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The CIA agents who secretly bug your car would like you to know that Spoon is in, Coldplay is out, and it’s never too early to find an All Holiday Music radio station.

    TAGS:  CIA, secret agents, public service message

The CIA agents who secretly bug your car urge you to resist the fad of “going green” and exploring your public transportation options, because it’s so much harder for them to record your conversations on the subway.

    TAGS:  CIA

The CIA agents who secretly bug your car have noted for the record that you listen to the Disney radio station even when no children are in the vehicle.

    TAGS:  CIA

In the late 1960’s the CIA developed a covert ops program – code named Farmer’s Daughter – to entrap foreign dignitaries of least favored nations by sneaking naked 15 year old girls into their hotel rooms, and then – after arming their father’s with shot guns – telling the salt-of-the-earth Americans what rooms their daughter’s where currently staying.

    TAGS:  CIA, covert operations, hotels, shotguns, salt-of-the-earth, farmer's daughters

Rendering :: pam

The CIA agents who secretly bug your car have no idea what happened to your Hootie and the Blowfish cassette, none at all, but suggest you not ask too many questions and just be happy with David Bowie’s Greatest Hits.

    TAGS:  CIA, Bowie, Hootie

The CIA agents who secretly bug your car want you to know the Egg McMuffin you stuck in your glove compartment last summer achieved self-awareness at exactly 02:14 a.m.

    TAGS:  CIA, McDonalds, skynet

A long Strange Trip :: Br. Ezra

The CIA resolutely denies having dumped LSD in my well 20 years ago, but the talking iguana begs to differ.

    TAGS:  CIA, LSD, Iguanas

The CIA agents who secretly bug your car would prefer it if you stopped offering to ride-share with your drum circle.

    TAGS:  CIA


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