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The only thing better than the scent from the bowl into which you’ve just scraped the froth off this year’s batch of fresh apricot jam is the feeling you get when you realize that you’ve still got one piece of cheesecake left in the fridge from last night’s dinner party.

    TAGS:  cake, happiness, jam

Cake-domo (n) - the coworker charged with responsibility for the office birthday cake: duties include wheedling for funds, hunting/gathering cake, plates and forks from Costco, and presenting everything at the festive event, all while wearing facial expression ranging from forced good cheer to a workaday exasperation.

    TAGS:  cake

In New Orleans, King Cake parties are held throughout the Mardi Gras season. In offices, classrooms, and homes throughout the city, King Cakes are sliced and enjoyed by all. Like the biblical story, the “search for the baby” adds excitement, as each person waits to see in whose slice of cake the baby will be discovered. While custom holds that the person who finds the baby in their slice will be rewarded with good luck, that person is also traditionally responsible for bringing the King Cake to the next party or gathering.

    TAGS:  cake, Louisiana, New Orleans, Mardi Gras

cake o’clock :: bakerina

Even though it contains pecans, chocolate, espresso, eggs and even a bit of butter, it is still much lower in fat than the average pecan-chocolate-espresso-egg-butter dessert; even though it is of a reduced fat content, it is so luscious in the mouth that you would cry, if only you weren’t so busy smiling.

    TAGS:  cake, chocolate, espresso, pecans

the cake talker :: grudknows

The tall man said, “cake” which was my cue to hit the Big Red Button and get us the hell out of there.

    TAGS:  cake, big red button, tall man

Bob skulks :: pam

No matter how many times Bob happened to walk by the mailroom, the crew did not offer him a slice of their birthday cake.

    TAGS:  Bob, cake, skulking

that tall man again :: grudknows

The tall man said ‘cake’ and a scrabble board appeared from nowhere, hovered for a while and landed with a clunk on the table - many of the guests tried to avert their eyes but really - it was just too late.

    TAGS:  cake, Scrabble, tall man

The man with ponytail was obviously upset with the woman on his arm; as we held the door open for them, he hissed at her without even aknowledging us, “I had to eat cake alone.”

    TAGS:  cake, sayings, Marie Antionette

All the potpourri in the world won’t ever beat a morning’s baking.

    TAGS:  cake, baking, scent, saffron, lemons

Life is disturbing when you realise that your online personality may know more people than you do.

    TAGS:  cake, personalities

The tall man #284759 :: grudknows

The scrabble board hovered while the tall man gathered in his knees and scrunched his body in an attempt to become invisible until, finally, realising his tactic wasn’t working he opted for magic and (in what he hoped was a commanding tone) said ‘cake’ - which didn’t work - serving only to make the scrabble board wobble aggressively and build threatening words.

    TAGS:  cake, magic, Scrabble, tall man

lemming cake :: boot

Unlike lemon cake, this is not so citric and a little more bouncy.

    TAGS:  cake, lemmings, bouncy

world piece :: boot

The world would be a happier place if everyone had a piece of cake.

    TAGS:  cake, happiness

It’s sweet, crumbly, can be cut into neat little slices, stored in the pantry, eaten with coffee, is baked in a very hot oven, ... um…

    TAGS:  love, cake, analogy

When all you can talk about is boots, beer and cake, it might be time to give up and just damn well go and drink beer.

    TAGS:  beer, cake, boots - the footwear, Friday

cake :: boot

The ingredients for a head of full of warm, gentle and tactile memories lay safely in her grandmother’s cupboard.

    TAGS:  cake, memories, gentle, tactile

the tall man #2345 :: grudknows

The tall man said ‘cake’ and a spitting duck appeared from nowhere (well, that’s how it seemed, though in retrospect, he figured it must have come from somewhere).

    TAGS:  cake, duck - the bird, duck, duck, tall man, The Tall Man, mysteriously appeared

twice is too much :: grudknows

Being a little daunted by a spitting duck, the tall man said ‘cake’ (again. just to see what would happen) and a scrabble board appeared on the floor where upon the spitting duck looked at the board, looked at the tall man and nudged the board impatiently toward the man with its beak.

    TAGS:  cake, duck - the bird, duck, duck, Scrabble, duckbill, tall man, The Tall Man

oddity :: boot

Why does ‘the obligatory cake’ sound better than ‘the required cake’?

    TAGS:  words, cake

diet dreams :: 'mouse

Christine awoke from her dream of German chocolate cake and found a sole flake of coconut on her pillow.

    TAGS:  dreams, cake, chocolate, coconuts

weirder still :: boot

I met a woman the other day who doesn’t like cake.

    TAGS:  cake, dislikes

I don’t think cake is the real culprit, but the statistics on cake-related homicides are just staggering.

    TAGS:  cake, culprit, statistics, homicide

mean grrrls :: grudknows

The short girls ate cake while the tall man stood at the window and watched wistfully - feeling his glance upon them, they turned and smiled… gloatingly - who knew short girls could be so mean?

    TAGS:  cake, tall man, short girls

but then :: grudknows

The tall man returned the short girls smiles (which wasn’t particularly reassuring) and said ‘cake’ and when the short girls turned back to finish consuming their cake they found only giblets.

    TAGS:  cake, tall man, giblets, short girls

Back when the earth was still covered in greenery and where the air was fresh and people had some form of honour (even if it had to be proven by attacking one another with blunt swords) a short dark wiry celt stepped foot on the lands of the great viking warriors - things didn’t look so good for a few minutes there but then, from the mist, appeared a tall man holding a plate with something that might have been food - he pointed at it and said ‘cake’ and the small dark wiry celt transformed into a six foot red headed viking goddess with a particular talent for artistic endeavors.

    TAGS:  cake, artistic endeavors, tall man, celt, Vikings

Never mind anything else, any band that names itself Cake is alright by me.

    TAGS:  music, cake

cake-capades :: boot

All the application letter stated was “free cake”, but it had his attention.

    TAGS:  cake, free

sweet faith :: boot

I’d probably convert to a lot more religions if more of them thought to offer free cake.

    TAGS:  cake, inspiration

A Crisis of Cake :: Br. Ezra

A time traveler from our bleak and distant future visits my kitchen every night while I sleep in desperate search for cake - dessert is an unforeseen casualty of global climate change - leaving me with nothing but a few dry crumbs to mark his or her passing.

    TAGS:  cake, climate change

Definitely Cake :: boot

I might not know what will be in my first book, but I now know the title.

    TAGS:  cake, stories

Cake walk :: pam

Iris mounted the steps of the venerable courthouse, watching her feet as she balanced the curliqued white three-tiered wedding cake, whispering to herself that people had damned well better be staring in amazement.

    TAGS:  cake, courthouse, whisper, venerable

bacon cake :: You can call me, 'Sir'

[subject][verb]Bacon Cake; that is all.

    TAGS:  cake, bacon, offsite link

universal :: boot

Ah, the language of cake.

    TAGS:  cake, frivolous

If it were socially acceptable I would drape my body in red velvet cake and smear cream cheese frosting all over my nipples and other sundry naughty parts.

    TAGS:  sex, cake, bakery items, pasties

heavenly :: baltimore

Dilettante has some of the most heavenly cake in existence.

    TAGS:  Alphabetti Spaghetti, cake

There are people out there that don’t like cake.

    TAGS:  aliens among us, cake, weird

One of these days, thought Daria, I’ll wake up to the sound of a gently tinkling bell and a full tea and cake service.

    TAGS:  cake, tea, wistful

Birthday cake is the new pumpkin pie.

    TAGS:  cake, birthdays, pumpkin pie


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