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boobies on scrine :: 'mouse

*the one on the left​

    TAGS:  birds, boobies

Of course I like the idea of boobies as mouse pillows, but this* just freaks me out. *expired link removed

    TAGS:  boobies, pillows

the big truth :: boot

Artificially big boobs will likely make your pile of books shrink.

    TAGS:  books, boobies, boobs, shrinking

A confession :: 'mouse

I was searching for Blue-Footed Boobies, as I always do, when I happened across this shocking item. (totally SFW) [ebay link removed]

    TAGS:  boobies

“What type of creature is the booby?”

    TAGS:  guest scriner, boobies

My friend Bender sent me this drawing of android boobs to add to Scrine’s boobie collection: | o | | o |

    TAGS:  boobies

“We found this li’l guy running away from the construction site, and thought it might be yours,” the foreman told Keith as he carefully handed over a disgruntled-looking blue footed boobie, “on account of your coffee mug there in its beak.”

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, boobies, coffee mugs, Keith for a Day

Fun :: Br. Ezra

Boobs are fun, there’s no denying it.

    TAGS:  boobies, breasts, boffo, boobs

Before you consider breast augmentation please consider this: size doesn’t matter (that’s what you tell us, anyway) and the size of your breasts aren’t as important to us as our access to them; I am sure I speak for most men when I say we just love boobies – big boobies, little boobies, firm boobies, soft boobies, pointy boobies, cone-shaped boobies, heavy boobies, pear shaped boobies, apple boobies, melons, titties and gigantic pillowy boobies – and that as long as we have visitation rights we are quite happy and we only pout if they are taken away from us.

    TAGS:  boobies, breast augmentation

“It looked quite cosy and comfortable in there so it was quite rude of me to take it out.”, [she said of the resident in her bra].

    TAGS:  guest scriner, boobies, bats

Boobies R Good :: 'mouse

“I was looking at my boobs in the mirror last night, and I just want to say, you’re a lucky guy to get to play with them like you do - they look Yummy!” explained Julie to her boyfriend who didn’t disagree, but who found the whole conversation just slightly disturbing.

    TAGS:  boobies, mirrors, boobs, yummy

buxom :: boot

That is all.

    TAGS:  boobies, brevity, buxom

How is it I’ve been on Scrine all these years, in the midst of fine company such as ‘mouse, Br. Ezra, Keith, and others, and yet I have heard no mention of Hooray for Boobies.

    TAGS:  boobies, hooray, perplexing

She avoided wearing low cut shirts not because she was worried about appearing promiscuous but because he liked to see how many M&Ms he could throw in there from across the room.

    TAGS:  boobies

My neighbor, Jerry the Evangelist, believes that I twisted my mind with the pursuit of philosophy while at university, but I see it as the time when I threw off the fetters of my Roman Catholic mind and sat outside of quaint Seattle coffee shops sipping on pungent Turkish coffees discussing politics with Jean Paul Sartre and Franz Kafka (whose insect phobia forced him indoors even on the hottest of days) until an impatient Simone du Beauvoir, vying for my attention, would smother my face between her Parisian breasts or the aroma of cheese burgers and French fries from the nearby Dick’s Drive-In reminded me I was hungry.

    TAGS:  boobies, philosophy, hamburgers

At 26, I’m begining to worry about the effects of gravity.

    TAGS:  boobies, boobs

Grow up :: JadedBeauty

If you call them fun bags, hoohas, taytas, sweater puppies, or anything similarly ridiculous, then you forfeit your right to touch them.

    TAGS:  boobies, boobs

Knowing all the words of the U.S. Constitution will not help you pick up girls, at least not the ones you’re thinking about.

    TAGS:  boobies, Constitutional Rights, picking up girls

“All afternoon I’ve been floating inside; those breasts were a minor miracle in the midst of this gray, cold week.”

    TAGS:  boobies, breasts, boobs, classical music, fun bags, grandma's peach cobbler

“Oh, and you can play with my boobs, too.”

    TAGS:  boobies, breasts, boobs, fun bags

Peter, a clever but unsuccessful inventor, never made any money from his E-shaped pasties.

    TAGS:  boobies, inventions, pasties

Having seen a million too many butt cracks, Henry took to his sewing machine, inspired to create a similarly fashionable line of baggy blouses.

    TAGS:  boobies, cleavage, sewing

Thanks for untying her bikini top, ‘mouse.

    TAGS:  dreams, boobies, bikini

I’ve always liked the game “truth or dare” ever since that summer when I was twelve and a double-dare sent my hands up under Rosie’s sweater for that first magic feel.

    TAGS:  boobies, double-dare, truth or dare

So I drove. :: OhNo789

She was young, sexy, in a summer dress that hit mid-thigh, with a red, painted mouth like a chinese finger trap, and she had just climbed into my cab, barking “Just drive,” through the median - a lumpy parcel, wrapped in newspaper and done up in string, she held in both hands pressed against her bosom like a baby I’d give my left nut to be.

    TAGS:  boobies, so I drove

“Growing boobs hurts!”

    TAGS:  boobies, boobs, growing up

Sausalito Jim loved his work as a tattoo artist, but mostly because it afforded him the opportunity to touch a lot of boobies and bare female bottoms throughout the month, neoprene gloves and a jealous wife not withstanding, it was the most satisfying job since the prison laundry.

    TAGS:  boobies, tattoo artists, prison laundry, neoprene gloves

Little Bear looked at the three naked young women frolicking in the swimming hole and seriously considered joining them before he remembered how that hadn’t worked out so well last time and decided instead to stay in the shady undergrowth where he could bask in their pleasure without disturbing them.

    TAGS:  Little Bear, boobies, swimming, favorite things, naked, skinny dipping

There are normal boobs ( . )( . ) silicone boobs ( + )( + ) perfect boobs (o)(o) cold boobs (^)(^) grandmother’s boobs \./\./ very large boobs (o Y o) very small boobs (.)(.) asymmetrical boobs (•)(.) and we loves them all!

    TAGS:  boobies, icons

2.5 Words :: 'mouse

Upon careful inspection, Juan concluded that “low-cut blouse” were two-and-a-half of his favorite words in the English language.

    TAGS:  boobies

I was going to count, but I got distracted.

    TAGS:  boobies


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