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BANG! :: Snow

Her head exploded swiftly, leaving a lacy pattern of blood and brain tissue all over her desk, which would not have happened from a slow leak.

    TAGS:  brains, bang, explosions, messy

Huddle :: Keith

“Yes, let’s talk about brains,” I said to him, my voice getting louder with each word, “because you’re always using your’s and I’m not, and let me tell you, that’s really starting to piss me off.”

    TAGS:  anger, brains, huddle

groovy cerebellum :: other keith

...listening to the same music I listened to 20 years ago…is it comfort I feel as the impulses fall into the same old well-worn synaptic paths…or is it numbness as the paths are dug ever deeper, while the surrounding gray matter becomes overgrown with weeds and discarded beer cans?

    TAGS:  brains, groovy, synapses

fwing! :: boot

fwwwwwwwwwwwwisssssssssssssssssh: the sound of my brain

    TAGS:  brains

melting :: boot

I wonder at what temperature the human brain actually does boil and completely stop working?

    TAGS:  Australia, brains, melting

Forty3 :: boot

Looking at the bits of brain all over the kitchen walls, she wondered how many minutes left until she too, er… whuh… (SPLAT!)

    TAGS:  Australia, brains, melting

all alone with my ... :: grudknows

Gertrude, having read an email from an aquaintance, thought affectionately, ‘I love him! I love his brain.’, then ventured on to think, ‘Same reason I loved Mr X, really. Well… that… and his butt.’ and snickered to herself in joy at the memories conjured up by that thought.

    TAGS:  brains, butts, Gertrude

I’ve heard it said that some people put their brains to good use, filling it full of interesting, relevant facts and useful information - I wonder what that’s like.

    TAGS:  purple, brains, trivia


    TAGS:  brains, zombies

ah brain food :: limine

actually, zombies aside, there are some things in life that only large quantities of spontaneous lunchtime sushi can provide.

    TAGS:  brains, zombies, eating, spontaneity, sushi

“You shouldn’t have any trouble remembering to remove your new artificial brain for its routine maintenance,” Dr. Shloigan told Peter, “but remembering to put it back in, now that’s the tricky part.”

    TAGS:  brains, sophisticated nonsense

I wonder if we’ll ever discover that we were meant to get our brains regularly tuned.

    TAGS:  brains, tuning

Early research into the new brain-wasting disease (which scientists suspect may be a variant of mad cow disease) indicates it only seems to to affect Republican politicians, striking first in the portion of the brain which causes most people to refrain from seeking gay sex with strangers in public restrooms.

    TAGS:  sex, brains, politics, homosexuality, research

My brain is sinking into the morasses of its own devices.

    TAGS:  brains, morass

never the twain :: boot

I think I may have two brains, but I can’t get them to talk to each other, so I doubt I’ll ever be sure.

    TAGS:  brains, troubling

A dream involving work has nothing to do with symbolism, but does, however, clearly show the necessity of pushing forward with removable brain testing.

    TAGS:  dreams, brains, wacky ideas, symbolism

brain flambe :: boot

“Now, just let that brain simmer for a few more hours and, voila!, you’ll find the brain will actually self implode, saving you the cost of expensive liqueurs.”

    TAGS:  brains, explosions

While there may have been no more worries for a week or two for the highly strung Michelle, her rather hapless co-worker was about to have her mind invaded in unfortunate, messy and, eventually, lethal ways.

    TAGS:  brains, hapless, internalising, self-pity

Quickly the Scrine zombies lurched through the night, hunting for more brains, drawling clever sentences, and throwing random letters in the air.

    TAGS:  Alphabetti Spaghetti, brains, zombies, scriners, letters

inside :: boot

It heaved and it flowed, it pulsed and it was red, it sparked and it ebbed.

    TAGS:  brains, surreal

Stupid Brain :: Keith

It was a stupid brain, coming up with all sorts of ridiculously impossible things that would burn up every single spare minute of his time.

    TAGS:  brains, wasted time, questionable ideas

Todd asked himself if his good idea came in wide widths, then replied, "Hang on a minute and I'll check in back."

    TAGS:  brains, good ideas


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