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volunteered :: grudknows

And… even though he didn’t precede the sentence with Gertrudes name, he still looked meaningfully in her direction when he said, “and we need someone to…”.

    TAGS:  Gertrude, volunteers

all alone with my ... :: grudknows

Gertrude, having read an email from an aquaintance, thought affectionately, ‘I love him! I love his brain.’, then ventured on to think, ‘Same reason I loved Mr X, really. Well… that… and his butt.’ and snickered to herself in joy at the memories conjured up by that thought.

    TAGS:  brains, butts, Gertrude

Come Back! :: grudknows

Gertrude wistfully wondered where all the crazy folks who used to rock up, armed with ingredients, and cook for her in her own home had disappeared; thinking perhaps, that some sneaky alternate dimension had plotted until they found a way to suck these wonderful, but hard to find souls, into their own world to eat them.

    TAGS:  alternate dimensions, eating, cooking, fun food, Gertrude

phreaked out! :: grudknows

Despite the clues strewn carelessly about, Gertrude remained oblivious, studying her fingernails, wondering whether they’d look better in purple or green.

    TAGS:  clues, Gertrude, oblivious

unemployment systemss :: grudknows

Gertrude gazed in wonder at the pompous condescending clerk as she corrected Gerties assumptions, “Gertrude? No, no, no… we don’t use names here! It’s all too personal, we give you a number, it’s more equitable that way. To save time we also assume you are stupid and don’t actually want a job. Is there anything else you don’t understand?”.

    TAGS:  bureaucracy, Gertrude, condescending, pompous

Not so phreaked out! :: grudknows

Gertrude restudied each of the clues carefully, sorting and filing details into her inbuilt filing system and concluded that she knew she knew the truth and at the end of the day it really made no difference to the world - so went back to studying her green and purple nails, wondering if she should have perhaps gone for one colour rather than listening to, and taking, all advice offered.

    TAGS:  clues, Gertrude

Gertrude developed a severe case of Scrine-itis after reading the New Matilda headline, ‘A Keith Amongst the Pigeons’.

    TAGS:  scrine idiosyncrasies, Keith, pigeons, Gertrude

clueless :: grudknows

gertrude found herself perplexed and confused and wondered if things would make sense if she put all those crazy sentences together - or perhaps, if she took the first letter of each word in each sentence she’d discover the meaning of life.

    TAGS:  confused, Gertrude, clueless, meaning of life, perplexed


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