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tight circus :: Keith

Peter ran a tight circus and had no tolerance for that wishy-washy “half-full or half-empty” bullshit - you’d either locked the lion’s cage or you hadn’t, there was only one answer, and it damn well better be the right one.

    TAGS:  Peter, cage, circus, lions, tolerance

lead bot :: Keith

Peter was thrilled to be playing lead robot in the school play, and secretly hoped Lucy Johnson would notice the robot suit’s telescoping arms, which, he would tell her, were his own idea.

    TAGS:  robots, Peter, romance, theater, telescopic

peter :: Keith

Peter missed the old zoo days, when the petting zoo still had a tortoise for kids to ride and they still handed out drinking straws with soft drinks.

    TAGS:  Peter, tortoises, good old days, zoo

peter :: Keith

Peter didn’t mind rejection, and often imagined it as the shadow of success.

    TAGS:  Peter, shadows, success, rejection

Peter’s Frogs :: Keith

Peter kept the bucket of frogs in the bedroom closet, just in case

    TAGS:  Peter, buckets, frogs

Peter :: Keith

By the age of 12, Peter was well-ahead of his peers when it came to finding dead bodies (most hadn’t found any, or even seen one, for that matter): two by the age of five, another (an old uncle who fell off a ladder and broke his neck) by the time he was seven, three more (the Anderson Murders) during his sixth grade year in elementary, then later that same year the half a dozen teenagers who were burned in a car wreck along the edge of town, which had brought the number of dead bodies Peter had discovered to the alarmingly, unnaturally high number of twelve, an even dozen, but even then no one really seemed to think much of it (other then the newspapers which labeled Peter as “The Dead Boy” and “Dead Peter”, which the kids at school quickly shortened to “Deter”), and the whole thing might have simply disappeared somehow, the way that even amazing and unbelievable and remarkable things can disappear without so much as a second glance, forgotten by the rest of the world as it moves on to the next amazing and unbelievable thing (because really, there seems to be no end to them), if it hadn’t been for Peter’s discovery of yet his thirteenth and fourteenth dead bodies, this time his own parents, and this time, one of them not quite dead, and who after two and a half weeks in a coma, awakened, and was able to weakly point a scared and shaking finger at her own son, who simply sat quietly in a chair across the room, thankful that it was finally over.

    TAGS:  death, Peter, dead bodies, nightmarish

I enjoy fine wines, talking next to a warm, roaring fire, the company of strong, independent women, and walking on the beach, especially during baby harp seal season.

    TAGS:  Peter, fire, wine, seals

Collection :: Keith

Peter was under no legal obligation to inform the landlord of his extensive bird nest collection, although he found that not talking about it was almost next to impossible.

    TAGS:  Peter, collections, bird nest, obligations, landlord

Everytime The Steves™ had a baby, Peter bought a new crock pot and set aside a little money, in case it went to college.

    TAGS:  baby, school, Peter, money, college, crock pot, nicknames

Although he’d never seen the Doves of Ambiguity, Peter worried that the two nesting in his head were only the scout birds, and that one day as dusk was settling in on his sleepy little imagination, the whole flock would arrive, squeezing into his head to begin building their summer nests.

    TAGS:  birds, Peter, imagination, heads, Doves of Ambiguity, flock, dusk, nest

Pigeons of Destiny :: 'mouse

Peter, that romantic, called them “Doves of Ambiguity,” but really they were Pigeons of Destiny and the flock that would soon arrive would be of epic, Hitchcockian proprortions.

    TAGS:  birds, Peter, fate, destiny, Doves of Ambiguity, pigeons, doves, Hitchcock

Never one to stand around doing nothing, Peter made it a point to locate a comfortable chair whenever entering a room.

    TAGS:  Peter, comfort, laziness

Caught, Again :: Keith

The way Peter saw it, if you weren’t supposed to drink straight from the milk carton there’d be laws against it or something, and besides, why else would they make the opening the same size as his lips.

    TAGS:  Peter, etiquette, milk

Damn Glacier :: Keith

Peter was too deep a sleeper to ever catch the glacier when it paused in front of his house each night and spit out the mastodon bones, but being an early riser, he was usually able to get the mess cleaned up before 6 a.m., which kept most of the neighbors from complaining too much.

    TAGS:  Peter, bones, mastodon, glaciers

Peter finally gave up on Amway and went back to church, since it was the only pyramid scheme that’d ever brought him any comfort.

    TAGS:  Peter, Amway, church, comfort, sacrilege, pyramid schemes

Wearing his best suit, which he’d had freshly pressed, and with his briefcase in hand, Peter stepped out the door ready for work, having forgotten somehow that he was the dishwasher down at Chen’s Noodle Cup.

    TAGS:  Peter, briefcase, overdressed

Finding himself suddenly surrounded by old men at the market, Peter felt both scared and relieved; the idea of aging frightened the hell out of him, but the old men’s comfortable slacks didn’t look half bad.

    TAGS:  aging, Peter, comfort, slacks

Before answering the door, Peter hid the secret recipe for purple under Sir Reginald Bacon’s hat, knowing that no one in their right mind would ever think of searching there.

    TAGS:  purple, bacon, Peter, loose history, Sir Reginald Bacon, secret recipes

Peter’s first butterfly hat had a funny way of fluttering off his head at the most inopportune moments.

    TAGS:  hats, Peter, butterflies

Monkey Business :: Keith

Peter felt foolish trying to break into the monkey’s briefcase, especially when he couldn’t guess the combination.

    TAGS:  Peter, monkeys, briefcase

Peter's mother didn't mind if he filled his balloons with fluffy white clouds, but she would frown at Peter very big when he filled one with rain clouds and popped it over his sister's head, especially if they were in the house.

    TAGS:  Peter, clouds, balloons, fluffy, frown, sisters, rain clouds

"I'm looking for some place different," Peter told the realtor, "where the air is fresh and turtles run wild."

    TAGS:  Peter, turtles, realtors, fresh air, the good life

Up To Something :: Keith

Peter wondered if he was up to something, and decided, after some thought, that he definitely was.

    TAGS:  Peter

Peter scrubbed his face and put on fresh socks, knowing somehow that it would be a day of significance.

    TAGS:  socks, Peter, premonitions, significance


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