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1st Sentence
Sentences :: Keith :: March 30, 2005

The Scrine may be a large, awkward, rusted bird, but he is not so unlike a lonely sentence, staring up at the sky, dreaming of flight.​

    TAGS:  dreams, scrine, 1st Sentence

I’ve never titled a sentence before :: e :: March 30, 2005

Do we get to wear little flowerpot hats?​

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, hats, flowerpots

Working :: Snow :: March 30, 2005

This conveyance is in trust for the benefit of the Beneficiary, and the Debtor acknowledges that the Public Trustee of the county in which the Property is located, as well as any duly appointed successor, shall have, with respect to the Property, all of the rights, powers and authority granted by applicable Colorado law and by the terms of this Deed of Trust, including the power of sale in the event of default.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, legalese

death sentence :: other keith :: March 31, 2005

​I weep for all the sentences that have ever been deleted before their time... and then I think of all the sentences that never were, and I feel like a selfish bastard.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, deleted, weep

what are the ducks? :: Imaginary Keith :: March 31, 2005

For kicks let’s say that letters represent people and go from there, realizing then that words are families, books like neighborhoods or societies, libraries like nations, sentences like a string of universes, which leaves us with only that one ongoing, unanswerable, naggingquestion - what are the ducks?

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, ducks, duck - the bird, nagging questions

quantifying friendship :: pam :: April 01, 2005

Measuring social capital through cost-benefit analysis may be difficult, but it is not impossible, and several excellent studies have identified useful proxies for social capital, using different types and combinations of qualitative, comparative and quantitative research methodologies.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, work, friendship, research, methodology

pond scum :: 'mouse :: April 01, 2005

I heard someone say that according to a recent survey, Realtors are a lower form of pond scum than lawyers. I’m not sure if I get much comfort from that.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club, lawyers, realtors, scum, ponds

potential :: Jo :: April 02, 2005

The vast potential of coconut drinks comes not in the vessel, so much as the delivery system for the sweet blotting effect; they’re all about love.

    TAGS:  love, 1st Sentence, alcohol, coconuts, potential

mentor’s advice :: bakerina :: April 03, 2005

“You want to make friends with your carotenoid pigments.”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, friends, mentor

condor :: steve :: April 05, 2005

But the inconvenience of having a rare miniature condor nest in his hair didn’t annoy Harold half as much as the shocking number of hunters with no regard whatsoever for the bird’s status as an endangered species.

    TAGS:  birds, 1st Sentence, endangered, condors, hunting, species

fun with dating former soviets :: Bunni :: June 10, 2005

Crazy Russian: Well you know, we’ve been involved for a while and when that happens obviously things need some management.

Bunni: Uh, it sounds like a 401 k plan. I mean do I need to call an accountant?

Crazy Russian: I just don’t think you are living up to your full potential.

Bunni: Because if I was I’d already have a 401 k plan.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club

it’s a shame :: admiral dewy wilkins :: June 27, 2005

I told Jim he could only get Carl Sagan videos at the bodega, because they cut PBS funding.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, bodega, Carl Sagan, PBS

I don’t know if you have ever walked into a firestation/bar/mexican restaurant in Texas in the worst winter weather for maybe five years, soaking wet and covered in mud, carrying a hard hat under your arm with a posse of similarly attired huge guys, but I recommend it.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

realitytv :: boot :: August 13, 2005

The earth will not end in a nuclear exposion, it will just be sucked dry of all creativity and slowly return to amoebas and dust.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, creativity

Bad Kama :: grudknows :: August 30, 2005

I think I’m done worshipping the pagan gods of Bad Karma. Though the worship must have paid off. Because I’ve had my fair share of ‘rewards’.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club

technophobe blues. :: goliard :: October 27, 2005

faced with the evidence that my computer was following me, and loudly grinding in it’s palpable pain; i decided to put it out of it’s misery, disassemble it and stick it in the closet with the other things that Don’t Work, and now that i have a library card and an unending supply of spot-on book recommendations (thanks ‘mouse) and the wonderfully calming affect of incremental suicide via smoking cigarettes- well, i’m OK.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, paranoia

Science :: Dr. Stevenson :: December 21, 2005

There is no study I know of called caninpology, thus allowing dog to remain man’s best friend.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

My new name is twitchy :: Skyte :: January 03, 2006

Suddenly she was worried that the eye tic was not just a sign of a strange neurological disorder, but proof that someone, late into the dark night, had stolen into her room and planted a bomb beneath her eyelid.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, eyes, worry, bombs

one or the other :: kimberly :: January 13, 2006

When Clare woke to the 26th consecutive day of Seattle rain, she thought she’d go crazy; instead, she went to California.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Hello (Sort of) :: Randy :: January 17, 2006

Come about the razor shore to witness along the piers cheering people who do not see you on the mast in continual decay but themselves in continual ascension.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

beluga whales :: Elisson :: January 17, 2006

Disturbingly human, they looked – almost as though they were men encased in white, waxy, living sarcophagi.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

The Gods :: counseling one :: February 02, 2006

Can you really never go to debtors prison? Are the Gods of finance watching? Fools

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club

Umbrellas in Oregon :: hysterium :: February 02, 2006

Hector looked crossly at the metal splines and fabric that had become more of an right-side cup than an overturned saucer.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Adventures of the SCW - episode 2499 :: Bird Bones :: February 10, 2006

SCW, autrement known as the Public Mass Transport (PMT) Nazi, decided that her affliction, that of being not “as one” with one’s self (or multiple selves), addicted to narcotics, and unable to contain her procreative urges and kleptomania for said urges, was unique and, as such, should afford her a seat in the “Priority Seating For the Elderly” section on the serpentine, smelly, and crowded train.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

snooping :: VanEck :: February 20, 2006

She shuddered involuntarily, and stuffed the piece of paper back into his wallet. What kind of a man walked around carrying the word “failure” like a business card?

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Moments in between :: Chade :: February 24, 2006

That time, once, long ago, you remember, you were there, I was here, it was beautiful, sunset highlighting our faces, the salt spray filling the air, it was… you were… I was… we became… lightning strikes… a storm rises… passion bridged… truth!

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Supermom :: microkat :: March 04, 2006

Having superpowers was not all it was cracked up to be with two crazy boys in the house; my super hearing just gives me a headache; my superfast speed only made me tired after cleaning up 20 times; and seeing through walls is no great feat, all moms can do that.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

“Nothing can bring out a person’s inner homicidal maniac like putting them into a cubicle,” said Kathy, the accountant from downstairs, before she pulled the trigger.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

suction cups and their many applications :: limine :: April 17, 2006

luckily, she came from the sort of family who wore plastic easter eggs in the middle of their foreheads like third eyes.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Guest Scriner: John Kennedy Toole :: Scrine :: May 26, 2006

“With the breakdown of the Medieval system, the gods of Chaos, Lunacy, and Bad Taste gained ascendancy.”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Because of the boot… :: Centerfold :: May 27, 2006

that which people fear for their behinds, I declare that “I like pie”!

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

harmony :: carrot :: June 17, 2006

It seems that, if the music on the radio were to line up with the beat of the windshield wipers, something would explode.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Tired of being snubbed by the other wenches in the bridal party, she shimmied out of her constrictive pantyhose, hoisted her floor length rented taffeta nightmare up between her knees and ran to the kiddie table where she had the time of her life dancing the Hokey Pokey with the flower girl and ring bearer.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

You know you are bored when… :: skif :: July 25, 2006 download 238 messages from one of your mailing lists and they are all about the meaning of the word “uber”....and you are tempted to read them.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Guest Scriner: Tim Freedman :: pat :: August 07, 2006

She was one in a million - so there’s five more just in New South Wales.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

first word :: the boy :: August 27, 2006

I never know the first word.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

bossy magnet :: Tiff :: September 06, 2006

While the magnet on the fridge hounded at her to choose the Large Cowboy ..(only $8.99!!), Josie was undecided.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

But it seemed like a good idea :: darksteve :: October 27, 2006

Gilbert reflected during his lengthy recovery that despite all the advice Mavis had given him about the joy one feels when giving back to one’s community, it was in fact a very bad idea to volunteer to man the sausage-making stall at the village fair just prior to attending his job as a police dog trainer.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

lifes embarrasing moments :: kel :: November 16, 2006

I hate it when toilet paper sticks to the bottom of your shoe and then to save face you have to pull it off and blow your nose with it, just so it looks like you meant to keep it on your shoe just for that purpose.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

The Angry Meatloaf :: Br. Ezra :: January 17, 2007

Molly’s death remains a mystery to this day. When her mangled body was discovered she was alone, face down on the kitchen floor, an angry meatloaf beside her glowered menacingly covered in something not quite catsup.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

work :: heather :: January 19, 2007

I am telling you right now that if you call me in, I am going to lie in the middle of rte 347 and pray for an 18 wheeler to pulverize me until my head pops off and flies right into room #5.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

I feel astrologically violated! :: Bird Bones :: March 06, 2007

Laura rarely bothered with the daily horoscope found within the bowels of the newspaper among the advertisements for movie theatres, or restaurants, for she usually just threw that section for the cat to shred up and roll around in, but out of pure boredom, she choose to take a gander.“Jupitur will rub up against Uranus, and inspire sparks of sensuality.”Well, she will never do that again…

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club

but which one is orthodox? :: hameno :: May 20, 2007

As I stand staring at all of the options for brownie mix, I am reminded that heresy means “choice” in Greek.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

shoes :: Bird Bones :: June 04, 2007

these things on my feet aren’t shoes; rather they are “aren’t not shoes”.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

blink :: Bird Bones :: July 07, 2007

After careful deliberation, I have concluded that the light at the end of the tunnel is, indeed, a train.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

soul of wit? :: Joan of Argghh! :: August 16, 2007

Oh the things I have to think, to try and make my thoughts succinct!

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

situational awareness :: You can call me, 'Sir' :: September 10, 2007

Where college girls are concerned, I don’t think I’m far off in saying, “The louder the giggle, the deeper the fear”.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

like it matters. :: Nyuu nyuu :: September 23, 2007

I’ve been with him for a year, and we barely met in person last week.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

post season :: Bird Bones :: October 03, 2007

Baseball smells like concrete and beer, like dirt and lime chalk powder, like old leather and vinegar and the kind of green that stains.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Do not try this at heume :: Mr. Fitz :: October 03, 2007

If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, sayings, skydiving

Shakenspeare :: Mr. Fitz :: October 03, 2007

To be or not to be is not a question. At least it doesn’t end in a preposition. Not even a post preposterous position.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club, Shakespeare

Rodentia :: littledevilworks :: October 05, 2007

Every night I follow the same routine: turn of the television, turn off the floor lamp, go over to the sliding glass door and open the screen in order to close the door, all the while silently praying to a god I don’t believe in that some furry little varmint isn’t lurking outside the door just itching for a chance at exploring the great unknown of my living room in those few seconds that the screen and the door are simultaneously open, close the door heartily and breathe a sigh of relief that tonight my paranoia of rodentia infestation hasn’t come to pass and know I’ll sleep that much better knowing mice and possums and skunks oh my aren’t nestling in my copious piles of yarn that obscure all but the faintest bit of floor.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Your Touchstone :: Henry :: October 23, 2007

While I have read with fascination my growing popularity as this site’s Touchstone, I am here to assure you that saying “I can be your Touchstone,” to a woman in a bar is not a very good pick-up line.

    TAGS:  Henry, 1st Sentence, pick up lines, fascination, popularity, touchstone

A Visit From the Irony Fairy :: Bird Bones :: October 25, 2007

Melanie was surprised to hear everyone complaining about the quality of refreshments served at the world hunger awareness meeting.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, irony

Newly Discovered Procrastination :: SarahsGreenEyes :: November 14, 2007

She discovered Scrine whilst searching for essay information. After chwing hr pen for a little while she decided, ‘I do have 24 hours left afterall’

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, procrastination

The first sentence :: The Girl :: November 16, 2007

Hello my name is Dot and i’m a scriner.

    TAGS:  scrine, 1st Sentence, addiction, welcome

The vast potential of coconut drinks comes not in the vessel, so much as the delivery system for the sweet blotting effect; they’re all about love.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, coconuts, Jo

Lightning :: Chug :: December 01, 2007

Lightning is faster than postcards. Why? It just is.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, lightening

plastic flowers :: cetacean :: December 04, 2007

i always put plastic flowers on her grave because they last longer like i wish she might have so i could have known her better

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, flowers, grave - the place

Toast :: Ontario Emperor :: December 06, 2007

The heated destruction of bread yielded something beautiful.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, toast

you’ve never been candlepin bowling? :: Mike Schwartz :: December 10, 2007

He couldn’t believe bowling with something less than 10 pounds heavy would be enjoyable, so I needlessly had to remind him that “Bigger balls doesn’t always mean more fun.”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2007, bowling, bowling, innuendo

o_O :: viki :: January 01, 2008

new year’s is boring when you have no one to take you places, and your driver’s license is non-existent.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2007

defeated :: toaster :: January 18, 2008

Maybe if someone just noticed, just commented on the fact I’ve lost weight, I’d be able to stop starving my self.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2008, dieting, weight, self-image

The honesty in betrayal :: JadedBeauty :: May 15, 2008

It was then, in the deep, cold water that she saw the betrayal and with each thrust she felt his truths.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Virginities lost :: Bird Bones :: May 17, 2008

Losing two of one’s prized Virginities in the one day was taxing and probably would have proved impossible were it not for the two hour nap between the two losses.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, virginity

Used Tape :: Bird Bones :: July 10, 2008

At the time, I couldn’t appreciate the irony in the fact that they had decided to record their lovemaking on a tape that had previously been labeled “comedians.”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, irony

under the influence :: aerosolspray :: July 15, 2008

We are all freshly painted walls,Subject to the stigma of graffiti.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Is there a problem Officer? :: Schofeild :: July 30, 2008

Shane realized the speeding ticket would be the least of his problems if the cop found the dead hooker in the trunk.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, police, dead hookers, hookers, tickets

it always haunted me… :: baltimore :: August 01, 2008

She always cared fiercely for him, and I know he loved her, though he could never bring himself to say…

    TAGS:  love, 1st Sentence

Oops :: Glee Riot :: August 10, 2008

I have to remember that a sudden abundance of saliva, is your mouth’s way of lubing up for some serious vomitting action.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2008, saliva, vomiting

Metal Kettle :: Bird Bones :: August 21, 2008

As his arms graced the city skyline and his wife mouthed obscenities close behind, it occurred to him that he had, in awful forgetfulness, left water in the teapot and that it would now surely rust.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, rust, teapot

why he broke the window :: scott :: August 28, 2008

by the time he made his way, wet and bleeding, across the sloshing runnoff of the yard and up the five, slippery flights of fire escape steps, the numbness and shaking of his frozen hand made it impossible for him find the tiny slot with the shivering key in the winter dark of this, the worst night of his life to date.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, bleeding, keys, frozen, window, fire escape, numbness

etc. :: OhNo789 :: September 27, 2008

I know that it sounds cliche, but I asked my girlfriend to prom by playing Hellogoodbye’s “Will you go to prom with me?”

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

almost midnight :: Bird Bones :: October 29, 2008

It’s almost midnight and she’s still wearing her morning face.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, morning face, midnight

sympathy, if you have any? :: OralGrist :: November 10, 2008

Do you remember what it was like before you knew what you were doing?

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

roadtrip :: shady180 :: November 12, 2008

Riding a camel is like riding a sway-backed horse upside down.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, camels

Bandages :: Adnarimen :: January 24, 2009

If you leave wounds to be healed by time alone they’re likely to get infected.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2009, sayings, wounds

Please, remember to forget me. :: Bird Bones :: February 12, 2009

She barely believes herself as she writes the letter. Her fingers are stained with ink and her heart is stained with regret. She bites her lips, holds back tears, and signs the letter with a postscript that reads ‘Please, remember to forget me.’

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, Bent Rule Club

a rose by any other name :: retiredfrogkisser :: February 19, 2009

If they didn’t think of something soon, the owners of the Elk Snot Deli would have to close up shop.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Searching with her eyes closed. :: Pseud Anon :: March 10, 2009

She spent 29 years struggling to find somewhere she belonged and had to destroy her life with lies, theft, manipulation and addiction to get it - The irony is she never even knew she was looking.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

BATMAN :: Self made :: March 10, 2009

Not everone can be a hero, someone has to clap as they go past.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, heroes

Hello Procrastination, my old friend… :: Slim101 :: March 11, 2009

The only time I feel motivated to do homework is when I’m doing it to put off other homework.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2009, school, homework

sex kitten :: secretlover :: March 21, 2009

how you make me rawr.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Just another day in the life… :: Meg :: March 25, 2009

I called in “sick” to school today so I could work on an English project (due Friday) that I’ve procrastinated about since January only to realize that the entire universe must be conspiring against me because I, for some reason I can’t remember, left all my material in my locker.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, NoTags 2009, procrastination, school

childhood nightmare :: Big Billy Biggs :: March 29, 2009

And sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I would have spoke up the first time someone asked.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

A True Story :: ewillyp :: March 30, 2009

Lucy’s favorite toy is KNIFE!

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

am i doing it wrong? :: ampersand :: April 06, 2009

Do they still call people in my position “noobs” these days?

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, noobs

The Jack :: Bird Bones :: May 24, 2009

I am a veritable whirlpool of whupass for you.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, whupass

150 in the drawer :: f2white :: May 26, 2009

I have a pen fetish.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, fetish, pens

purple brandywines :: Bird Bones :: July 10, 2009

I want the biggest BEST purple brandywines, and I want them all the time!

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, tomatoes, brandywines

Of firstly and love :: fisher :: October 27, 2009

She would forever wonder if he wasn’t good enough for him, and simultaneously if it was possible to not be good enough for someone with nothing to compare her to.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

First post, foremost… :: A Dadaist Mistress :: April 15, 2010

Inside a 4-year-collegiate institution, sororities and frats gather around and frolic on a slip and slide, textbooks go unread…..God only knows what’s going on in the real world.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, college, frolic, fraternities, sororities

Gaullist gall :: Bird Bones :: April 22, 2010

No one can can like the French Can Can.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Sportsman :: Spartacus :: April 22, 2010

A wise man once told me the most sportsman thing a man could do was to strip naked with 20 other dudes and try to take down a moose.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, moose, naked, sports, sportsmanship

the science lesson :: Bird Bones :: April 25, 2010

From the large explosions and surprised yells, Mr. Johnson deduced the neighborhood boy had learned another lesson in firework safety.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, explosions, fireworks

Lies :: Bird Bones :: August 24, 2010

Even the teller believes a lie if he tells it enough.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, lying

No pain, no gain :: Bird Bones :: October 14, 2010

Bobby built himself the perfect wife out of scraps of lumber, but couldn’t handle the splinters.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence

Lazy Dog…. :: Bird Bones :: January 03, 2011

How many times must I show my dog how to play checkers….this is getting old.

    TAGS:  1st Sentence, dogs, checkers


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