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cold :: e

A summer cold is a nasty animal.

    TAGS:  Summer, colds, nasty

And Hot :: Jo

Summer is just so damned inevitable.

    TAGS:  hot, Summer, inevitable

she clasped the joint gently between her lips, expertly tilting her head to keep the smoke out of her eyes, and unfolded the battered map from the glove compartment; just as the car sputtered to a stop and he white-knuckled them safely off the deserted highway in a cloud of dust as she laughed with glee and suggested they needed time to polish that hood anyhow…

    TAGS:  Summer, urban fairy tales

As he reached out to open the hood she hopped playfully on it, crossed her legs so her miniskirt showed her left thigh to best advantage, leaned provocatively forward, and made playful, inviting puppy dog eyes at him, so she was a bit surprised when he looked right past her and said, “What’s that shiny thing over there under that tumbleweed?”

    TAGS:  Summer, urban fairy tales, miniskirts

When women finally rule the world, we will save a bundle on electricity during the summer, because we will require that the A/C stay turned up past 80 degrees.

    TAGS:  air-conditioning, Summer, cold

No one complains more poignantly than a 12-year-old on the last, hottest day of the summer.

    TAGS:  hot, Summer, complaining, poignant

Summer is just around the corner when I can sense the season of fruit calling.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, berries, Summer, cherries, seasons

Christmas in Summer has it’s own special flavour.

    TAGS:  Christmas, Summer, swimming

Outside Beckons :: boot

Will you tell that beautiful sunshine and sweet Summer air to just shut up - I’ve got books to be reading!

    TAGS:  books, Summer, beckons, reading

summer breeze :: boot

There are probably no lyrics left to be written about a warm sunny day, with a cool, gentle breeze, but I hope someone gives it a try.

    TAGS:  words, Summer, breeze - the thing, cool, fine

Lying amidst the tall summer grasses, Little Bear stretched in the sun and ... zzz

    TAGS:  Little Bear, Summer, Bear, zzz

season’s greetings :: ecklektik

Oh sure, summer finally arrives and the temperature plummets to 65F, just to ensure that any plans involving waterslides are well and truly sacked.

    TAGS:  Summer, waterslides

tad :: boot

If 5 days of 39C is a ‘tad warm’, then… Mister, I hope you fry in hell.

    TAGS:  hot, weather, Summer, complaining

The breeze that tumbles through the gum-trees after an extended and early heatwave is a gentle and overwhelming attack on all the senses.

    TAGS:  Summer, breeze - the thing, scent, unseemly

Summer has its reasons for existence, but berries and mangoes lie at the core.

    TAGS:  mangoes, fruit, Summer, seasons

A warm, summer day with a delightfully cool breeze, the birds are singing and the flowers are riotous; it’s Christmas.

    TAGS:  Christmas, Summer, breeze - the thing, pigtail pulling

But… Why? :: OhNo789

I know, I know, I asked for spring, begged for spring, PLEADED on my hands and knees for spring, but why oh why does it have to be ninety degrees out?

    TAGS:  Spring, Summer, complaining

Boomers :: 'mouse

As June approached and the weather turned sweltering, Juan found himself singing “Six White Boomers” and struggling to understand what it was like for those wacky Australians who celebrated Christmas in the middle of summer.

    TAGS:  Christmas, Summer, boomers, kangaroos

Sum-sum-summertime :: 'mouse

Sometimes life is so calm and pleasant you begin to worry that it can never last.

    TAGS:  happiness, worry, Summer

Finding his mountain stream nearly dried up in the suffocating heatwave, Little Bear decided it was time to visit the suburbs where, with the judicious removal of a child-fence, he had a quiet week’s sole use of the vacationing family’s beautiful blue pool and several six-packs of beer he found in their convenient poolside outdoor refrigerator.

    TAGS:  heat, beer, Little Bear, Summer, pool - the swimming thing

The house was somnambulant, each joist, each floorboard creaking like the unseen presence of some dry old man shuffling slowly from teapot to easy chair in the humidity of a late summer afternoon.

    TAGS:  ghosts, Summer, teapots, houses, humidity, Somnambulance, sleepwalking


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