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bob breaks :: Keith

Bob slowly went broke in the face of beauty.

    TAGS:  Bob, beauty, financial ruin

Beauty advice :: 'mouse

It’s 2005, there’s got to be something better than Preparation H for these bags under my eyes.

    TAGS:  aging, advice, beauty

Have you ever had a day so full of good things, caring people and beauty that you wish you could preserve it somehow; press it like dried rose petals, so that you could open the book and look it again and remember exactly how amazing it was…

    TAGS:  people, beauty, memories

Male Beauty :: 'mouse

His legs transitioned to his ass in such a smooth way as to make one think of sculpture reflecting muscle rather than muscle itself.

    TAGS:  beauty, ass, muscles, men

One morning he wasn’t there; the sweet old guy who made my morning coffee, brought me a rose from his garden, made me laugh, showed me photos from when he was young, and flirted lovingly with all the women.

    TAGS:  beauty, grace, flirting, poignancy

earthmother :: boot

She called her Rosie when no one else could, she smiled at rainbows with her, she was as compassionate a woman as anyone could hope to find, she filled this world with a gentleness that can never be matched and when it came time to farewell her, Rosie didn’t cling, she didn’t fuss and she didn’t cry, she just smiled at her and wished her well.

    TAGS:  beauty

She spoke of being older, she said it was time to write about what it had all meant, her hands trembled slightly as she made the coffee, yet she clambered over boulders to bring you lemons from her garden, and hugging her goodbye felt like trying to hold a rose in your arms.

    TAGS:  love, aging, beauty, frailty

bring it on :: boot

Yeah pal, I’m ready for whatever you’ve got, I started my day with a double rainbow and a sun shower, so do your worst.

    TAGS:  sky, rainbows, beauty, threats, sun showers

Leave us our human beings as we find them, deliver them to us whole and intact, allow their unaltered lives to foster frustration, independence, beauty and a burning desire to create, give us back our sense of adoration for the individual, teach us not to yearn for homogeny, and just let us be.

    TAGS:  beauty, individuality

Being common does not exclude extraordinary beauty.

    TAGS:  beauty, pigeons, common, sparrows

skin deep? :: grudknows

At first glance, one wouldn’t think so, which I guess just goes to prove that first impressions can be wrong because many of her friends and family referred to her as ‘beautiful’ or ‘bella’ in lieu of her name and I’m sure they can’t all be delusional.

    TAGS:  beauty, beautiful, Bella

entropy :: boot

There’s something unsettlingly beautiful about a rusty railway bridge.

    TAGS:  beauty, entropy, rust, unsettling

“When that day comes, I suppose I’ll be one of those dirty old men, white-bearded like Whitman, poking around in the stacks of derelict libraries, caressing the spines, perusing the neglected volumes, and contemplating how his desire for books only increases with age.”

    TAGS:  books, guest scriner, aging, beauty, benton, lust

goddammit :: boot

People are just so damned beautiful.

    TAGS:  people, beauty

little one :: boot

She is the picture of perfection, the realisation of life, the embodiment of true love; she is beautiful and, above all, she is loved.

    TAGS:  love, beauty, birth

I really love cows and every time I see them I want to give them a bit cuddly kiss.

    TAGS:  beauty, cows, smooch

The price to pay for having beautiful exfoliated skin from Dove must be that you are forced to smell like play doh…yuk.

    TAGS:  beauty, odor

1. The existence of a woman like Bakerina.

    TAGS:  camaraderie, beauty, Bakerina, greatness

the planet :: boot

The world is occasionally so beautiful that it seems to make its own music.

    TAGS:  music, beauty, light, worlds

truly :: boot

The night before last, I found a small, but deeply beautiful puddle.

    TAGS:  rain, beauty, puddles, Coca Cola, deep

bromeliad :: boot

Some words just beckon for a sentence to call their own.

    TAGS:  words, beauty, bromeliad

My eyes are full of the images of history; the chaos, the beauty, the blood, and the grace.

    TAGS:  travel, chaos, beauty, astonishing, trip

this man :: boot

Was a good man with a heart fit for ten men and a sense of humour that will outlast his beautiful, long life.

    TAGS:  love, death, family, beauty

A Step Ahead :: Keith

Sometimes I would lie on his grave and gaze out at the lake, feeling a little guilty about appreciating all the beauty while he was under so much earth, but then the mosquitoes would arrive, proving that grandpa was always a step ahead.

    TAGS:  death, beauty, lakes, mosquitoes, grandpa

rarefied :: boot

Flouncy hair does not make you a rarefied beauty.

    TAGS:  hair, beauty, flouncy

glimpsed :: boot

Her hair was like the flow of a river and would haunt the rest of his living days.

    TAGS:  hair, beauty, flowing, haunting

It might have been a hovel, but it was hers and it was full of the detritus of words unloved.

    TAGS:  words, home, beauty, hovel

The Good Old Days :: 'mouse

It's been all downhill since 1972.

    TAGS:  beauty, childhood, good old days

He tried living plainly, doing his best to avoid the burden of the inherent sadness he saw in all things beautiful, but even that failed him when he felt the perfect beauty of his simple life.

    TAGS:  beauty, sadness, burden, simple life

A measure of beauty will always outweigh an equal measure of ugliness.

    TAGS:  beauty

The world filled with colours and misshapen beauties, rolled and roiled, meshed and clashed, until finally, soaring back into space, all that she could see was the single most stunning and confusing noisewave of rainbow shimmering coloured seashell.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, beauty, diversity, misshapen


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