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Boot - The Person
a dig at boot :: grudknows

grudknows, grinning mischieviously (and snickering behind her tackily ring adorned hand) offers Boot a virtual yellow rose - not a real one, just the idea of one, in friendship - because grudknows, of course, values boots friendship.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, friends, boot - the person

panicked :: grudknows

grudknows… looking around frantically in a panicked state, yelled, “Where’s Boot? Who’s seen Boot?” but there was no answer as boot had disappeared off to ‘merica to investigate why they use ‘ize’ to end words instead of ‘ise’.

    TAGS:  travel, boot - the person, panic, mysteries

boot Festival :: grudknows

So I open up my Triple J newsletter and see ‘Festival of the Boot’ and think… “Wow! Boot has her own festival now… cool!”, but it turns out that it’s just some Rugby thing.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, festival

Beer by proxy :: 'mouse

’Mouse has convinced Bakerina to be my proxy re: buying Boot a beer should Boot be in NYC.

    TAGS:  mouse, beer, boot - the person, proxy

Come back :: e

All is forgotten!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, boot - the person, missing

Y’know, ‘mouse is a trusting sort, but even at that I’m not sure if I should believe everything everyone tells me out here on the ‘net—for example, just when I’m beginning to get used to the idea that Boot’s a female-person, I read the interview that claims she’s 78, with pink hair, and a ladder fetish.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, pink, ladders, truth, lies

The entity known as boot is certainly 78, has pink hair and is keen on ladders, however, the real woman that wears the boot is definitely not 78, has had hair coloured purple, red, orange, brown and so on (but never pink) and is only interested in ladders as a functional device… but who are you going to believe; a boot or a woman?

    TAGS:  colour, boot - the person, ladders, obfuscation

Bunni where are you? :: grudknows

Boot has gleefully pointed out that I have now appeared in the list of ten scriners, which is a little disturbing… and lead me to wondering *where is* Bunni - the person whose posting made me discover the scrine site in the first place - I wanted to cite the quote I’d received via messenger, before sharing it willy-nilly with others - come back bunni!

    TAGS:  camaraderie, grud, Bunni, boot - the person

bootmail :: e


    TAGS:  boot - the person, email

Boot took off her ... well, her boot actually… and dipped her big toe delicately in the cool, refreshing water and thought “hmm, quite nice really”.

    TAGS:  toes, boot - the person, scrine moves home, testing

Since mouse stole my ‘boot on foot’ idea, I thought I’d try this one on for size.

    TAGS:  mouse, boot - the person, silliness is on

Boot :: 'mouse

You know where this one’s leading…

    TAGS:  boot - the person, silliness is on

for keith :: boot

Something flew across the air towards the innocent little girl (it appeared to be a boot).

    TAGS:  boot - the person, boots - the footwear, duck, innocent little girl, violent, duck - the action

the naked boot :: grudknows

Who knows what boot and grud are up to - and more to the point - why does grud have a fork instead of a spoon to stir her coffee…?

    TAGS:  coffee, grud, boot - the person, feet, mystery, intrigue, fork, spoon, the naked boot

Totally Fiction :: grudknows

Boot looked at the mainstream values sales man in disbelief, ‘So all I need to do to get the free gift is to watch an episode of Big Brother or read a romance novel… couldn’t you make it something simple like bamboo sticks under the fingernails?’.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, banality, reality TV, torture, mainstream, values

Yum Yum Yum :: grudknows

The sounds made by grud’s sister when she discovered a parcel addressed to Boot in the post which she is now holding for a King’s ransom - damn postal services that make you list the contents of the box on the outside!

    TAGS:  grud, jam, boot - the person, Bakerina, ransom, yum yum yum, postal torture

This photo made me laugh, for quite a while, quite loudly and for not any sort of a good reason.

    TAGS:  Christmas, mouse, boot - the person

Apparently the bones in my fingers know more about what I want than I do, since I don’t recall logging into Scrine earlier today - but yet am - it must have been done without the involvement of my brain.

    TAGS:  bones, boot - the person, scrine-love

I thought I’d write this Scrine naked right up to my knees.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, knees, naked

Now that I’ve decided to have Corn Nuts for breakfast, there’s no telling where this day will go.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, weird food

the secret boot :: boot

Say nothing, walk nowhere, and just keep it hidden deep in the darkened closet.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, secret

Sleeping is always a good plan.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, boot - the person, sleeping

As the less regular Scriners rolled up to Scrine, they were perplexed to find a bevy of ladybugs, a giant number 8, bursting rainbows and a bloodied machete or two.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, ladybugs, machetes, impersonation

stealth-boot :: boot

As the planet rotated gloriously in its blanket of stars and dust, the woman walked the underside of the globe quieter than even she could have expected.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, wonder, stealth

I swear I didn’t cheat at this, but it appears I really am a pair of boots.

    TAGS:  boot - the person

bunnies :: boot

You never know where bunnies might be hiding, even in your boots, so always check for fluffy sights, else watch out for cahoots.

    TAGS:  Bunni, boot - the person, boots - the footwear, bunnies, cahoots

Woohoooooo! and a beer.

    TAGS:  guest scriner, camaraderie, change, beer, boot - the person

There’s something colourful on the horizon.

    TAGS:  colour, boot - the person, colourful, horizons

In the last two months I’ve had to give last rights to two of my favourite pairs of boots and it feels a little like a part of my soul has been thrown away each time.

    TAGS:  boot - the person, boots - the footwear, soul, farewell, soles


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