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Ideas and concepts, the visualization and the act of creating - these are the things that entertain me; the things themselves almost always bore me once they are complete.

    TAGS:  boredom, creativity, entertainment, visualization

Fortune :: 'mouse

Boredom will always be the most influential force shaping your life.

    TAGS:  boredom, fortune

Over the years, Katie had endured incompetent management, deliberate professional sabotage, being unjustly accused and investigated, having her boss spitting mad at her for six solid weeks, concerted attempts to discredit her, subterfuge, obfuscation, apathy and ulcer-inducing actions by disgruntled clients ... yet in the end, the thing that finally, finally goaded her into looking for a new position was something brand-new: boredom.

    TAGS:  boredom, endurance, sabotage, obfuscation

Wisdom :: grudknows

One should not scrine from boredom alone.

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, boredom, wisdom

“I’m so bored,” said Little Miss Muffin, “I wish Master Coffee would come over for a game of Scrabble.”

    TAGS:  boredom, Scrabble

what does *this* mean? :: grudknows

So while I still have work, I send an email around to - well - *everybody* - letting them know that the actual work I carry out here is getting scarce and I’m on the look out for a new job - anyway, while I got a lot of uh… real responses, I did find this one the most amusing even though it gave me a bit of a complex about all of the pringles I’ve been snacking on of late.

    TAGS:  boredom, working, pringles

Bored at work :: admiral dewy wilkins

my brain feels like wet cake, falling away in big chunks; who can save my brain, for it surely is not the stimulation of the work at hand; I feel I will need to escape to the pub soon, far more interesting characters there.

    TAGS:  work, boredom, pubs

prolific :: hysterium

prolific: adj having the ability to utilize and/or assign separate portions of one’s biological computer to varying tasks, see multi-tasking, bored-at-work

    TAGS:  boredom, prolific, multi-tasking

“fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck” (or, I’m bored and there’s no one here to play with, so it must be time for beer).

    TAGS:  boredom, time zones

Not content with the current level of superstition in the world, the Gideons place Bibles in hotel rooms in the hopes that the occasional Agnostic might pick one up out of boredom or desperation, and Succumb.

    TAGS:  agnostics, boredom, bibles, desperation, Gideons

Mavis and Dexter woke up one morning and realising they’d run out of things to talk about, decided to get married.

    TAGS:  marriage, boredom, Dexter, Mavis

subirdia :: steve

Our neighborhood is so dull this morning that even the hawk who’s been circling on the lookout for hours just flew off without finding anything worth swooping down for.

    TAGS:  birds, boredom, dull, hawk, neighborhood

Boredom Spores :: Keith

“A single dog sneeze contains nearly 10 million boredom spores,” Dr. Leo informed the first year veternarian students, “and that’s why, more than any other reason, he remains man’s best friend.”

    TAGS:  dogs, boredom, Dr. Leo, spores

so so bored :: skif

Skeeve, who had spent most of Friday work day watching youtube clips featuring Hitchens and Coulter, proclaimed the day to be the most educational he’s had since he caught mono kissing Peggy in grade school.

    TAGS:  boredom, mono, Hitchens & Coulter, YouTube

On the dais, former Governor Gray Davis warmed to his subject, heartened to see the audience grow gradually more still and to hear their breathing become slow and measured; though he fleetingly wondered why so many had their eyes closed, he presumed it was for greater concentration on his words of wisdom.

    TAGS:  boredom, politics, sleep, bureaucracy, siesta, governor, Gray Davis

There’s a special sort of boredom that comes from being too hot to do anything, knowing there are things you should be doing and not wanting to do any of them.

    TAGS:  senseless, hot, boredom

a hot tin roof :: 'mouse

Bored, ‘mouse contemplated having a little fun with the recent-comments column.

    TAGS:  boredom, easily entertained

Intrigue… :: boot

...waited at every corner, while Boredom stood at every bus-stop.

    TAGS:  words, boredom, sayings, intrigue

pure :: goliard

Without drugs and alcohol Lucy's early retirement was a mind numbing bore so she took up writing inflammatory online reviews for doctors she had never actually seen recounting horror stories about surgical procedures that she had never actually had.

    TAGS:  boredom


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