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In Lieu Of :: Keith

I should take a cup of coffee and walk to the back of the property to see the pear blossoms before they drop, past the barn and through the nursery, maybe stopping along the way to see if the killdeer eggs have hatched, knowing I’m almost guaranteed a smile watching the mother and father killdeer limp along ahead of me, pretending they’ve broken their wings.

    TAGS:  coffee, Spring, morning, killdeer, fruit trees, pear blossoms

Becky raced down the lane, giggling and laughing, yelling confusing and contextless words, weaving and darting between the explosive rivers of colour, watching all the ducks bloom, the flowers exfoliate and the mammoths dance, and running recklessly forward towards the shimmering, magnetic and dazing light just that little bit further ahead.

    TAGS:  Becky the Harlequin, ducks, harlequin, duck - the bird, colour, Spring, shimmer, darting, weaving, mammoths

I thought lambs didn’t madly spring about until the Spring.

    TAGS:  sayings, Spring, lambs

As spring takes its warm hold on the weather, I sometimes worry that the only reason I’ve been hanging on to the bottom of the planet is my boots and, hence, I damn well take my time taking my feet out of those cool-weather shoes.

    TAGS:  boots - the footwear, Spring, seasons

parrots : nuts :: boot

The tree in the park appears not only to be growing gum nuts, but also a whole swag of raucous parrots.

    TAGS:  Spring, parrots, swag, raucous

heady :: boot

Spring is bright and lovely, but in the markets the smell of Spring is so good it’s almost unbearable.

    TAGS:  Spring, seasons, scent, produce - the veg

Spring :: 'mouse

Little Bear opened one sleepy eye to check if it was nearing dinnertime and discovered that in the space of just his afternoon nap the first tulip of spring had pushed its sprout half an inch out of the sun-warmed soil and was tickling his nose.

    TAGS:  Little Bear, bears, Spring, flowers, naps, tulips

Schrödinger’s Cat liked to celebrate the vernal equinox on March 20th, but Einstein believed that Spring didn’t officially begin until he spotted at least one farmer’s daughter wearing tight little workout shorts exposing her long bare legs and pretty little feet shod only in stylish flip flops standing in front of him at the theater concession stand and, while the cat appreciated the fact that the young women always had long, heavily braided hair hanging halfway down their backs to swat at, he felt the need to remind the elder physicist such beauty always gave him chest pains.

    TAGS:  Einstein, Spring, flip-flops, vernal equinox, theater concession stands, Schrodinger's cat, farmer's daughters

If you weren’t sure, the ducklings sprouting under every second tree are a dead give away.

    TAGS:  Spring, ducklings, obvious, sprouting

Sunday, so far, is looking fine, mild, full of chirpy Spring birds and the occasional blurred vision.

    TAGS:  Spring, sadness, time zones, Sunday, global forecasting

But… Why? :: OhNo789

I know, I know, I asked for spring, begged for spring, PLEADED on my hands and knees for spring, but why oh why does it have to be ninety degrees out?

    TAGS:  Spring, Summer, complaining

Spring :: 'mouse

Norm liked the dog days of autumn, but he loved the nap-in-the-sun cat days of spring even more.

    TAGS:  Spring, naps, catnapping

As spring broke forth in daffodils and tulips I realized leaves would be falling in Adelaide.

    TAGS:  Adelaide, Spring, daffodils, tulips

With sunshine on her shoulder, the Monkees on her her iPod and a springtime bounce in her step, Olivia decided it was a fine day to call in “sick” and skip work.

    TAGS:  music, Spring, sunshine, iPods, Monkees

The Birds :: 'mouse

Today I was speaking to a friend who had to move from a loud street into a park so he could hear me better; in the park I could hardly understand him over all the birdsong.

    TAGS:  birds, Spring, cellphones, birdsong

Sprung :: grudknows

The sun, after weeks of teasing, jumps playfully out from behind a cloud and trails warm fingers over my skin, awakening energy that winter’s harsh touch left cold.

    TAGS:  clouds, Spring, Winter, sun, energized

Long Story - 500 :: 'mouse

Do you ever get that feeling on a late summer day at the end of a long summer when it has hardly been summer at all when suddenly you’re hit by that special gentle feeling like spring has just sprung, when you can finally walk the dog early in the morning without wearing a windbreaker and you can just about feel the buds bursting and things growing, and it didn’t matter it wasn’t really spring since the feeling in the air reminds you of those dozen or so days that stick with you which like scent-memory which are triggered by a certain temperature and breeze and maybe pollen count and all of a sudden you’re ten years old again, kicking a stone down the street on a Saturday morning on the way to the park where you’ll meet up with your posse and catch water-skimmers and skip stones and then go play hide-and-seek in the graveyard and buy and eat forbidden candy and lie on your back on the grass in the afternoon looking at shapes in the clouds knowing without knowing, even though you’re only ten, that this is one of those few absolutely perfect days that you’ll be granted in your life, or the time when you’re sixteen and it seems like it’s Saturday again – there’s just something about Saturdays – and you start up your car, roll down the windows and drive up into the mountains, driving until the pavement ends and then until the tarred roads end and then a little further and you park just below timberline and hike along a stream that’s pure snowmelt and so cold you can’t put your hand in for more than a few seconds and on one side you feel the cold coming off the stream as it races down the mountain and on the other side the warmth coming from the huge fields of blue and yellow wildflowers as they soak up sunlight and the water is so clear you can see every brown and rainbow trout even as they think they’re safe under the rock ledges and you find a rock to sit on and you know that this light, this pure air is the best it can ever get and except for a chance perfect day which may come along in the future, this is as good as it gets, and then with a few more of those perfect days sprinkled in, seemingly rarer and rarer as you get older and responsibilities rarely leave you along, years go by and kids grow up and pets die and loves grow and fade and grow again and nothing is ever quite right and all you can really hope for is a few minutes of peace and quiet when the air feels right and it feels like spring and you remember how good life can be and you know that perfection can exist in this crazy universe, if only for a few minutes or a rare Saturday, and that’s enough?

    TAGS:  a perfect day, Spring, perfection


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