (falling off their chair with laughter).

    TAGS:  words, adventure, camaraderie

Words :: boot

It might be an unusual name for a pub, but Cassandra was sure it would attract her sort of customer.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie, pubs

I was just admiring the word paucity and how fitting a little word it is when put to appropriate use, so I thought I’d leave it here where it could be admired by an appreciative crowd.

    TAGS:  words, camaraderie, paucity

this place :: boot

Always calls me back, always offers me shelter, even when there isn’t rain.

    TAGS:  scrine, camaraderie, shelter

My New Self :: Jo

I’ll be a city girl, all in black, with fabulous hair and an expensive handbag; I got the job!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, accessories, city girl

imagine :: 'mouse

We were drinking beers in this dive bar in Seward, Alaska and Imaginary Juan was listening mesmerized to Imaginary Keith’s amazing stories.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, beer, imagine


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